Jim Inhofe Is Still An Idiot (#58,213)

Last night, as Oklahomans watched the spectacle of the National Football League, our diabolical old pal Senator Senile decided to charm Derplahomans, conspiracy theorists, racists, and other Oklahoma Republicans with the following campaign commercial:

Wow. For an ad that panders to his delusional base, that’s not too bad. It hit all the talking points and even included a throwback reference to flag-burning! With all the national flack focused now on athletes taking knees during the National Anthem as a protest to police brutality in America, it’s nice to see an old-school non-existent wedge issue be used to galvanize a political base.

Since it’s apparently Bartlesville week on The Lost Ogle, I should probably point out that Bartlesville Radio published the transcript to the commercial. I reads like an epic poem written by Alex Jones:

The race for Senate isn’t so much about individuals, it’s about the soul of our nation.
Our way of life in Oklahoma.

While parts of the country burn, Oklahomans pray.

Others shout to defund the police, Oklahomans treasure law enforcement.

Some burn our flag; Oklahomans cry for those who died for it.

And, some want big brother to grow bigger, tax us till we break, command us how to live. Those people are called:
socialists, liberals, progressives.

They are not called Oklahomans.

Jim Inhofe is an Oklahoman.

He’s a patriot, served in the United States Army. Serving us is Jim’s life.

Keeping wolves far from Oklahoma’s borders.

I think my favorite idiotic line is where Inhofe claims that socialists, liberals, and progressives are not Oklahomans. It makes sense. I believe it was the famed and treasured Oklahoma fascist Will Rogers who once said – “I never met a man I didn’t like… unless he was a socialist, liberal or progressive.”

Actually, I shouldn’t mock that too much, because I don’t have to claim to be an Oklahoman! What a relief! I was getting tired of explaining to other people what it’s like to be part of a group that elect idiots like Jim Inhofe into public office.

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62 Responses

  1. That inhoff ad is even too cheesy for Oklahoma. And what about the Brice one where the narrator says “Does she think we’re stupid?” No, she knows you are.

  2. Abby B needs to put out an ad that highlights her strengths instead of playing up Inhofe’s age and the fact he doesn’t show up.

    The polls show that Inhofe has the lead because people don’t know who Broyles is. Yes he’s an old idiot and in person really looks much older than he does in the ads.

    I know that’s a tall order, talk issued instead of slinging mud but she needs to take a look at that. His old ass needs to go!

    1. Agree! I’d also call him out for not wanting to debate her.

      1. Or maybe she could ask the Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Committee what he thinks about the President’s comments regarding the Military?

        1. Or how about said president pilfering military funding to build a ramshackle wall?

          1. All that big talk about making Mexico pay for it, now he says he never said that, and his followers just fall in line and agree that he never said it. So weird.

            1. Lol I here you’re not an oklahoman. But rather an transplanted socialist from Oregon. Where your brand of politics is rioting, looting and burn your college’s, neighbors cars, home’s and businesses.

    2. Correct. Call Inhofe out on his votes that run counter to the majority of Oklahoman’s e.g. Healthcare, voting rights, education, the environment, human rights, et al. . .
      Abby’s ad is so lame you have to wonder if it was created by a Republican mole or does she really want to win or is just a Democratic placeholder.

  3. Man. If it wasn’t for you…I’d be a hot mess.
    Thank you!!!

  4. One can be a proud Oklahoman without taking a career politician for his word…One can be a fiscal conservative without a feckless Senator Inhofe speaking for him or her…

    1. Where do fiscal conservatives find inspiration when their party occupies the White House? Seems like they grow oddly silent…

      Would they consider voting for a moderate Democrat against that feckless, dim career politician? My guess is… no.

      1. In fairness, some of them aren’t silent, George Will is a famous example, John Kasich actually endorsed Biden at the convention, so they’re out there. If you look up Republican voters against Trump on youtube, you will find plenty of testimonials from Republicans and former Trump voters pledging to vote for Biden.

  5. Wish I could say he has “a snowball’s chance in hell” of getting re-elected but this is Oklahoma and strange, weird and macabre things happen here all the time.

  6. My first thought when I saw it was, “I really need to get a Broyles sign for my yard and send her a check.” I hope many others feel the same and also vote the imbecile out of office.

    1. That’s exactly what we discussed as it was running last night!

  7. He leaves out the part where he is from Des Moines, Iowa, and serving two years in the armed services during peacetime still counts, I suppose. As a third generation Oklahoman, daughter of a combat veteran, and progressive, I disapprove this message.

