6 months into Stitt’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” plan… and less safe than ever.

Like Michael Scott starting a sentence, sometimes it looks like Governor Stitt starts a policy and doesn’t even know where it’s going. Back in April, Stitt and his government implemented the “Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) Plan,” which was supposed to look like this:

However, if his plan actually matched up with the state’s actions, the four intentions would really be:

  1. Based on presidential modeling and ignoring public health experts.
  2. Intended to ignore the fact of resurgence.
  3. Intended to sacrifice Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens for the benefit of the economy.
  4. Intended for the Governor to use to pretend like he’s actually doing his job.

The plan implemented a phased system of reopening the state for commerce and gatherings. Being that we are officially six months into the OURS Plan, we thought it would be a great idea to look back and reflect on how the state faired in each of the three phases. Let’s start with Phase 1…

Phase 1 of the OURS Plan: April 24th to May 15th

As of April 24th, Oklahoma had 3,121 cases of COVID-19 with a 7-day rolling average of 76.4 new cases per day. In phase 1, personal care facilities, such as spas and salons, as well as entertainment venues, including restaurants, theaters, and gyms, were allowed to reopen. Churches were also allowed to open at this time. Social distancing, shelter-in-place for vulnerable Oklahomans, and masks were all encouraged, but nothing was ever mandated by the Governor’s office. At this point, In the 3 weeks of phase 1, cases of COVID-19 rose by nearly 2,000 and we lost 91 Oklahomans to the virus. But if it was safe enough for Mrs. Stitt to visit Target with no mask and shoes that were way too small, the curve was flat enough to continue with phase 2.

Phase 2 of the OURS Plan: May 15th to June 1st

As of May 15th, Oklahoma had 5,086 cases of COVID-19 with a rolling average of 87.1 new cases per day. In this phase, bars reopened with proper social distancing standards and large gatherings such as sporting events and weddings, were allowed to take place. Again, social distancing, shelter-in-place for vulnerable Oklahomans, and masks were all encouraged, but nothing was ever mandated by the Governor’s office. During this time, COVID-19 cases rose by only 1,487 cases. In Stitt’s defense, the curve was looking pretty flat at this time, though it wasn’t necessarily decreasing. Which makes no damn sense as to why we moved on to phase 3.

Phase 3 of the OURS Plan: June 1st and Beyond

As of June 1st, Oklahoma had 6,573 cases of COVID-19, with a rolling average of 75.3 new cases per day. In this final phase, businesses were able to resume the day-to-day grind with unrestricted staffing protocols. Within 30 days of phase 3 opening up, cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma more than doubled to 14,112 cases and the rolling average increased to 490.1 new cases per day. You would think at this point the Governor would decide to roll back on reopening, like he seemed to insinuate the state was prepared to do. But I guess Stitt had to make sure the state was open enough to host President Trump’s campaign rally.


As of Saturday, Oklahoma has had 136,258 cases with a rolling daily average of now over 2,000. Our hospitals are overflowing and last month we had exactly zero ICU beds available in the metro at one point. Oklahoma is currently 4th in the nation for COVID-related hospitalizations per 100,000 people and we lost over 300 Oklahoma lives to COVID-19 last month alone. The OURS Plan stated that before moving to a new phase or to keep from rolling back, hospitalizations will be at a manageable level. At this point, the OURS Plan seems to keep hospitalizations manageable by allowing Oklahomans to die.

Refusing to implement any statewide mask or shelter-in-place mandates has not only led to the White House Coronavirus Task Force to call us out multiple times, but also, I don’t know, might have contributed to the loss of over 1,200 Oklahomans who have died from the virus since phase 1 of reopening. For a guy who encourages Oklahomans to take “personal responsibility” for stopping the spread of COVID-19, Stitt hasn’t taken much personal responsibility as governor to implement any worthwhile response to the pandemic.

