Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas: 2020 Edition

Halloween 2020 is right around the corner, and with it taking place on a Saturday before a time change during a real-life plague, I don’t think anyone really knows what to do or expect other than scream.

For example, are kids allowed to trick-or-treat? Do you have to wear a facemask over your Halloween mask? Do we still need to worry about razor blades in candy with a deadly virus haunting every corner?

We don’t know the answers to those questions, but we do have some fun current-event themed Oklahoma Halloween Costume ideas that are guaranteed to help you win a costume contest, or get laid after a party. Check them out:

Stitt Blade

Based on Sling Blade, this is a great costume if you’re tall, lurchy and refuse to wear a mask.

Just wear a cheap, gray, button-up work shirt, some navy pants and carry around a pile of books strapped together with a belt. If you go out trick or treating, ask your neighbors if they “have any biscuits for sale in there.” And if you want to make this a couple’s costume, have one person dress up as a black bear.

Dan O., Oil and Gas Safety Consultant

This is a fun one! Grab a silver hard hat and track down a sweatshirt or pullover with patriotic camo sleeves (American flag patch is optional). Wear them like a boss and there you have it – You’re Dan O., Daddy-O!

Also, if you go to a party, make sure to bombard and interrupt people with misleading talking points that distorts Kendra Horn’s voting record anytime they try to watch a YouTube video.

Anyone from Tiger King but Joe Exotic

Here in Oklahoma, we’ve been dressing up like Joe Exotic for Halloween since before it was cool. As a result, pick one of the other zany characters from the show for Halloween. I’d recommend the dude who looked like Jesus, Rick Kirkham or Doc Antle (or one of his wives).

OAN Mike Gundy

From the visor-wearing Mike Gundy who elegantly wondered aloud “Where are we at in society today?” to the mulleted mad-man who pranced around shirtless at Gallagher-Iba arena, Mike Gundy always finds a way to sneak himself into our list of Oklahoma Halloween costume ideas. 2020 is no different. Considering 80% of rural Oklahoma men already have this costume located in the pile of dirty clothes in their closet, I expect it to be very popular this year.

Kendra of the Korn

What’s the only thing scarier than an evil liberal Socialist who votes with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time? How about a demonically possessed conservative Democratic zombie who votes against her party more than almost anyone?

Regardless of their political affiliation, if you want to scare your crazy uncle this Halloween, you need three things to make a Kendra of the Korn costume to really work. They include:

– Blonde Hair or Wig
– Purple Make-Up
– Centrist policies that are labeled as radical and socialist

p.s. – When I made that graphic I thought the Children of Corn were zombies. I should watch more horror movies.

Stephanie Vice (or Dice)

If you want to keep it simple, wear a dice costume and call yourself Stephanie Dice. If you want to take it a step farther, carry around a bag of weed and pint of craft beer and call yourself Stephanie Vice. If you don’t like these either of those options, go with something else like Stephanie Rice, Stephanie Ice or even Stephanie Lice:

Oklahoma Unemployment Office

For this costume, grab a big paper box that you can wear over your body. Write “Oklahoma Unemployment Office” on the front, and if you want extra-credit, color in the weird window-shaped pattern on all four sides. Next, make a super long paper chain that’s shaped like little people and tape them around the box multiple times.

Abby Boils

For this costume, wear a witch hat and strap a black cauldron around your body. And if you want to take the pun to an even higher level, apply fake skin boils to your face.

Jim Inhofe

Super easy. Order a Crypt Keeper mask and you’re all set!

Anyone from Watchman

Now that we have a real-life comic book adaptation series actually set in Oklahoma, it’s never been easier to have a cool Oklahoma-themed Halloween costume. I’d suggest Looking Glass, Sister Knight or Clark Matthews’ personal favorite – Lube Man!

Hey, a Clark Matthews reference!

Kelsey Kernstine

In addition to free candy, one of the best things about Halloween is that it gives women the opportunity and excuse to dress up in a hot costume. If that’s you’re goal, simple dress up as News 9 morning traffic reporter / social media influencer Kelsey Kernstine! Here are some different wardrobe options from her Instagram:

If you do happen to dress up as Kelsey Kernstine, or any of the other people on this list, send us photo. Also, be sure to share your Halloween costume ideas in the comments.

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9 Responses

  1. Dan O is the typical safety dweeb. Not wearing his hearing protection or an H2S monitor but happily telling us how we’re doing it wrong.

  2. If you’re going as Kelsey be sure to say the word “guys” five times in every sentence.

  3. Ok, so I keep hearing this 90,000 oil and gas jobs on stephanie bice’s ad. I’ve been wondering where they came up with that number. It cites to a Politico article on 8/27/2020. However, the only place that number comes up is Chad Warmington, chair of the Oklahoma state chamber of commerce claiming there are 90,000 oil and gas jobs in the state. It’s not a politico article confirming that number. Warmington is already anti-Kendra. Is there any third party verification of this number?

    1. Meh, even if it’s accurate, I feel like we already have over 220,000 reasons and counting to not vote for a single Republican this year

    2. Compare that 90k to the number of Oklahomans employed in state government, federal government, healthcare, aerospace, and financial industries. You’ll see how minuscule Oil and Gas is and how desperate they are to try to maintain influence, power, and control in state. O&G needs to take a look in the mirror and realize they themselves are the dinosaur and they are going extinct.

      1. Well, that’s part of my point in asking the question. The number seems significantly inflated particularly after you look at all the lay offs and the falling numbers of active wells in the state. That, of course, has to do with the increase of alternative fuel sources, less travel due to the virus, and increased supplies. And not due to Kendra Horn voting to limit oil and gas production on federal properties including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. That may impact shareholder dividends, but not Oklahoma jobs.

  4. “Dan O” is actor. I like how he’s checking the bolts on a pipe connection with his bare hands. And wearing ear bling on the job site.

    1. Goddern them libbrul’ anti-oil job pantywaists. “Book em’, Dan O” !!

  5. To the adults going out for parties – Do yourself a favor and leave out the blackface makeup. Your picture/history never dies on the interwebs.

    Way to go Patrick – Hot girl Friday comes early. I didn’t check the byline at first; I assumed it was Haley, until I got to Kelsey’s pictures. Went back and checked. Yep, Patrick.

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