Lost Ogle Show: Oklahoma’ish Halloween Movies w/ Louis Fowler

Last Friday, before Icetober 2020 unleashed a wet, frozen, tree-destroying hell on central Oklahoma, Marisa and I welcomed our very own Louis Fowler back to The Lost Ogle Show! We spent some time catching up, talked about Louis’ health and cannibal castrators, and then took a deep dive into some scary, Oklahoma-centric movies you can […]

TLO rocked by Icetober 2020!!!

If you’re reading this on a laptop or desktop computer, congrats! You probably have power, Internet and heat inside your home or office– three important things that, oh, about 75% – 100% of the TLO writing team is currently doing without. Yes, Icetober 2020 has hit the TLO team hard. As a result, we may […]