Lawmaker wants Oklahoma youth to pray the gay away…

Remember how much hope with had back in 2019? Everyone was looking forward to this year because we got an entire month of 4/20 and Christmas is supposed to be on a Friday, if the world still exists by then. I was also hopeful and excited when I wrote this article in November of last […]

Edmond woman to teach classes on how to prep for upcoming Civil War

And you thought Karens were dangerous when they asked to see the manager at Chili’s! Earlier this week, we received some tips via the Ogle Mole Network that Leslie NesSmith – a professed “ammo-sexual” from Edmond who’s had the Gosselin haircut since before it was not cool – went on a private Edmond anti-maskers Facebook […]

Country Roads, Take Them Home: The Rescue of My Dog, Sean Ramirez

I can’t father children. While that means there are no unplanned pregnancies in my past, it also means there are no planned pregnancies in my future. With so many of my peers starting families lately, there is a hole that remains in my heart and, honestly, always will. That’s why I needed someone like Sean […]