Did Brian Maughan destroy his own campaign signs?

Last week, Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan – the Red Lobster fanboy who, just like Lacey Lett, owns a burgandy OCCC Alumni Hall of Fame blazer – sent a postcard to every voter in his district seeking help in finding the “thugs” who were allegedly vandalizing the obnoxiously huge campaign signs he hammers into any […]

5 Most Annoying Oklahoma Political Ads

Happy Monday, my fellow Oklahomans! We are only 8 days away from the election, which means we only have to withstand approximately 192 more hours of political campaign ads before we are again free to be willfully ignorant of our own government’s misdoings. As a registered independent in this great state, I am sick of […]

5 tips on how to wine and dine during the pandemic

Most of us have been holed up for months now. It’s kinda like being in jail, but the snacks are better at least. We’ve reached the end of the tv series that we’ve been binge-watching, running out of movies to watch, bored out of our brains and desperate for social contact. But guess what – […]