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72 Responses

  1. Well said!!!!!

  2. So what’s our mortality rate here right now? I’ll tell you. 1.055% based on known cases. Of course, for an online dweller such as yourself, sheltering-in-place is your defacto mode of operation. Everyone else has a living to make and mouths to feed. Some good vaccine news this morning (was Trump onto something all along?) will, hopefully, allow us to move forward.
    Also, how come cases are skyrocketing when everyone is running around in their masks? Was fauci correct in February, after all?

    1. I heard that Pfizer withheld its good news about the vaccine until after the election was settled, so as not to help President Trump’s re-election chances. The bastards.

      Auntie, feel free to congregate with large numbers of other maskless people as much as you like. It’s your right and your freedom.

    2. Unfortunately Aunt Ifa, everyone in not running around in mask, many refuse to wear them even whet signs are posted on the doors of businesses, other simply have their mouth covered,nose out which is akin to not wearing a mask. In addition to the failure of a large percentage of people not wearing masks, the number of wedding/funerals/gatherings of over 25 people have skyrocketed. The gatherings have be contact traced to contributing a large percentage to the recent increase. The continued large attendance sporting events such as OU/OSU/High School football games also has contributed. while you list the mortality rate of only 1.055%, I hope you don’t have to bury someone in that “low” percentage.
      My family has lost a member (not aged and not of special risk group) and our friends lost their 20 something child. So yes, please keep bashing any and everything that science in other countries and states have proven helps prevent the spread. It’s pretty incredible that something as simple as wearing a mask has became such a “freedom” issue……….especially when the mask doesn’t prevent you from getting as much as preventing it from you giving it to someone else.

      1. I apologize for the abundant typos-new keyboard and I’m a bad typist.

      2. Lol apparently those people celebrating Biden “win” didn’t get this memo…Are you channeling your own inner Joe Biden by pointing at the empty chairs at the table? I never minimized the deaths, but statistics don’t lie (or do they?). For vast majority of people, this is not the end of the world, no matter how much fear-mongering you do.

        1. It’s not all about the death rate, there are horrible side-effects that can sometimes last a very long time and make life hell and possibly shorten that life, even if it doesn’t outright end it quickly.

          1. I thought you were TLO’s cuck specialist. You also moonlight as part-time M.D.? How do you know these damages are life-long?

            1. According to the Mayo Clinic, scans in people who have had Covid have revealed scar tissue in the heart and lungs, even when the Covid symptoms were mild. This can put people at risk of heart and lung failure later in life. There’s also evidence that Covid can cause brain damage (and the brain doesn’t heal the same way the rest of the body) and predisposes people to strokes. Like many things with these disease, we don’t really know who is affected in this way and why yet.

              But that’s just according to doctors and researchers who study it. They may not have as much clout as a real estate agent and failed steak purveyor.

            2. no one knows yet, it’s a novel virus to the human species. Some day the guys in the lab coats will better understand the long term health implications. It’s called science. Until then and a vaccine, I’m masking up and steering well clear of dumb%$#! trumpsters who struggled to pass high school biology yet think they’re smarter than the world’s foremost epidemiologist.

            3. I can read, understand, and agree with articles about science with big words in them, unlike a vast amount of people in this country.

        2. Of course the people that weren’t wearing masks nor social distancing at Biden’s event are included, why wouldn’t they be? It was stupid and irresponsible of all those involved. The virus can’t tell what party you affiliated with.
          I don’t appreciate your channeling Biden comment or the LOL regarding people that have died in my family, I’m all for a good debate, trash talking, raw humor, but even for you that was low.

          No one’s fear mongering, you want to use statistics and facts to support your statement it’s not the end of the world based upon deaths alone, but there are so many people who have other long standing effects from the illness. So because there are ways to curtail and reduce deaths/illness its fear mongering and inconvenient to you so we shouldn’t do it?

          Wow you are certainly a piece of work. Thanks for letting me know we go bare knuckles from here on in, nothings off the table, let’s dance.

