Cannibalistic Black Market Castrators Arrested In Eastern Oklahoma…

Here’s a story from Oklahoma that even Joe Exotic would think is nuts! Earlier this week, the happily married couple pictured above – Bobby Lee Allen, 53, and Thomas Evans Gates, 42 – were arrested after they botched a “surgical procedure” at their makeshift black-market castration clinic located in the backwoods of eastern Oklahoma. That […]

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Oklahoma voters tricked into texting a male escort service…

Watch out, my fellow Oklahomans! Last week, voters across the state received a mysterious message from an organization insinuating to be affiliated with the Oklahoma State Election Board. The text claimed that the recipient’s polling place had changed. But as it turns out, when the messenger wanted to make sure voters were sliding it in […]

Me Vasa Es Su Vasa: The Viral Pleasures of Working Out Once Again

I am overweight. I know this. I live with this. And I always have. Growing up, my father would become suddenly violent and constantly hurt me with his words and fists; when he was finally finished, I would always waddle to the fat-filled sanctuary of various foodstuffs that I had hidden to find what little […]