Lost Ogle Show Podcast with Abby Broyles

Yesterday afternoon, before the world’s most powerful man was diagnosed with the world’s most notorious virus, Marisa and I were lucky to hang out in the digital realm with Oklahoma US Senate candidate Abby Broyle’s for another recording of The Lost Ogle Show!

We talked to Abby, a Democrat, about what it’s like to run a Senate campaign during a pandemic, her thoughts on the hot topic issues of the day, and how it feels to be the subject of negative campaign ads! We also conducted a very serious and professional mock debate with Jim Inhofe, and then tried to convice her to advertise with us.

Give it a listen!

This episode of The Lost Ogle Show was brought to you by our friends at Fire Leaf! As always, The Lost Ogle Show can be streamed and downloaded for free wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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8 Responses

  1. This should be worth listening to, especially since no other local media in Oklahoma City seems to want to interview Broyles at length. Clearly, she’s a vast improvement over senile nutjob Inhofe.

  2. Did you ask her about cheating on her husband months into her marriage with a US attorney?

    1. Maybe Inhofe can ask her about that when he debates her. Oh, wait…

  3. If you enjoy hearing about those kinds of details, I bet you’re really hoping they score an interview with Trump. It would have to at least be a 10 part series. I guess Mary Fallin is retired now, but maybe she would be willing to come on and discuss her affair with her bodyguard. See you in the Vaseline aisle.

    1. What? Trump and Fallin had affairs? Never heard anything about that. Yet you get butt hurt when it’s mentioned about one of yours.

      1. That’s why I’ll see you in the Vaseline aisle, we all know why you’re there.

        I don’t doubt that you don’t know about those things, no surprise really.

        1. You are truly brain dead.

          1. Hey, you’re the one on here asking for details about an affair, and I think we all know why. Personally, I don’t care about those things when it comes to voting, there were an ocean of reasons I didn’t vote for Fallin, and won’t vote for Trump, them cheating on their spouses doesn’t even enter into the picture for me.

            You said you had never heard of those things, and I said I believe you are as uninformed as you say you are. You’re the one here actually claiming to be kind of stupid, why, I don’t know, but I’m just taking you at your word that you are as dumb as you say you are.

            See you in the Vaseline aisle.

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