          1. My “lol” was aimed at the crowds of those liberals that, like you, have been bashing every one else for not wearing masks and participating in large gatherings (remember those “superspreader” trump events?). Hypocrites. That was a given, tho.
            My channeling Biden comment was due to your fear-mongering by referencing anecdotal experience. Again, I am not minimizing your personal experience, but that’s not how this works, hence my clear reference of statistical data points. Somebody once said that a death of one is a tragedy, but of a million a statistic. Sad, but true. Don’t act like you’re the only person on here that ever lost a loved one.
            I also didn’t know your gloves were still on. Bare knuckle fighting is actually safer than boxing, sweetie.

            1. First stop applying things others have said to me, I never said only Trump events were super spreader events, and I was critical of the Biden event as well. Do not call me a Liberal, I’m a registered Republican “for now” and that’s just a name calling tactic (which you seem to resort to those who disagree with you-i.e., calling someone a “cuck”)not relevant to the discussion.
              I did not even hint I was the only who lost someone, only saying the statistics you mention don’t change the pain of those going to the funerals of friends and family, Since you’re so into statistics, what if by wearing masks it just saved 1 or 10 lives? Not much to ask in my opinion. And that’s not fear mongering that is consideration.

              Yes bare knuckle fighting is safer than boxing with gloves due to the distribution of force from a glove versus that of bare fist, I was using it as a figure of speech, I’ll be more accurate in the future.

            2. Actually, never called anyone on here a “cuck”. Brian came into another thread trying to show his alleged right-wing lingo prowess, so I’m just poking some fun at him. You might be a registered Repub, that’s fine. I was a registered dem until very recently. This is clearly a left-wing blog, and you’re one of the posters that is on here very frequently, from what I can tell, so good is calling you a lib offensive?
              What does the pain of those who lost people have to do with our strategy as a country moving forward? (Sounds cold,I know) Your chances of drying in a car crash are 1 in 106 (a little lower than drying from corona) yet every single person on here does it multiple times a day.

            3. When driving a car was much more dangerous than it is now, we passed laws and regulations to make cars safer, and people mostly began to follow them, so car fatalities decreased.

              When we talk about mandating masks to make Covid less deadly, we get people marching up and down Walmart yelling at workers who tell them to wear masks because of “freedom!”

              No one is saying Covid is the most deadly thing ever to sweep the nation, but our death toll from it is way higher than it needs to be because of our very poor response to it and the general selfishness of other people.

            4. Fa, I agree with you about the relative wimpiness of this virus, as opposed to the black death, for instance, which probably killed way over 25% of Europe’s population – maybe even more than once. This one might eventually get up to .1% of the U.S. population, and most of those will be elderly, like myself. Some 25% of deaths are in nursing homes, I believe. We’ll just have to see whether there are widespread long term health problems for those who survive it. Damaged lung tissue regenerates for most people after such insults.
              The pain and sorrow from those deaths that is hitting all those households does not make those statistics any more comforting however. I understand pain and sorrow; my whole family is dead, albeit not from COVID.
              You sound superficially educated enough to understand that hypocrisy is a thoroughly human trait. With politicians it is especially visible. Calling it out in the other side is a vacuous, tiresome game to engage in. But you revel in spending a lot of time on a site that does not fit with your world view, spewing insults about such low hanging fruit. I’m a little bit that way myself, but Fa, you may be revealing more of yourself than you know by your willingness to spend so much time doing your smart little Goebbels impression.
              But what I cannot understand is how anybody with three brain cells to rub together would actually want this man Trump to continue as president. However much you despise the looniness of some of the left, however much you are uninspired by Biden and fear some of the policies he might propose, gawd, have you ever made yourself watch an entire Trump press conference or a rally? He is so obviously unhinged, so obviously a vindictive megalomaniac, that it should just frighten the shit out of you.

            5. interesting. You’re calling me out for “spewing” invents, while loading your own message full of them? Like your boy likes to say, “c’mon, man!” Looks like half the country (of actual living souls) is on my side. Cheers.

