Edmond woman to teach classes on how to prep for upcoming Civil War

And you thought Karens were dangerous when they asked to see the manager at Chili’s!

Earlier this week, we received some tips via the Ogle Mole Network that Leslie NesSmith – a professed “ammo-sexual” from Edmond who’s had the Gosselin haircut since before it was not cool – went on a private Edmond anti-maskers Facebook group to let people know she was organizing a Master Class on how to prepare for the next American Civil war.

If you’re not familiar with Leslie, we briefly profiled her when she ran for Stephanie Bice’s Senate seat in the 2018 election. She lost by a 3 – 1 margin. After that failure, she focused on building a right-wing Facebook page called Me, Myself and Liberty, where she shared her deranged views and opinions on the conservative media-manufactured fears of the day.

Here’s the post of the Civil War stuff:

FWIW, I don’t blame people for worrying about some crazy shit coming on the horizon. In Oklahoma City, we know first-hand the amount of death and destruction that can be caused by just a few angry extremists, much less entire armed segments of the population that have been brainwashed and, even more worrisome, radicalized through propaganda, punditry, media-manipulation, sophisticated social media algorithms and other forms of indoctrination.

That being said, doesn’t this feel a bit like authoritarian fear-mongering? If Leslie really wanted to be helpful, you’d think she’d be working to prevent a civil war – not stoke the flames of one.

Here’s more:

Uhm, wouldn’t it be easier for Leslie to just join a local alt-right militia cell, dark web message board or even a rural Baptist church? I’m sure they have a bunch of these training materials already available for use.

Here’s some of the topics the Civil War planning workshop will cover:

Wouldn’t it be great to wake in the morning to see that some lady you probably met online in an anti-vaccers group tagged you in a post to help plan and prepare for the next Civil War? What an honor! Facebook should add a “Allow Friends to tag you in posts calling for open civil rebellion?” toggle button to its privacy settings.

Also, notice how Leslie claims she is a self-defense/home security professional? I have no doubts she believes in her radicalized mind that some sort of violent insurrection will happen in the future, but it kind of makes you wonder if she has an ulterior goal for these planning sessions, like maybe generating revenue for her business!

“Before we leave today’s training, I would like to remind you that you can sign up for a new Liberal Defense Home Security System for $49.99 a month.”

Seriously, that’s a solid marketing plan! I’m sure President Trump would really respect that business model. Maybe he’ll appoint her the warlord for Edmond when the civil war is over.

Update: The original post referred to Leslie as a grandma. Apparently she’s not one. Fake news!

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37 Responses

  1. Ooooooh, homeopathic medicine! Definitely the number one best kind of medicine….to overdose.

    1. I would ask all practitioners of homeopathic medicine to simply PRAY the homeopathicness away, and embrace heteropathic medicine instead, the way The Lard has set forth in the Bibble.

    2. IF the first realization that they are going up against the US Military and are greatly out-gunned and undertrained to fight Seal Team Six doesn’t get them the lack of proper emergency care will.

      Imagine getting your fake-militia-gear wearing, overweight ass shot, and some Karen-suburbanite offers you Bach’s Floral Remedy for stress instead of applying pressure on the wound or packing it or WASHING HER HANDS AND WEARING A MASK during rudimentary surgery with salad tongs to remove the bullet and a tampon to pack it?

      1. So i agree that this lady is a nut bag. But it’s not the military that they will be fighting against sorry to tell you. But the vast majority of military members are right leaning gun owners

        Believe it or not tampons do actually work better then bandages and tourniquets to stop bleeding from a gunshot wound. Ask a medic who has seen combat. Lol tampons are not just for vaginas anymore lol

  2. Ammo-sexual? I suppose that means she uses a bullet vibrator.

  3. She could be right. If the incumbent president claims that his election loss is due to the fraud that he is already predicting, and calls on his cult members to take up arms to keep him in power… Civil war?

    God forbid that it comes to this. If it does, I’m pretty sure that our military would remain loyal to the Constitution. President Biden could direct them to arrest the trespasser in the White House on the afternoon of 1-20-2021. There might be a few skirmishes with self-styled militias, but nothing too serious. Militias could engage in some terrorism like the Murrah Building massacre, but even with their AR-15s, the militia boys are woefully short on firepower.

    Let’s hope that any civil warriors look to Leslie for guidance. What could go wrong for them?

    (I saw a great sweatshirt yesterday on an old guy in a straw cowboy hat: “God, Guns, & TRUMP!” I took a picture.)

