Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Oklahoma on Emmys broadcast…

The HBO masterpiece Watchmen – the comic book-inspired series set in a present-day alternative reality where superheroes exist, Robert Redford is president, and Oklahoma students are actually taught about the Tulsa Massacre at school – took home 11 awards at last night’s Emmys.

According to my crack Internet research that included the discovery that Holly Hunter was nominated for two Emmys for her role as Grace Hanadarko in Saving Grace, I believe it’s the first and probably last fictional series set in Oklahoma to win an Emmy award.

This Oklahoma connection wasn’t lost on Jimmy Kimmel and The Emmys writing team. They had a one-liner ready to go during last night’s opening monologue. Check it out:


That’s pretty cool! I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life, and I have made a career out of making fun of the place, so it’s neat to see our state and it’s backward culture being mocked on the national stage, especially when it doesn’t have anything to do with tigers, tornadoes or teenage pregnancy. Thanks, anti-maskers!

That being said, the joke could have hit harder. For example, instead of cutting to taped footage of celebs at other awards shows reacting to the punchline, they could have simply shown Herman Cain laughing at one of Trump’s jokes at the big Tulsa Rally! Too soon? Probably.

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34 Responses

  1. What a knee slapper!….Oooh doggies.

  2. His comment was too true to be funny; I got nuthin’ here.

    Oh, wait! It WAS pretty funny at the end when Jimmy asked for a standing ovulation. So there’s that.

  3. Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it? And for those of us who do wear masks, the joke is too true to be funny.

    Those who believe that wearing mask means surrendering our freedoms aren’t likely to have a sense of humor anyway. Right, Mike?

    1. He’s busy trying to get his seatbelt undone.

    2. I wear a mask every time I leave my home…I am a paraplegic and getting the virus would probably do me in due to breathing problems I already endure…My comment was concerning the humor…or the lack of it in this instance.

  4. Surprised Jimmy wasn’t in his own mask last night, and by that I mean his blackface.

    1. True…cant stand that PO💩

  5. Kimmel makes a true statement and everbody gets pissed. Geez.

  6. I’ve lived in Oklahoma my whole life and never once heard about the Tulsa Massacre. I learned about it last year from a fictional TV show. Here is a brief summary of the Massacre for those who are equally in the dark about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-ItsPBTFO0

    1. I grew up here too, and the first I heard of it was a Netflix documentary that I happened on maybe 3 years ago.

    2. Prior to the 1990’s the Tulsa Massacre was referred to as the “Tulsa Race Riots”. It was a nicer thing to call it, in a similar manner to the way Markwayne Mullin implied in 2018 that the Trail of Tears was “voluntary.”

      Back in the late 80’s and early ’90s OETA was in their heyday and did a few stories and documentaries showing that it wasn’t a race riot, but was a massacre. Most of the initial research was from interviews with people who survived it, or were part of the people who got caught up in the mob and created it. They were getting older and wanted to get it off their conscience.

      As you would expect the story was very controversial, much denial until some of the mass graves were discovered. As more people came out the race riot explanation was proved to be quite the hoax. Once national attention was brought with more evidence that it indeed was a massacre the truth finally came out. Tulsa in 1921 had a very dark past that had been hidden for over a half a century. To add even more insult the term “race riot” had been used to prevent insurance companies from paying for damages to the black community in the affluent area known as “Black Wall Street.”

      It is a very sad and dark story that happened and was well covered up less than 100 years ago. It is more remarkable that the truth did eventually come out, and I’m guessing more about it will continue to be discovered.

      1. Not if Trump and the Republicans have their way they don’t want the shameful past history of slaughter and ongoing racism to be taught about in the schools.

    3. When my family was new to Tulsa, my father told me in considerable detail about the Tulsa race “riot.” He worked with an older man, a lifelong Tulsan, from whom my dad likely got his information. So I knew about 1921 while growing up and into adulthood, and assumed (wrongly) that everyone else knew too. I’m still amazed that so few knew about it.

      I have yet to hear a single detail about 1921 that contradicts what my dad told me about it so long ago. He even told me about the planes firebombing Greenwood.

      1. The 70’s Tulsa funk group the GAP Band(Greenwood, Archer, Pine- Black Wall St) had that song, “you dropped a bomb on me baby, you dropped a bomb on me”

  7. Never mind that. How many Emmys did Tiger King win?

  8. It’s kind of a redundant theme here, I mean there are still way too many Oklahoman’s who don’t believe second hand smoke should be an issue, it’s their God given right to smoke where they want to, yes? So why would a scientific fact interfere with someone’s right to ignore it because it’s impedes their freedom? I think they (anti maskers) shouldn’t have an issue with a person right to work at The Sizzler or The Golden Corral with Hepatitis, right? I mean getting treatment and washing your hands while preparing infringes on their rights-damn Hepatitis is a hoax anyway, my cousin got it– he just ate 3 chicken fry’s from Del Ranch and drank 18 Nattie LItes and hell he didn’t even miss a day of work working at the High School Cafeteria!

    If complete Ignorance was wealth, Oklahoma would be the financial capital of the Universe.

    1. That’s funny! Funnier than Kimmel. The line lampooning Okies is semi-funny but sure not very high on the guffaw scale.

      I don’t like Kimmel anyway. Nothing to do with this joke, but he’s just not funny to me. I especially dislike him at Halloween with the “I ate your candy” stunt pulled by parents on gullible little kids.