            6. And MORE THAN half the country was on the DEM side in 2016 but that didn’t matter because of the electoral college remember? Now you’re on that side you want to tout “half the country is on your side”, math point, your half is over 4 million less than the Dems half.
              Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good zinger there.

        3. Not to mention the medical bills acquired for those that don’t (and those that do) have health insurance. We can’t all just hop on our private plane and fly on down the best healthcare there is to offer.

          1. Or ride in a personal helicopter, which is always at your personal disposal, to the hospital, that’s owned by the Marine Corps.

        4. Aunt ifa for the vast majority of self centered helicopter children the needless suffering of others is “not the end of the world” because it won’t affect them. Please remember your bullshit smug little lumpy hannity infused attitude when you crawl in your car, buckle your government mandated, highly restrictive seat belt to go about your everyday affairs because you just know in your self centered little brain that belt, unlike a mask, will most likely save you instead of the other guy. You must idolize the likes of a stitt or trump because you admire the “inner bitch” they possess.

    3. Nobody is saying don’t reopen you moron.

      Wear a mask and social distance at your establishment.
      I’ll assume you’re a Trump ballwasher.

    4. Your orange daddy is dead in the water…so find the way back to your cave and let the educated of this once great country take care of what your FAT daddy hero screwed up in the most prolific way possible! You “people” have had your 15 minutes now its time for ALL of you TRAITORS to crawl back under whatever scum you call home!

    5. My goodness. A one percent DEATH rate is acceptable? I suppose a statistic mentioned by itself could sound convincing, unfortunately she fails to mention the INFECTION rate. As we were warned when dunderheads were comparing this to the flu, COVID is 10 times more deadly and 3 times for contagious.

      She can justify 1200+ deaths which can double with a couple months? The disease is being spread exponentially. So it’s more like one percent of 2 then to 4, 16, 256, 65536, 4200000+

      Masks and distancing saves lives. No person has a right to infect another. We are in this situation because: 1) Trump adm did not protect our borders and allowed the disease to penetrate through the entire country ; 2) Trump adm did not have adequate testing to stop the spread, to contact trace and isolate, and we will don’t; 3) Trump adm failed to provide necessary PPP to protect medical and essential workers, this in the context of our country with no mandatory sick leave or universal healthcare; 4) Trump adm failed to provide guidance on best practices to safely open the economy.

      These failures have made the US among the very worst countries in the world for deaths and infections.

      There was a mention that Trump was on the tight track regarding a vaccine. Of course Pharma was working on vaccines. Everyone know that. It might be noted that Pfizer partnered with German financing and opted out of working with Trump adm “Warp Speed”; therefore, Trump was allowed no political advantage.

  3. Real Oklahomans hate being pushed around by politically-correct wimps. We resent bitterly being required to wear seat belts in our cars, helmets when we ride our hogs, and to stop playing with our phones while we drive. All of those things are required by law, but do we pay attention? Hell no! It’s all socialist nanny-state bullcrap. The West wasn’t won with a registered gun, because undesirable critters had to be moved out by any means necessary. Bandanna masks were only worn by bank robbers and by cowpokes trying not to choke on dust. It was a time of little or no government when men were free!

    Of course I’m being snarky in the previous paragraph, but there’s quite a bit of truth there. Our libertarian-ish governor wants to appear to be doing something about the pandemic while actually encroaching on our “freedoms” as little as possible. It isn’t working out very well, is it? Guess we aren’t into personal responsibility as much as we are our personal “freedoms.” Who knew?

