OKC TV news starlets forget to wear masks while frolicking in sun at Lake Arcadia…

As you know, The Lost Ogle is an industry leader when it comes to shaming people on the Internet for not wearing facemasks.

It’s a pretty easy beat to cover in Oklahoma. Thanks to our Governor, Governor’s wife, Kong’s Tavern, OU and OSU Students, Edmond shoppers, the Salon Stalker, and my personal favorite, The Mulleted Marksman, there’s never a shortage of mask-shaming content to sink our teeth into. It’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, only produced in our trademarked scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel type of way.

On that note, we obviously couldn’t turn down the opportunity to shame KFOR’s Peyton Yager, News 9’s Ashley Holden, KFOR’s Jess Bruno and KOCO’s Christine Stanwood – the “Squad” of OKC TV news media – for going maskless while frolicking in the golden-brown water at Lake Arcadia.

Check out this pic. It was shared on Instagram, but for some reason was removed after we hit the publish button:

Wow. Isn’t that infuriating? I’m outraged! Can you believe the nerve of these invincible 20-somethings to prance around at the lake in their swimsuits while not wearing a facemask?! Sure, the combination of sunlight, Oklahoma wind, and the bacteria in Lake Arcadia’s water will kill most Coronavoris molecules on-site, but that’s still totally irresponsible and outrageous. If you happen to have any other photos of this shocking, terrible incident, please, uhm, send them to The Lost Ogle tip-line immediately.

In other news, doesn’t that remind of another famous photo in Lost Ogle history featuring a local media personality in a swimsuit? You know which one I’m talking about:

No, not that one! I’m talking about the one with women in bikinis at the lake!

No, not that one either! Although she should be, Honeybee Taylor does not work in the local media. I’m talking about this one!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Ironically enough, I revisited that famous pink bikini photo back in March when I unofficially kicked off our pandemic coverage. You can read it here.

Anyway, I guess that concludes this round of Lost Ogle mask shaming. Once again, if you have any photos of this terrible incident, or other photos of people not wearing masks that our followers will click on, send them our way.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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9 Responses

  1. Let’s add the Tulsa PD to the photo lineup.

  2. “The chemist Frederic Kipping first coined the term “silicone” to describe compounds he was making and studying in his laboratory. He reasoned that he should be able to make compounds similar to the ones that could be made with carbon and hydrogen, since silicon and carbon shared many similarities. The formal name for describing these compounds was “silicoketone,” which he shortened to silicone.”

    Just in case you wondered what you were looking at.

  3. Either my browser(s) are acting up, or the Instagram pic of the maskless offenders has been removed. Sad. I enjoy looking at attractive women in swimsuits.

    I’m pretty darn careful about mask-wearing and social distancing, but I’ll need to see the photographic evidence before I judge or shame this incident. If it’s anything like the hugging bikini gals in those other two pre-pandemic pictures, then shaming is appropriate.

  4. Stanwood just moved up the pecking order a lot!

  5. Salacious, gratuitous, shameless, something something – Dammit, lost my train of thought again.

  6. Thank God you didn’t drag one up of Eleanor Kamber!!

  7. Betting that area they’re standing in smells like the seattle fish market…imagine the lake smells kinda fishy too!

    1. classy AND clever.

  8. They could have at least had the decency to use their tops as a make shift mask…

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