Epic Charter Schools celebrates 10 years of ripping off Oklahoma taxpayers!

Let’s send a big TLO kudos to Epic Charter Schools!

Thanks to this piece on Channel 5, we’ve learned the district is celebrating 10 official years of ripping off Oklahoma taxpayers in the name of public education.

The largest school district started the near year with its largest enrollment on record.

“We’re excited starting our 10th year of having school. It’s an epic year with 60,000 students enrolled,” Epic Charter Schools Assistant Superintendent Shelly Hickman said. “We started surveying families coming into us, trying to find out is this about the pandemic or is it about something else. And about one-in-two parents are telling us it’s about the pandemic.”

Yeah, the pandemic may suck for most of us, but it’s been great for shady charter school operators with poor track records who are under state investigation for embezzling public funds!

That being said, you can’t use taxpayer funding to make millionaires out of unethical school administrators without having a few growing pains:

But some Epic Charter Schools parents – from new to veterans – voiced their frustrations on various sites online about the first day. From technical issues with logging on and programs and classes not loading, to the lack of communication and correspondence from teachers, Hickman said school officials are looking into the issues.

“Their customer service team has been interacting with small groups of new parents who experience challenges and having principals and support staff reaching out to assist,” Epic Charter Schools officials said.

Question – Is it common for other school districts to have a “customer service” team? I know Epic probably thinks of its parents and students as customers/consumers who can easily be exploited for profit, but at least give it a more benign, corporate-sounding name that doesn’t make Epic’s unscrupulous for-profit business model so obvious. You know, something like “Education Liaisons” or “Epic Student Support.”

Anyway, this isn’t the only Epic stuff that’s been in the news cycle. It looks like a judge has set a final court hearing in the district’s attempt to thwart a state audit. In addition to that, one of the district’s cronies was censured by the State Virtual Charter School Board for doing whatever he could to protect the district from further government investigation. Basically, normal stuff for the state’s most shady and corrupt school district.

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8 Responses

  1. Privatize all government functions! Government can’t ever do anything right. I read that in a party platform, or in an Ayn Rand book – can’t remember which.

    Turn it all over to connected for-profit entities and we’ll be living in paradise. What could go wrong?

    1. as the old saying goes, govment doesn’t work says republicans and then they get elected and well prove it.

    2. I’m just too old. It would appear that instead of Little Johnie passing notes across the isle the teacher would have to worry about Little Johnie switching over to the nearest porn site?
      Who pays for all this shit?
      I read somewhere Patrick was saying they needed some financial help making it through the COVID debacle. I’ve got a laptop. We’d need some help coming up with a name that sounded like you actually gave a shit.
      “Stratton, Oakmont Charter School”
      Charge half EPIC and still get filthy stinking rich. Oklahoma will allow anyone to teach anyway so 8.00$ beats school sub rates. All employees must have a heartbeat. Scott Pruitt could be honorary Superintendent.

  2. If you like what Nixon eliminating the non profit requirement did to the group health insurance scheme, you’ll love it when education is totally a for profit industry. Hopefully parents will wise up to the scam and better support public schools, which always perform better than charters even when they get rid of all the problem students and manipulate enrollments and withdrawals.

  3. What the hell is the matter with your doofuses (doofii?) It’s a well known fact of science just like gravity and Pizzagate that by introducing the profit factor to any government or business enterprise it automatically becomes more efficient, less bureaucratic and more transparent. It’s on the Interwebs for God’s sake!

    1. You are being sarcastic , right?

  4. What could go wrong that hasn’t already? Whew! That’s a looooooong list!

  5. I haven’t researched it lately, but a couple of years ago EPIC’s graduation rate was 19% and Oklahoma Public School’s average graduation rate was 91%. I’m sure this has improved a little on EPIC’s part because they have been heavily recruiting Public School teachers since then. Offering more pay, bonuses and the fact that their teachers can teach in their pajamas. A common trend is EPIC luring students away from their public schools and when accountability time rolls around, a lot of kids return to the original district far behind their peers who stayed in the public school system. Some even are forced to graduate a year later than they originally would have (based on graduation credits).

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