    On a somewhat unrelated subject, it was announced today that HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson has COVID-19. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

    Carson attended the election night party where White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and nearly every other attendee was not wearing a mask. Meadows and four others in Trump’s orbit subsequently tested positive last week. (CNN)

    1. But everywhere you look you see someone saying how Oklahomans “care for each other?” Seems a mask is more of a community effort for the good of all and especially those who are more likely to die from COVID. I suppose picking up tree limbs in somebodies yard after a tornado is a little easier to relate to than a mask stopping the spread of a virus during a pandemic.
      We’ve even lost track of the simple business end of the mask equation. A 3.00$ mask or who knows how much a day in the hospital?
      I listened to all the gopers laughing when Oklahoma had a handful of cases. The worst is obviously yet to come, thanks entirely to gop leadership.

  4. Murrah Building bombing, 1995: 168 people dead. Horrible tragedy.

    COVID-19, Oklahoma, last month: over 300 people dead. Meh. Whaddya gonna do?

    1. How many dead from other illnesses since? I’m surprised they haven’t cut your internet off yet in Europe. Must not be serious enough about lockdowns there yet.

      1. Apples to oranges, how many other deaths easy to prevent by wearing a mask, social distancing and not having a fucking big party? IF wearing a mask would prevent cancer we would have them welded onto our face at birth and be glad to do it.

        You’re that person that if you don’t want to do it, or don’t support it, you’ll find any and all reason (regardless if it is relevant) not to do it. Even if I wasn’t totally convinced wearing a mask would help, I would do it just in case I was wrong so that I wouldn’t inadvertently harm someone else, it’s a minor inconvenience, not an infringement on my freedom.

        1. You’re making way too many assumptions, cap. Way too many. Typical, tho.

          1. From a person who’s every post is either an assumption or calls someone a name/issues an insult, or is a childish retort like “nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in do do”.

            So what’s your suggestion, we ignore the virus? Just wait it out, stop testing, stop wearing masks, it’s just the flu, all I see you do is say “stop fear mongering”, “this isn’t a big deal based upon death rates”, what is your answer? All you do is mock others but never says what you think should be done? Let’s hear your words of wisdom.

            1. Protect the most vulnerable and everyone else gets back to work. What is yours?

            2. And how do you protect the most vulnerable while everyone else is back to work? (of course here in Oklahoma, as far as I can tell other than some bars most people are and have been back to work). How do you categorize the most vulnerable, who decides?

              I bet your plan to decrease auto deaths is “drive better”.

              My plan is I’m not an expert, so my plan would be to listen to and observe what the science and proven tactics can produce and do that.

              Do you work? are you out of work, retired?

              I haven’t missed a day of work since the Covid began, so that won’t help me anymore than it already has.

            3. I don’t claim to be an expert either, just injecting some rational thought into this emotion-driven conversation. All I can tell you is, we have a good example from our friends on the east coast of what not to do to those who are most vulnerable.

              “How do you categorize the most vulnerable, who decides?”

              I’d assume the same people you trust to make decisions on how you envision we get thru this.

              “My plan is I’m not an expert, so my plan would be to listen to and observe what the science and proven tactics can produce and do that.”

              Proven tactics when dealing with a novel virus? Just go on record and say we need lockdowns, at least that would be more honest. Shall I remind you what our country’s top epidemiologist thought of wearing masks 9 months ago?

              I’ve been blessed. Have you checked in with your local small business people (especially dining ones) to see how they’re doing? The ones that depend on traffic of those people that no longer physically work from their offices. Go ahead, ask around.

            4. “I’ve been blessed” means “I don’t want to say”.
              Wife owns a salon in Norman, I also own part of a small retail business in the midtown/plaza area. Was part owner of a restaurant now permanently closed-I’m still personally paying 2 of the employees now that the unemployment benefits have ended.
              So don’t say “I’ve been blessed” then tell me or anyone to check in on small business.

            5. I am only saying to do so, because I also have some first-hand experience with this. How do you take that as being offensive? Having people go out there and see what this pandemic is doing to local businesses and have conversations is bad?
              I honestly do not owe you any explanation for my own personal situation. Everything said here is on a voluntary basis, last I checked.

