We’d like to send a big TLO “Attaboy!” to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt!

Last Thursday, while searching for Sasquatch and other long-lost members of his family, he bravely killed an innocent, unsuspecting bear that was just minding its own business during the first day of Oklahoma’s “black bear harvest.”

Here’s a photo of the kill shared on Facebook by the Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife:

Mmmm-hmmm! Yummy! I don’t know about you, but that puts me in the mood for some Jimmy John’s!

Naturally, the photo pissed off the liberal crowd on social media, which is probably why Stitt shot the bear in the first place. I’m pretty sure “Stick It To The Libs (and Native Americans)” is the motto that forms his entire governing strategy.

That being said, Governor Stitt killing a defenseless black bear while hunting doesn’t bother me all that much. Although I don’t understand the thrill or allure of hunting down and killing animals as a hobby, I have some family and friends who sure do. Plus, as one who supports the cruel and barbaric American livestock industry every time I go grocery shopping, who am I to judge? Just as long as you eat the animal that you kill, who cares?

And that’s obviously what Stitt’s going to do, right? Being a Christian man who values all of God’s creatures, he’s going to have the bear butchered and the meat stored in his family’s freezer. That way, they can feast on the bear over the long winter, and be able to serve the traditional Stitt family dish of Roasted Bear Heart Casserole for Christmas dinner.

Here are some of the details from the hunt at The Oklahoman_:

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt killed a black bear Thursday while bowhunting in McCurtain County on the opening day of bear season.

A photo of Stitt, the bear, and his hunting guide, Tom Cartwright of Holdenville, was posted Saturday on the Facebook page of J.D. Strong, director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Oklahoma’s archery bear season in southeast Oklahoma runs through Oct. 18. Bear hunting is legal in southeast Oklahoma east of State Highway 69 and south of Interstate 40, which covers all or portions of 12 counties.

The large majority of bears in Oklahoma are killed on private land by hunters with crossbows during the first week of the archery season. The best success comes early in the season before the acorns have dropped and bears stop coming to baited areas.

LOL! They had to set up bait for Stitt to get the kill? That’s cowardly and weak, but at least he used a crossbow. I bet Kevin Stitt would be a Bobba Fett fan if he was allowed to watch Star Wars as a kid.

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28 Responses

  1. Pull the wings off of flies and you are a psycho. Kill a large animal for fun and you are a proud hunter.

  2. Self-entitled bear hunter baits the animal to food then kills them? Not much sport in that!

  3. I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but I take zero issue with hunting for need, use, food. Hunting though is a catch 22, kind of like wild land fire fighting. Wild fires, like those raging in california use to be something needed to get rid of old growth, return nutrients to the ground, they are still needed but we’ve built homes, bottled mt water in plastic bottles, subsequently drying up the CO river. So now we can’t let it burn because we’re out of water and we’ve built where we shouldn’t have, so we have to stop the fires.
    Hunting is the same. When an animal population has no more room to spread out, because we’ve built, plowed down their habitat, they get trapped in an area that is unsustainable for life. They run out of food, and instead of one dying from starvation hundreds die. They also cause massive problems for humans due to diseases they carry, running into roads, or coming in close contact searching for food.
    I take issue with the need for population culling because we “need” a new subdivision identical to the one a mile away. I also take issue with farm raised big game hunting. This giant black bear was obviously farm raised so “hunter’s” could walk out into a fenced off area, site in the bear, and pull the trigger on his crossbow. You cannot eat bear, I mean you can but it’s disgusting. You can use the hide, fur, for clothes, shoes, warmth, but I doubt Stitt is going to do this. You can also use the fat for heating, some sort of body lotion (gross), oil lamps, which would be hilariously awesome if Stitt had a bunch of bear lamp, bear candles. I bet his wife is just gonna love that bear head over the couch, or cuddling with Kevin in front of the fireplace on their bear skin rug, basking in the glow of the fire, it’s immense heat from bear fat. Sipping wine while bear fat candles create a romantic ambiance.

    1. Colorado River drying up because of bottling mountain water has got to be the most comedic thing on the intertubes!

  4. Like most wildlife if it weren’t for hunting we’d be overrun with them and they’d be getting killed more on highways and such. Hopefully he donated any meat to area food banks. That said, he’d do a greater service to the state if he’d kill some of those wild hogs that are tearing up land in southeast Oklahoma — plus bacon for everyone!

    1. Bears are spotted only rarely in my Delaware County. Are they actually a problem in Little Dixie? Hardly anyone lives down there.