    1. 60% of the State voted for a bone spur draft dodging, lying long con artist. No one cares except for the (R) next to the name.
      If Inhofe loses the Senate will be 100% Democratic. He’s probably only running the ad to show donors his million or so in the bank isn’t just a giant retirement fund.

  8. Wow, Jim, way to go – you ALMOST made it all the way through your bullshit commercial without showing a single black person.

  9. “Our way of life in Oklahoma.”

    Yes. In every poll conducted literally everywhere, when the question is asked: “Which place has the highest quality of life?” Oklahoma ALWAYS comes in #1. People are fleeing Malibu and the Upper West Side in droves to move to Oklahoma. Zurich will soon be empty and Oklahoma will be filled up with people whose cheese has holes in it, such is their zeal to come to the Promised Gland and abandon that place that has mountains , quaint villages, and three too many official languages.

    If voting for Inhofe guarantees a continuation of “our way of life in Oklahoma,” then the question has answered itself and we ought to send Jimmy-boy into retirement.

    I’m Lord Skiffington III, and I disproved Inhofe’s message.

    1. “Our way of life.” What a fine glittering generality for political propaganda!

      I first got turned off to it by resistance to the 1960s civil rights movement – people afraid of losing “our Southern way of life.”

      The vast majority of us lead a much different “way of life” than our grandparents or even our parents… thank God. Times change society more rapidly now than ever before, and I’m not sure that anyone deserves a guarantee of protection of their “way of life.” Nor should we expect it.

      1. “Our way of life” if this was 1820!!

      2. Well expressed, my brother.

        “Our way of life” often translates to “Our comfort zone, which is inviolable, lest progress and growth spontaneously occur, leading to discomfort. And we can’t have THAT!”

        There was a Great Prophet and His name was Frank Zappa. And Frank did sayeth, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

        Frank also said something along the line of, “The most common element in the universe is NOT hydrogen, but STUPIDITY. Just look how much of it there is.”

        For whatever reason, I think those two Frank Verses have something in common.

        And now it is time for another glass of wine, so I shan’t linger.

  10. She has no chance. I think the last democrat to win a statewide race in Oklahoma was Brad Henry. Inhofe is an idiot but so is trump and he carried the state by a zillion votes. And will again. If she’s trying to pull off the Kendra-like miracle upset, she needs to be realistic. It’s just not going to happen, even tho we all wish fervently that it will.

    1. Yeah, the last poll I saw on 538 had Inhofe up by 25 points. The only hope would be that if behind the scenes there’s some massive get out the vote plan that she’s got planned, but I doubt it. I imagine her senate run might get her a slot on MSNBC , so at least she can get out of Oklahoma.

    2. Sadly, I must agree with Ken.

      After Inhofe leaves office, likely feet first, we will need to elect another senator. At that time, Abby’s name recognition gained in this campaign will give her a bit of a head start.

      1. if Jim leaves office feet first, Stitt will be appointing some other dumbass to fill the seat.

  11. It’s always funny when Republicans try to pin the democrats as the party of big government when Republicans haven’t decreased the size of the government in over a generation.

    1. Your term “big government” has a completely different meaning to Republicans. It’s entitlement spending and overreaching federal regulation, to which they object, both hallmarks of Dem leadership.

      1. True, when you can’t live up to the label you’ve given yourself, you just have to move the goalposts and figure out some way to distract the population with some boogeyman to hope they don’t notice.

        So they’re only handouts when they’re given to the poor or the elderly, not when they’re given to contractors who happen to be wealthy donors.

        And the deficit only counts when Democrats are in office, because when Republicans are, it’s all just vital spending.

        And increased regulations to protect the environment or consumers are bad bad bad (because they damage the interests of corporate donors), but as long as the regulations don’t harm large corporate interests, they are a-OK.

        It’s as the movie quote goes, they reject our reality and substitute their own.

      2. As opposed to Republicans unlimited promotion of “Corporate Welfare”, toxic levels of enviromental degradation, increasing an already massive budget deficit and, not acknowledging or dealing with the historic heights of corruption foisted upon the country by Der Trumpenfuher?!! There’s a reason why income inequality has skyrockected since Reagan’s term. Supply side economics (perfectly described as “Voodo Economics” by G.W. Bush) HAVE not worked, ARE not working, and WILL not work for the vast majority of the citizenship. The GOP’s platform is now little more than pushing ALEC’s agenda and the 99% be damned!

        1. Senior moment: should be G.H.W. Bush or Poppy Bush.

      3. The GOP endorses entitlement spending as long as the beneficiaries are defense contractors, evangelical organizations, or fossil fuel corporations.