          2. A so called independent think they have the right to whine about anything that happens as though they know better, while the entire time they just can’t quite see the difference between a Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Just don’t quite get the little nuances.
            However there is one thing the auntifas of the world do know how to do better than any human being on the planet: Form circular firing squads.

  5. “Let em eat cake!” Shitt said.
    As they drop like flies in the streets.

  6. Not to mention 6% adult ICU availability on the day before OKC sends all its kids back to school. Maybe we wait until it hits zero, and we have an Italy type crisis, before we do better. https://okomes.cloud.looker.com/embed/dashboards-next/18

    1. Italy was poorly setup to deal with just normal flu (look it up). Their aging population didn’t help either. Do you guys get off on fear-mongering?

      1. Okla obesity, diabetes, smoker rates not exactly the picture of health. With 50-100 daily covid hospitalizations what happens when that adult ICU bed availability hits zero?

        1. Trump sent a ship to nyc that they never used. We’ll have to get creative if that were to happen. I’m no stitt supporter, so those are the questions him and others in power will have to think through.

    2. Not to worry. There must be 3 dozen closed hospitals all over the state. For example Mooreland has a hospital right on the highway! Probably been closed for 25 years or so but Hell, it still has windows and I’d bet OG&E could power that sucker up in no time. Push the racoons to one end then the homeless and COVIDS could share the other.
      Like stittttttttt said: This state has plenty of hospital rooms.
      Probably should have the turkey bologna with fries at home alone for Thanksgiving.

  7. Shall I type it?

    “Personal responsibility” as defined by the governor is “you’re own your own”. If you haven’t been able to understand that within the last six months I don’t know what we can do to help you.

    When Stitt took office, his thought was he would simply send a few kickbacks to his buddies in Tulsa, not rock the boat, and the majority of Oklahomans would be nary the wiser. He wasn’t prepared to actually “lead”. He definitely wasn’t expecting to have to lead during a once in a 100 years health crisis. He’s flailing in the wind because on one hand he has a major pandemic that is filling hospitals to capacity rates, but he doesn’t want to upset his major contributors by actually doing anything to help mitigate this (and I don’t mean shutting things down.)

    Here’s another thing- I know of quite a few health practitioners that are acquaintances and friends of acquaintances that haven’t taken this seriously either. They are out and about in social situations (gyms, parties, weddings, etc) not wearing masks and putting their fellow healthcare workers at risk when they come in on Mondays.

    On top of this, we have the ignorance of rural Oklahoma and their fear of having their “freedums” encroached upon. Perhaps we should not allow citizens from non-mask mandated areas access to healthcare facilities and doctors in areas where a mask mandate has been implemented. Seems fair. If they won’t bother to take simple precautions, why should we allow them to overload the hospitals of places that are taking this seriously?

    1. We have witnessed health care professionals not wear masks or distance themselves from others.

  8. Takes a lot of cheek to praise-up the death and illness rate.

    1. Who said that, Jim?

  9. For all the uneducated people who still tout the adage of only a low percent of death rate, This disease is robbing years off the lives of many people. Sure a lot of these people have underlying illness but for Covid19, they would still be alive today. I honestly hope no one has to go through the lonely loss of a loved one because of this disease. All the while knowing you didn’t do everything to protect your family and relatives. Just because a few cities have a mask mandate doesn’t mean the majority are wearing them. And the flu argument: has anyone ever heard of having 0% hospital availability because of the flu? Just wear the mask and don’t go to crowded areas. How hard is it to do the minimum?

  10. The scariest part of this disease is the sort of randomness of it. Yes, the typical populations are at risk, but it also seems to randomly strike even healthy people with significant severity and even death. I think we know more about it than we did earlier this year, and maybe have a better path for mitigating risks, but the crowd that wants to pretend this was just fear-mongering for political gain don’t seem to care a whole lot about the real cases here.

    And, let’s be honest, if everyone was acting properly and wasn’t ignoring advice under the guise of “freedom” then we’d likely be in a much better spot today.