    1. We’re already well into the “Bleeding Kansas” phase of Civil War II. And the latest numbers I saw suggested that Biden could win the popular vote by as much as 4.5 million, but still lose in the Electoral College. There’s lots of ways the outcome could be branded as “fraudulent” and prompt folks to take to the streets. And that’s before we even consider actual troop movements.

    2. What a killer ending to the reality tv show.

  4. I am definitely NOT a grandma! 🤣🤣
    But, thank you for the shameless plug!
    Survival skills are important even for Democrats!

    1. Just white democrats tho, right Leslie?

    2. The appropriate response to this post would be shame because of the cartoon character that you’ve allowed yourself to become. Your rhetoric is dangerous. It makes you look ridiculous and pathetic.

    3. Why do some of you insist on playing these silly games? Have you spent any time in the military? Have you ever been under fire?? As someone who has I can assure you that you do NOT want it. It’s not like playing cops and robbers as a kid. It’s REAL. I see these ammo-sexual idiots walking around like pseudo GI Joes and most of them would crap their pants and run when the first sniper fire comes in. Every single one of them needs to be taken out back and whooped up and down by some actual veterans who have been under fire. It’s not a joke. It’s not a game. And it sure as sh!t isn’t something you contemplate in support of this complete idiot we have in the white house. shameful.

    4. You seem like a nice person, and you at least seem to be a good sport, be careful out there.

      P.S. I like the hair, it’s cute.

    5. Leslie, tell us more about that “plug.”

  5. Looked up “Bat Shit Crazy” in my dictionary (yes, I actually still have one) and saw the pic above.

    1. I did the same thing and it really skered me. Not looking forward to another cymbal war.

  6. Well, looks like she’s a Roberta E. Lee wannabe. I wonder who she’ll get to be her StonedWall Jackson. Is she a member of the Konfused Konfederate Knuckleheads? Stay tuned…

  7. There is no preparing for another civil war. It would end with countless Americans dead and an incredibly swift end to the country. Anyone talking about it as something unpreventable or desirable has to be the most ignorant asshole alive. This woman would surely fall into that category. Violent rhetoric is seeping from every level of the Republican party and our country is much worse for it. This isn’t a fucking game and people are already dying because of it. This woman and those like her need to shut the fuck up and quit trying to overtake civil society with their military cosplay.

    1. I can genuinely see a civil war occurring. Neither side will accept the result of the election. They just won’t . There is so much division and hate in the country I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.
      You are right tho – it would spell the end of this country. We aren’t a united people anymore.
      And it would be the fault of both parties. There are no innocents in a situation like this.

      1. If the loser refuses to leave the White House, there would not be “fault of both parties.”

        Hillary conceded, as she should have.

  8. Learning how to properly fasten a seat belt doesn’t mean you’re planning to wreck the car.
    Talk about fera mongering, this article is a masterful piece of it!

    1. John L. Battey, I am totally with you on the fera mongering part.

  9. Jim Jones kind of shit right there. The Trump cult us getting bold. I wish they would just move off to Guyana and be done with it.

  10. The sad thing is she is for real and we can expect more people like this to be running for office and some will get elected.

    1. Especially in Oklahoma.

  11. Let us all agree as sane Oklahomas who have managed to make it this far with no riots, looting, or insurrectionists losing their stuff. We diverted our Juneteenth crowd to a block party and shunned the BOK and the left the Trump rally at 1/3 capacity and the streets outside nearly empty that we will continue this record.

    Everyone us probably has a gun or has someone near us with many guns. We aren’t any position to stir up any person’s hornet nest for any reason. We may not all agree on politics, but we have something good going here at the community level. We have a sustainable food and supply chain within this state. We’ve been sharing this whole epidemic with people stepping up to hand out food and help to anyone in need out in the country.

    So for the next two months, lets do everything we can to get the entire Oklahoma community to disengage from the civil war rhetoric, keep our political rallies and movements private to only people we trust, and attempt to NOT find ourselves in any conflicts during or after the election.

    Because whatever happens there is NOTHING we can to do our fellow, average or struggling Oklahomans of any color or background that will change what is happening in Washington DC. If anyone wants to change anything it is going to either be through our Senators and Representatives OR through directly going to DC and protesting THERE.

    No amount of stupid riots or fighting or people leaving their homes to go to other peoples neighborhoods to cause trouble or anything like that will do ANYTHING to change our situation. And shooting up people in our own communities certainly won’t change the outcome of a presidential election.

    So whoever you are out there – use whatever social media and personal clout you have to tell Oklahomans to keep it real, keep it ethical, and do the right thing. If they need a Jesus reason – read them Matthew 5 – and read it well. <3

  12. She’s a lot cuter than the snow flakes posting on this forum that’s a given 😆

    1. yes and we all know how important that is you superficial twit.

