TLO rocked by Icetober 2020!!!

If you’re reading this on a laptop or desktop computer, congrats! You probably have power, Internet and heat inside your home or office– three important things that, oh, about 75% – 100% of the TLO writing team is currently doing without.

Yes, Icetober 2020 has hit the TLO team hard. As a result, we may be taking things slow around here as we tend to more pressing matters, like dodging frozen tree limbs, shaking out old blankets, and trying to figure out which friend or family member’s couch to sleep on, during a global pandemic.

Anyway, please by dry, safe and not dumb during the ice storm. If you want to contribute to our sauna fund, do so here. We hope to be back writing stuff for the Internet soon!

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7 Responses

  1. Every time I say 2020 can’t get any worse it taps me on the shoulder and says, “Hold my beer”.

    1. yup

  2. if you’re without heat, I suggest you generate some by foregoing safe social distancing.

  3. My best wishes to everyone who lost power. It’s a stark reminder to not take our comforts for granted, and to be thankful to have so many compassionate people all around us. Oklahoma is somewhat unique in its compassion and I am certainly thankful for that.

  4. Over here near the Arkansas border, we saw video of the Western ice storm on Tulsa TV. It looks horrible. It even made the national news along with the fires in California and Colorado.

    We can empathize easily because we lost power for 13 days after a very bad ice storm in about 2007. They practically had to rebuild the whole grid out here. At least we had a wood stove for a bit of heat. And we got a generator afterwards, since unused except for maintenance.

    I hope that you all get power back a lot faster than that. Like today.

    1. I miss the olden days when it used to snow out here in western Oklahoma. Now it’s nothing but an apocalyptic ice storm every 2-3 years. And this time the ice storm occurred after a 47-day stretch of not a drop of rain.

  5. At this point in time, in 2020, I would not be the least bit surprised if one of those volcanoes out west of Boise City blew up and started spewing killer ash and lava.

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