      Deer hunting is the big deal here. I don’t understand why it’s fun to shoot a deer, but I don’t object to it. Deer don’t have any natural predators anymore, and if hunters didn’t thin them out we would have an even more serious population explosion. And venison is very tasty!

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s legal to bait most wildlife so you can kill it. Is that what “sportsmen” do? Doesn’t seem very sporting at all – a lot like blasting away at caged doves.

      1. I don’t hunt, myself, but my understanding of baiting, at least for deer and elk, is that hunters put food out before the hunting season. Then, even though the food is removed for hunting season, the animals are creatures of habit and return to the area. I think it is allowed to bait and trap or kill wild hogs because they are such a destructive pest.

  5. Must be so proud of himself for taking a bear at a baited hole with a guide and a photographer. Big time game hunter and all around asshole. Nice going Gov. Shit!

    1. I used to work for a guy that once flew to New Zealand, and was then driven to a game farm, where he walked his big ass about 100 yards to a blind, where he shot a rare, domestically raised antelope, if I remember correctly. Came back, showed pics of himself with his big ass rifle kneeling on that beautiful animal to all us employees.
      In my imagination, when I saw him in that photo giving a bigs thumbs up, I quickly unsheathed my imaginary bowie knife and let his guts flee their surly bonds. But that was my imagination, and he was my boss, so I just excused myself.
      I never carry bowie knives.

    2. Probably the 1st bear to walk by with a mask.

  6. What a liberal wimp! Real hunters like Inhofe bring their quarry in cages to them. Then let ‘me fly and shoot ‘em from the passenger seat of their black SUVs. What a waste of bear bait.

  7. That poor bear 🐻. He probably died wishing that COVID had owned the repubes. It’s too bad this fool isn’t lying in Walter Reed next to his fellow super-spreader in Chief.

  8. Black Bears Matter. Republican governors …. don’t.

  9. Maybe Bullstitt’s next outing is shooting a rhino at the OKC Zoo to keep it from having a prolonged death due to old age. I don’t hunt not because I disagree with killing animals but because I don’t like the taste of wild game. That said I expect Bullstitt to serve bear steaks to the family and wear a new bearskin coat at his next press conference.

    1. I’ve heard plenty of Republicans say that RINOs should be shot.

  10. This is disgusting! Very poor example. He can hang his head in shame with Don, Jr. and other psychopaths.

  11. If Stitt didn’t kill it with his bare hands or f*ck it in the a**, then I’m not interested.

  12. I hope he rots and I don’t mean the bear.

  13. Let’s all hope we don’t have tp “bare” Jethro Junior (Bullstitter) for another term. Looks like he’s out to kill us all with his “no-mask” mandate.

  14. Since when is bear meat edible? Maybe 150 years ago when homesteaders, etc. would eat anything they killed out of necessity, I don’t think making sloppy Smoky the Bears is on any menus.

    1. You’re correct. Bears, being omnivores, are at risk of transmitting trichinosis, the same parasitic infection you get from eating under cooked pork. Modern swine farming has nearly eliminated this risk, as most hogs are feed a corn diet and never leave a concrete slab, however, feral hogs are at risk. So, unless you’re a fan of trichenella cysts in your muscle tissue (also reports of cysts in brain tissue, though not common), I’d have to take a pass on the bear steaks and, for that matter, any feral hogs you might pop.


  15. Bear hunting (harvesting) is a big part of conservation and management of the bear population. It certainly beats when they were almost extinct. A good hunting program that is managed by the state is the best way to prevent that from happening again in the future.

    1. There’s still too few bears to really have a healthy population here. The real reason it’s legal in Oklahoma is because Ken Corn got a bug up his ass about not wanting to have to take basic wildlife precautions like “keep your garbage where animals can’t get to it” and “don’t feed your pets outside”.

      If you want to go hunting, try going after the deer. Without apex predators like bears around to help keep them in check about the only things keeping them in check are folks driving too fast for the conditions around dusk and sunrise.

      1. If you ever see a black bear take a deer down, let me know. LoL!
        Need to bring back cougars for that.

        1. Middle aged women with a taste for younger men are what used to control the deer population? Well, they need to get off their asses and get to work then.

  16. The term “harvesting” implies that the product being “harvested” has some agricultural value. No one eats bear meat. Maybe someone will use the bear’s skin for something. Maybe.

    Too often, hunting enthusiasts use “harvesting” as an euphemism for “killing.” It’s a lot like saying that a car is “pre-owned.”

  17. Is bear edible?

    Even… bearly??

  18. I would have much preferred the “BEAR MAULS then EATS OKLAHOMA GOVERNOR” headline.
    Stitt is such a friggin’ tool.

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