  13. There’s about as much chance of a civil war as there is for me to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and as much chance of us seeing any armed uprising in Oklahoma as there is for Kevin Durant to return to the Thunder.

    It’s all fear-mongering tactics to rally the insecure and perpetually afraid into voting.

  14. Lol training classes from someone with no experience! Ha
    What a joke.

    But seriously a civil war between people who believe in guns vs. People who are firmly against them (don’t even try to say but they will be fighting the military because I know most of my fellow veterans wouldn’t open fire on gun owning Republicans) (most veterans are those types of people) but hey I wouldn’t even join in on the civil war I would grab beer and a lawn chair and watch all 20-30 minutes of it

    1. I mean, your scenario would basically just describe a mass shooting, and if a veteran wouldn’t take a step to avert a mass shooting, it speaks more to the morality of the veteran than anything else.

      Granted, I don’t think it’d work out that way at all, even if there was a civil war, for a lot of reasons.
      – I think Republicans underestimate how many Democrats do own guns. While the NRA hates the Democrats, there are a lot of voting democrats who do own guns.

      – Even if police forces and members of the military lean politically conservative, very few members of either want roving bands of militias going through the country to try to execute people of different political ideologies, meaning there’d be a lot of armed resistance. And that’s not including those of either group that don’t fit the exact political ideology that would openly try to rebel against the country or support those who did (ie: far, far right wingers or far, far left wingers). We may be politically divided, but I highly doubt we have a full army’s worth of Tim McVeigh types that would be able to legitimately carry out a civil war.

      – Most of the US isn’t a swing state. Very few states are, actually. Meaning for the most part we’re more isolated into pockets that mostly match our ideology. So unless people want to travel across the country to fight battles against red states or blue states, it’d mostly be just people marching aimlessly down the streets here they live carrying guns and pretending they’re fighting for a cause. Granted, it’d be good exercise that a lot of America sorely needs, but not really a war.

      1. Lol bud I know a lot of Democrats own guns mostly just your Fudd bolt actions and shotguns and maybe a few pistols and some Ar15’s.

        But what I was talking about is the absolutely stupid left and right behaving like that and honestly you saying we need people wandering the streets aimlessly just fighting each other is just as bad as me saying im just going to sit in my lawn chair.

        And it would do no good for me to take my happy @$$ down there and try to stop shit and get in the middle of it it would just result in me getting shot (not my circus not my monkeys) the only people’s safety im concerned with are my wife and kids

        1. I’m not saying we need that, I’m saying that a “civil war” would amount to people wandering their streets wishing they could pick a fight. Because that’s all this civil war talk is, right wing wish fulfillment from people who dream of being Rambo but in reality likely hold guns like those insane lawyers from St. Louis.

          It won’t happen.

          1. Im sure it won’t happen but it seems the idiots on both sides both want it to happen.
            Oh if Trump doesn’t win or of if Biden doesn’t win we are going to revolt..

            I hate well no i love to tell you no matter who wins we all lose.
            But right now everything going on I don’t blame liberals for the “civil disobedience”(riots) if you will I blame the ignorant people who don’t know what the difference is.
            I mean what does burning down small business have to do with police brutality or protesting the president in anyway. A little off subject there but you get my point
            People are willing to get themselves killed over stupid stuff that doesn’t matter.
            Thats not a left or right thing that’s just an idiot thing.
            Im sure you can guess im more right leaning and im guessing you are more left leaning but I’m sure we have more in common then you think.

    2. If it devolves into a shooting civil war, and the military is as compromised as you think they would be, the country is over, and likely being invaded by a foreign power. Good luck on your lawn chair in that case. (I’m a vet by the way, I wouldn’t want to open fire on any U.S. citizen, but I don’t think you’re thinking very clearly here).

      1. Lester I didn’t say the military would open fire on civilians I just said most are right leaning gun owners not all but the majority of them and they would more then likely stay out of it

        And being a mostly conservative military doesn’t mean it’s compromised

        And if we do get invaded by a foreign power my @$$ is going to be off that lawn chair and popping enemy helmets

        1. If they’re disobeying orders based on political affiliation, then that means they’re compromised. If they just start shooting Democrats or Republicans, that means they’re compromised. When I was in, if I had been ordered to shoot fellow citizens on U.S. soil, I would have considered that an illegal order, and told whoever ordered me to do that to fuck straight off, political affiliation wouldn’t have had anything to do with it.

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