Jesus Christ Superstar: The Resurrection of Sunday Gospel Brunch at the Boom

As we know, many people in Oklahoma are indoctrinated from birth that homosexuals are damned to Hell and, if you associate with their likes, you’re damned right alongside them. Growing up, I remember how fearful of gays and lesbians I was made to feel, a visceral homophobia that is installed and instilled in almost every God-fearing Oklahoman.

Now that I’m much older and more knowledgeable, the only thing that truly scares me anymore is how much of this hateful propaganda that people preach in the name of God. But the female illusionists at the Boom protest this hypocritical hysteria the funniest way they know how: by lampooning Okie evangelicals and their caustic beliefs.

Closed after a long hiatus due to the dastardly demon known as Covid-19, the Boom, 2218 NW 39th Street, is back giving glory to the highest with the resurrection of their Sunday Gospel Brunch, starring the loud and proud duo of Kitty Bob Aimes and Norma Jean Goldenstein, not to mention a tempestuous menu of mid-morning eats.

With a low ticket price of five bucks each, my ladyfriend and I arrived at the Boom a little after 11:30 a.m.—there’s two shows, one at noon and another at 1:30 p.m.—and were given a selection of seats by the host at the door, choosing to sit at a back table by the men’s room.

“If you’re trying to hide it won’t do any good,” the host quipped. “They always find you!”

As we waited for the scriptural show to begin, a blessed brunch spread was ordered among the famished flock; my ladyfriend had the Boom Boom Omelet ($14.50) and I requested the Quiche Lorraine ($11.25), one of my most favorite divine morning dishes that I very rarely ever get to nosh on.

Saying a supplication over our brunch, the Boom Boom Omelet was a prayer-warrior of eggs, cheddar cheese, spicy peppers and spicier sausage topped with a liberal dollop of Hollandaise sauce, a well-rounded blessing that came with a decadent helping of au gratin hash browned potatoes.

But it was the Quiche Lorraine that was absolute proof of God’s love for his earth-bound children—a healthy stigmata of bacon and Swiss cheese surrounded by baked eggs that was also topped with Hollandaise, a condiment which should really receive a lot more respect than it normally gets. Like an ovum-filled communion, this sacramental slice of quiche earns the highest praise from me.

As we finished up our messianic meals, Aimes and Goldenstein took to the smallish stage, comically lip-syncing to a medley of not-so-classic Gospel tunes, each song amping up the sacrosanct schtick, followed by a sacred stage-act that took aim at landmarks of phony piety such as Chick-Fil-A, LifeChurch and, of course, the entire city of Edmond.

At one point, like the host said, they did find me, letting me know that I’ll probably be mistaken for a lesbian in my plaid shirt. And while I found it all funny, I’m sure that the holier-than-thou church crowd would have found their jabs at the Babel-esque egos of today’s typical Christian somewhat blasphemous, as the more satirically attentive among us found it reverently irreverent.

As we were leaving the parking lot, the beautiful day showcasing all of God’s glory, I mentioned how it’s always good to feel the unity of a progressive OKC in these tight spots around town, with the Boom’s Sunday Gospel Brunch a hallelujah hellstorm of hate-destroying hilarity. Amen.


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12 Responses

  1. I love the BOOM shows and the food there has to be one of Okc best-kept secrets!

  2. You have something with bacon and Swiss cheese on the same dish and you use “Nosh”? OY!

  3. Been to the Gospel brunch twice. And, like LiberalBlond said, the food is, if not excellent, pretty damn good. Throw in some well made morning cocktails and then sit back and enjoy a fun show.
    Don’t forget to bring some Dollar Bills!

  4. If you want to convince someone you’re a devout Christian, just “forget” to tip when you go to after-service lunch. It’s a sure sign.

    1. Better still, leave an invitation to church on the table disguised as money. That definitely shows what a loving, pious Christian you are.

      1. I’m Lord Skiffington III, and I approve this reply to my comment. AMEN!

  5. How well I recall being put into those Christian concentration camps in Davis OK known as Fallscreek by my mother.
    Although I had the intestinal fortitude and common sense to resist the intense brainwashing they do down there, it left a few ugly scars I’m sure.
    I remember one particular brainwashing session where the young what-ever-the-hell-he-was was ‘teaching’ us about “defrauding’ as in a young male and female ‘defrauding’ one another with heavy petting to intercourse and that the only true love was with Hey-zooze the savior.
    As I’ve grown older and gone thru life I think back and realize THEY were the ones doing the defrauding!
    Won’t get fooled again MOM!!

  6. Louis, I’m so glad that you both had a good time and enjoyed the food and the show. It is always a pleasure for me to watch the crowd belly laugh at Kitty Bob and Norma’s banter. If I had known you would be writing this, I would have said something much funnier! Hope to see you back again!

  7. Christaphobia, Oklahomaphobia, Edmondphobia, Americaphobia, Normalphobia. You had got them all covered predictably.

    1. Don’t forget Borenphobia.

  8. Change the text from “the entire city of Edmond” to “much of the city of Edmond.” There are a few of us who reside in Edmond who do genuinely care and respect others.

  9. There are no good people in Edmond or Broken Arrow and only a couple in Oklahoma. The China Virus has killed 200 million Americans and over 2 million Okies that’s what sleepy Joe says.

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