    2. And they set us on their beloved path of monstrous debt with their tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. There was no virus to blame when they saddled all us Oklahomans and the next generation with massive bills to pay.

  12. Democrats running for statewide and national offices in Oklahoma suffer from a couple of distinct disadvantages. First is simple math. Republicans make up about 50% of the registered voters, Dems about 35%, with Independents making up the remaining 15%. So a (D), to have any chance of winning, would have to OVERWHELMINGLY dominate the (I) vote and hope that some (R)’s stay home, and that’s before they even start to worry about any blue dog (D)’s. They really need to have some crossover appeal to any centrist (R)’s out there. Which leads to their 2nd problem, the National Democratic Party. In spite of what you hear in the TLO echo chamber, open border-gun grabbing- anti-police-socialism doesn’t play well in Oklahoma. (D) candidates spend 2/3 of their time and $ running away from the national party. As an (R), all you really need to do is run an ad with a pic of your opponent, cheesing it up with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or AOC and it’s a winner.
    In spite of your catchy little headline, Inhofe hasn’t been around since dirt because he’s an idiot. He won’t debate Broyles because he doesn’t have to. He has nothing to gain, all he has to do is tie her to Schumer and the rest of the DNC. In his commercial, he doesn’t even mention a specific opponent. Oklahomans really only care about a few things from their government. They want low taxes, they want their guns, they want to go to church and be left alone. Today’s DNC is an anchor around any Oklahoma Dem’s neck and their rhetoric toward the opposition (as so clearly demonstrated on this site) does little to entice any swing voters towards their cause.

    1. Sad but true, I’m a blue collar working class guy, and I’d be happy to mark my ballot Republican if they voted in any way to help me, but it’s the Democrats that do that, as imperfect as they are. The Republicans aren’t an option for someone that’s not a millionaire that votes in their own interest. Aside from a stint in the military, I’ve lived here all my life, and you’re spot on in your assessment of what Republicans have to do to win here, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. At my age, I doubt I will ever understand why my fellow Oklahomans continue to vote against their own interest, I just know I’m not going to do that.

      1. Propaganda, it works. It’s been time tested by Fox News, and Joseph Goebbels.

    2. I mean, you’re not wrong. Democrats don’t do a really good job of campaigning to middle America, for the most part, and they tend to become so entrenched in identity politics at times that it makes it really easy for establishment candidates like Inhofe to cruise to victory without any real threat.

      Democrats aren’t going to win a major race in Oklahoma except for once in a blue moon, so there’s really zero incentive for Republicans to debate them, or to really try to do a good job if we’re being honest, which is why Inhofe is often so absent.

    3. But, Inhofe IS an idiot. Just because he keeps winning the vote, doesn’t make him smart. The people that vote for him are also stupid.

    4. “Inhofe hasn’t been around since dirt because he’s an idiot.”

      No one has claimed that. Inhofe has been around since dirt IN SPITE OF being an idiot.

      The formula for Republicans winning elections in Oklahoma is so simple that even an idiot can make it happen – and there are enough idiot voters to fall for it.

      God, guns, gays, and protect our “way of life” (whatever that means). Kneel for the Cross, stand for the Flag, and never lift another finger for God or Country. And own the libs.

      Simple tactics for simple minds, executed by an octogenarian idiot.

      1. I guess people forget that he was appointed to his senate seat by Keating after Boren retired early for his OU job. The power of incumbency is a real thing, he had it handed to him, he didn’t win it outright.

        1. Another thing for which we can thank Governor Bumble.

    5. Inhofe doesn’t mention any opponent so he could possibly use the same commercial next election. Then he can pocket the add money to buy fuel for his plane.

      1. Man, he will be 92 years old by the next election, and maybe Ivanka’s VP pick.

    6. But, hey, it is cheap to live here. Even more difficult to understand our current politics when you consider the place from which we started. The state constitution is an almost breathtakingly socialist document. Not usually taught by that coach in your Oklahoma history class. Yep our way of life is definitely worth looking into. We lead the nation in …..incarcerated women. Near the top in obesity, diabetes, and according to a recent poll despair. With all of this to preserve Oklahoma’s voters continue to worry about guns. Seriously, there are more guns than people in this country. No one is coming for anyone’s guns. The sheer amount of resources required for this phantom fear would bankrupt the government, oops too late. Oh and flag burning. Seriously, Jim isn’t even trying anymore. The last flag burning in Oklahoma was when the flag factory caught fire back in ’79.
      Yep our way of life is a cause that we as a state of voters seem intent on preserving. It’s minboggling to even attempt to understand the mendacity of the typical Oklahoman voter. Taxation? The average Joe in Oklahoma pays a higher tax rate than any of the billionaires residing in state. But we don’t want to raise their rates because we might hit the lottery next week. We are a mystery inside a riddle wrapped in a..a..burrito. Well you know what I mean. Well gotta go its time for corndogs.

