Tulsa Cop Sues Local Media Outlets For Accurately Quoting His Dumb Statements

Back in June, Tulsa Police Maj. Travis Yates – a sought after pundit, speaker and public figure in the authoritarian law enforcement scene – made a casually-cited statement in a radio interview claiming that cops are shooting Blacks not as often as they “probably ought to be.” Here’s the full quote: “If a certain group […]

Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Oklahoma on Emmys broadcast…

The HBO masterpiece Watchmen – the comic book-inspired series set in a present-day alternative reality where superheroes exist, Robert Redford is president, and Oklahoma students are actually taught about the Tulsa Massacre at school – took home 11 awards at last night’s Emmys. According to my crack Internet research that included the discovery that Holly […]

Jesus Christ Superstar: The Resurrection of Sunday Gospel Brunch at the Boom

As we know, many people in Oklahoma are indoctrinated from birth that homosexuals are damned to Hell and, if you associate with their likes, you’re damned right alongside them. Growing up, I remember how fearful of gays and lesbians I was made to feel, a visceral homophobia that is installed and instilled in almost every […]