Derplahoman Lawmaker Invites Anti-Vaxxer Doctors To Speak At Oklahoma Capitol

Each fall, Oklahoma lawmakers host what they call “interim studies” to look into issues that may be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.

Although the intended purpose of these studies is to educate, inform and provide a comprehensive look at an issue before it gets entangled in legislation, they usually serve as nothing more than an opportunity for lawmakers to advance their own ideology and agenda, and placate donors, constituents and special interests groups in the process.

For example, State Rep. Sean Roberts – one of the leading members of the Oklahoma Derplahoman Caucus – recently held an interim study on public health and the pandemic response. Instead of inviting an epidemiologist or public health expert to speak at the event, he chose a couple of nutty conservative troll-docs who have made names for themselves in the local anti-vaxxer/q-anon conspiracy scene.

Via a Briana “Rearviewmirror” Bailey article in The Frontier:

An ophthalmologist paraded a series of internet conspiracy theories and unproven health claims before state lawmakers at a hearing at the Oklahoma Capitol this week — including that masks are ineffective at slowing the spread of the virus and that people of color need more vitamin D in their diets to prevent them from contracting COVID-19.

Instead of an epidemiologist or virologist, State Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, who chairs the House of Representatives’ public health committee, invited two doctors who are vocal supporters of the anti-vaccine movement to speak at an informational hearing on Oklahoma’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday.

That’s cool! I wonder if they also shared some medical advice for the upcoming Civil War? I’m sure that’s an issue our lawmakers will take very seriously this spring.

Naturally, the liberal social media echo chamber flipped out about this. I can see why. It is kind of disturbing to have a lawmaker invite physicians who believe in discredited conspiracy theories to the State Capital to peddle those same discredited conspiracy theories to other lawmakers.

Then again, it’s not like this is anything new. We already have an anti-vaxxer governor, and an anti-vaxxer day at the capital, so we might as well have some snake oil peddling docs who both adhere to and profit off conspiracy theories to come to the capitol and confirm everyone’s beliefs.

Or better yet, six other people’s beliefs.

Anyway, you can read more about this over at The Frontier. Tell them TLO sent you.

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9 Responses

  1. I commend you for documenting these doofuses on a (much-too) regular basis. There “here we go again” thoughts that you must endure would deter those with less stamina. What a bunch of maroons.

  2. I guess it doesn’t make any difference if their supreme leader declares a vaccine ready before the election then. Just vote against him anyway!!

    1. If they can’t cure the cold virus or the flu virus I suppose it’s just natural we’d all believe they can cure the COVID virus in a few months with thoughts of “I am Legend” running through my head.
      trump could personally cure all cancer with donald trump jr II curing all heart problems on the same day and I still wouldn’t vote for trump. He could let every bar in Oklahoma show Melmoneya porn for the next year and I still wouldn’t vote for him. He could someway insert some common sense into Stitts brain and I still wouldn’t vote for him.
      The entire trump/stitt picture is just so totally inverse of my 65 years of reality it just becomes hard to get ones head around them. While “Sympathy for the Devil” plays in the background.

  3. Like Eddie, I commend you (and The Frontier) for continuing to shine a light on these science-dismissing, blinded-by-ideology types who inhabit our Capitol.

    A few of the regular commenters here (only a few, thankfully) get upset when we point out some of the grave faults of our beloved home state, sometimes even going so far as to suggest that we “love it or leave it.” They say things like “Why can’t we read more happy-talk like about joyful dog adoptions, and less negativity (i.e. satire) about what’s wrong with us.”

    Those folks are misguided. Battling our faults is similar to battling a personal addiction: you can’t make progress if you don’t face the problem head-on. Consider TLO to be part of the needed intervention.

  4. If Rep. Roberts had truly wanted to have an “interim study” of the pandemic he would have invited all the varying opinions that are out there, as opposed to only inviting those with whom he agrees. Only allowing those who you agree with to the table to discuss/debate is sadly the Oklahoma Standard.

    All sides should be allowed time to make their case, even the crackpots on both sides of the argument, that is how consensus is formed. Oh, my bad, in Stitt’s Oklahoma it is “my way or the highway” after of course he tries to privatize the toll road system by selling it to a buddy for a short term gain to the state, and a long term gain to him and said buddy.

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Oklahoma, it does, and dare I say it, “Imagine That!”

  5. SEAN ROBERTS [sitting in his living room with Karl, while drinking a beer]: Karl, this here shore is a good beer! You want one?

    KARL CHILDERS: I reckon not….

    ROBERTS: Karl, what the hell you got there in your hand? Is that a syringe?

    KARL: Ummmmmm. Some people calls it a syringe, some people calls it a vaccination. Ummmmm-hmmmm. I call it a vaccination.

    ROBERTS [scornfully]: Well, quit wastin’ yore time with it! That stuff don’t work worth a damn!

    [Karl rises and moves toward Roberts]

    ROBERTS: Karl, what the hell you doin’ with that syringe! Put it down!

    KARL: Ummmmmmm-hmmmm. I heard tell this here vaccination cures stupidity, so I reckon I’m-a gonna inject you with it, ummmmm-hmmm.

    [Roberts screams, not so much from the terror of being injected but with the idea that his beloved stupidity might actually be cured. He faints when Karl pushes the plunger home. Karl goes into the kitchen, picks up the phone, and dials 911]

    KARL: Is this who I talk to if’n I want to report a stupid congressman?

    OTHER PERSON: Sorry, those lines are tied up 24/7/365.

    KARL [frustrated]: Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    DISCLAIMER: No actual Oklahoma congresspeople were rendered intelligent in the making of this film.

  6. The term is “Anti-Vaxxer” not anti-vaccer… otherwise, Yes to everything you said!

  7. Hooray for The Frontier! Gatehouse Media (parent company of USA Today) bought the Daily Disappointment. Since then it has about two pages of local news. After decades of subscription I finally cancelled it. Now to spend more time on real local sources of news.

  8. Apparently this clown couldn’t find anyone to speak on the science and benefits of applying leeches to cure certain maladies.

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