  13. Why do the poor and impoverished citizens of Oklahoma vote for someone with no interest in their well being. Inhoff knows all you have to do is carry a cross, an assault weapon, and tell the poorest most ignorant white male they are better than any brown person and the vote is yours. Democrats don’t want to ban guns, they believe in the freedom of religion as long as it is not forced on anyone else. They just believe people should have healthcare and make a living wage, possibly by raising taxes on billionaires.

  14. We live among fools, idiots, and racist. It’s the place that continues to elect this old, worn out, sold out, bag of shit. It’s the Oklahoma Standard!

    1. I agree Hot Stuff but we live among fools, idiots, etc, WHO VOTE. Until the Democratic party gets serious and starts throwing the R’s bullshit right back at them and get more fire into the party they will continue to get mowed down in Okla. At least he’s not running unopposed. I agree with Dani that Abby needs to get an add out stating her positions and pounding on the old man to debate her. Pointing out his non-votes is a non-issue with his tribe. Use this election to make him an open book and lay it bare.

      It’ll be interesting to see what the Repub party does to get voting to those in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in the state. Watch for visitor options to open up near election time cause they know they’ll need to get those folks to vote & they’ve shot their foot blabbing on about scary mail in voting.

      1. My only hope is remembering Kendra Horn had 0 chance the 1st time she ran. Eric Cantor looked like a shoe in as well. Insanity now the norm so anything is possible.
        I just hope the Democratic candidate runs out some Progressive ideas. If Oklahomans want to vote for a Democrat running like a Republican they’ll just vote for a Republican.

    2. Don’t forget sexists, homophobes, anti-semites, Islamophobes, and unlimitedly hypocritical Christofascist!

  15. Think there’s a scheme for him to retire next year and get another hand chosen to take his place?
    Coburn was Ill when he left, that’s how Langford got in.

    1. Only God can retire Inhofe. He will never leave on his own as Coburn did.

      1. If only his body would retire. God knows, his mind retired decades ago.

  16. No post about 9/11? Nothing? Doesn’t matter?

    Remember 9/12 when all the political bs didn’t matter and we were all Americans? I do.
    Remember when we treated each other with kindness and patience because we had just been attacked? We were and are still in this together.
    We are all still Americans. We may vote differently and think differently but if we all TRULY have the best interest of our country at heart, then we can civilly agree to disagree. We can work together. If we don’t support one another nobody else will.
    I still love this country and this state. With all its faults and blemishes this is still the greatest country in the history of the planet and I am damn lucky to be here.

    Feel free to disagree. There are lots of people in Arlington cemetery who gave their life for your right to do so.

    1. It’s impossible to write a funny, satirical article about 9/11.

      1. Exactly
        Sometimes funny isn’t so important

  17. The race for Senate is all about two individuals: One corrupt senile shithead, and fresh blood desperately needed. Our way of life in Oklahoma can be preserved by keeping the shithead

    While parts of the country burn, Oklahomans pray. For Inhofe to leave.

    Others shout to defund the police, Oklahomans treasure law enforcement. To pull Inhofe out of his Senate seat.

    Some burn our flag; Oklahomans cry for those who died for it. Inhofe’s policies helped kill their dreams.

    And, some want big brother to grow bigger, tax us till we break, command us how to live. Those people are called:
    conspiracy theorists, War Hawks, Derplahomans.

    They are not called Oklahomans.

    Jim Inhofe is a War Hawk Teabilly.

    He’s a Derp that served in the United States Army. Serving us is Jim’s life, as he’s been in public office for 53 fucking years.

    Keeping wolves far from Oklahoma’s borders is what Abby Broyles will do. Jim Inhofe is the King Wolf.

  18. Keep in mind, Jim’s a crappy airplane pilot.

  19. Liberals and progressives don’t pray? I pray. Oh my God, do I pray. I pray every single day …


    1. At the risk of sounding like Seinfeld, what’s up with going to church makes you a good person. That is no more the case than me saying that standing in my garage makes me a car. Oh the inanity is killing me.

  20. Funny how it’s called “Soul” from a man who has none.

  21. A funny bit of trivia is that when Will Rogers wrote “I never met a man I didn’t like” he was talking about Leon Trotsky, who he met on a trip to the Soviet Union (which he felt cautiously optimistic about.)

    1. Well, Trotsky WAS a little bit less murderous than Lenin, so there’s that.

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