  9. Flashback to my Oklahoma History teacher/coach who’s claim to fame was that he was somehow related to Pretty Boy Floyd. His stories of famous early Oklahomans was to say “and then he ate bad apple pie and died.” Its hardly surprising no one knows anything about the race riots given the crap history lessons we received in high school.

  10. “August In Osage County” got a couple nominations but won nothing.

  11. It is never too soon to diss Herman Cain.

  12. I happened to be in my 70’s we were taught about the race riot in school.Everyone is not ignorant in Oklahoma some us do read an even know how to fact check information.
    We do not live in Teepees an ride horses !

  13. Lying in ICU with a tube down yer throat, in a coma and diapers…then dieing alone …that’s loss of freedom…even worse if it’s grandma… close to 1,000 people here won’t be home for the holidays this year, when they probably would have been otherwise. “It is what it is”

    1. I don’t know what the percentage is in Oklahoma, but nationally a bunch of all those dead people’s “home” was a nursing home. A bunch of the lives saved by various heroic measures, including ventilators, have been saved so that they can now rot slowly in their beds while their brains decay to the point that they are curled in a fetal position shitting themselves, becoming little more than hunks of meat that inflict society and families with horrible costs.
      Our medical technologies have outrun our ability to deal with end of life issues. To anybody inclined to attack me for my callousness, go spend four or five hours, or days, weeks, months, on a dementia ward. After doing that, explain to me then how dying from COVID is worse than that death.

      1. Hey Nice Day, you and I have had discussion on this topic before. I don’t know how to compare your apples & oranges when it comes to methods of death, but I can tell you what I’ve experienced in the past 6 or so months. My Mother died of dementia & Parkinson’s 4 years ago-in a nursing home. There’s no way to describe how horrible that death is, especially when it’s prolonged over many years. You summed it up pretty well in your description.

        My Dad had been in Assisted Living for the past 8 years with horrible debilitating arthritis. The man’s spine was literally fused together by the disease. As I related to you before, I’m the only child of these folks, so 6 years ago I severed ties with my career and former life and moved back to Oklahoma to be near the folks and make sure they were taken care of. I was fortunate to be able to do this-what I witnessed over the years is many of these folks don’t get any visitors at all-ever.

        I was able to spend weekly overnight visits with Dad as the home had visitor accommodations and as such I could spend the night and have 2 day visits. After spending a lot of time with my Dad every week, that time came to an end in early March due to covid. I wasn’t able to move dad out as he required full care plus I didn’t know if it would make him more susceptible to covid to be out of the facility-naivete at it’s best- but who’s to say with all the bullshit news we get fed everyday. Talked to Dad every day on the phone, as well as the nursing staff, to make sure he was doing as well as possible.

        About 4 weeks ago he began falling and eventually required an ER visit due to trouble breathing. ER confirmed broken ribs. After not seeing him since early March, as the Assisted Living was closed due to covid, I was able to go see him in the hospital for 2 days. What I saw shocked me. It’s the same story your hearing from other folks-dehydration, weight loss. Hospital Doc told me to arrange Hospice. Back to the Assisted Living he went and that was the last time I saw him. He died last week. I wasn’t able to see him before his death.

        Lot’s going on here- 1. Can’t see them in the nursing home, but you can see them in the hospital. 2. Both the Hospice office staff and the Funeral Home were maskless. Every fucking person in those offices didn’t bother to wear a mask. 3. My Dad didn’t officially die of covid, but he might as well have, as I’m convinced the last months of his life in virtual isolation from the world hastened his death.

        I guess my point is same as before when we shared views on this-I agree with you that dementia is a horrible death, and maybe covid would be a blessing if it’s fast, but those of us with parents in these situations don’t have much choice.

        I’ll give a shout of gratitude to the staff at the home. They did all they could and they did a good job. They have to live this horror show every day. God love ’em. It’s really a crying shame they live in a town that fought a mask mandate and won.

        1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

          1. That should have been an up arrow! (Sorry!)

        2. Man, I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this. And thanks again for writing so forcefully about the experience. A hand up to you across this space.
          At the end of my dad’s long struggle with the disease, after what was left of him was moved closer to the nurses station because the staff was afraid I might do something to “him” to hasten his death, after I forced them to remove the feeding tube, we were blessed with a wonderful nurse returning to work after some time off dealing with her own troubles. We worked out how to end things, and we were all singing to him when he breathed his last. We kept in touch with that beautiful woman for years.
          I would have loved for COVID to sweep through that place years ago, but it would have crushed me if she had caught it, died from it. How the people who work in these places do it is beyond me.

  14. I saw no masks in the clip on any of the celebrities or accompaniment. Pointing one finger at me points four at you. May God bless your divisive souls.

    1. Should someone tell him?

      1. Let’s not. His ignorance is his bliss.

        I saw just the beginning of Kimmel last night. He had a tweet from an irate viewer, angry at all those people in the crowd who weren’t wearing masks.

    2. Masks are required as ordinances within several municipalities in Oklahoma, including the one in which I reside. 75-85% of the people here do wear masks indoors for shopping, just not necessarily outdoors. Schools here require masks for students or distance learning is also available. This is simply another Connie Chung moment. Ignorance is still a thing, obviously.

    3. Okie, there weren’t any people in the audience (except one ) . The clip was recorded at a prior award presentation and edited to fit this year’s event. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  15. I’m surprised Stitt didn’t call a news conference praising Oklshoma being mentioned on national tv.

  16. God help us if they lose trump the comedians will be down to Mississippi and Oklahoma politicians for the “low hanging fruit” jokes.

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