  11. Lots of people are saying “There are long term health consequences or it’s taking years off their lives.” How do we know this about a virus that has been around less than a year. I tested positive 2 weeks ago. I was sick. I liken it to a really bad cold. Obviously every case is different. I wear a mask, social distance, rarely go out unless necessary and literally carry sanitizer in my pocket. I’m also in the “high risk” category. (I’m old) None of those precautions prevented me from catching Covid. I have recovered and will continue every safest precaution as a courtesy to others. If it makes others feel more comfortable, I’m all for it. Even a flimsy layer of protection is better than nothing for a virus we still know little about. That’s my 2 pennies.

    1. Doctors and medical researchers have been studying it ever since it arrived. They’ve done tests and examinations on people who have had it and have found some troubling findings that are associated with long-term health risks. Does that mean everyone who has it has complications? Of course not, we’ll know more as we study it more. But like a lot of diseases, there are bound to be lingering effects that go well beyond the symptoms of the disease.

      1. I’m yet to hear any kind of thoughts on what you think should be done. Are we going on lockdown with Joe? I mean, that’s been his natural habitat the past year or so. I’m surprised none of the doctors here mentioned the hidden victims of covid (suicides, homicides, domestic abuse, etc.).

        1. Doctors do mention things like that, and there are a lot of medical downsides to being locked down (during the most extreme phase of locking down, some people with serious medical conditions couldn’t get treatment for that, which was really crappy for those people involved). At first, when we knew nothing about the disease, it was sort of necessary to get a handle on things.

          As for what we should do? There is no option for proceeding that doesn’t hurt. There just isn’t. Pandemics are always going to hurt socially and economically, and even if someone had all the answers, which no one days, we’re always going to be trying to guess what’s going to hurt more in the long run. We know that the whole laizze faire approach doesn’t work, in either promoting herd immunity or decreasing the economic bleeding. We’ve seen that tried and failed spectacularly elsewhere. So any option that leads to more people dying while still screwing the economy royally should be off the table from the start.

          The bare minimum is enforced mask mandates. When a mask mandate was instituted in Arizona last week, new cases dropped by 75%. Places with mask mandates have decreased spread compared to places without them in Oklahoma. The only reason doctors don’t speak out more on that is because politics have turned people against them en masse and there are a lot of idiots that will refuse to do something solely because they’re told to, because they’re idiots.

          Reopening should have proceeded more slowly. It was extremely harmful economically, but it was working. If we’d all done it for two weeks and actually taken it seriously, we’d likely be on the other side of it by now. But we didn’t because we always value short-term economic numbers over long-term economic numbers, so now we should base our state of opening on how cases are progressing. If a mask mandate decreases new cases as drastically in Oklahoma as elsewhere, then we can probably remain in our current state of opening. If it doesn’t, then we probably would have to look more at shutting down certain things again.

          And yes, Joe Biden says he would promote lockdowns if experts suggested that, and he has been aggressively promoting it in campaign events. If Trump had done the same, Herman Cain would probably still be alive.

          1. So you’re saying that herd immunity failed “spectacularly”? How about Sweden then? Cared to look at their numbers lately? Cases are up there as well, but nothing like they were in the beginning.

            As far as mask mandates are concerned (one week doesn’t a trend make, however), I might give you that, but good luck getting every governor on board with that. I’m still skeptical about the actual mask efficacy, given, like I said above, majority of places already require one to wear them.

            Why do you keep coming back to Herman? He was a grown man, capable of making his own decisions, no? I’m not saying Trump had the best response to this (you do have to give him credit for multiple things, tho), but I highly doubt Joe’s response would’ve been any better, given he was in office during the swine flu that, thank God, was a lot less fatal.

          2. I point out Herman Cain because you point out how Biden has responded to this. Trump did the exact opposite, and there were consequences to it. Cain was the most high profile (and trust me, I liked Cain, I don’t like that he died), but there were other Trump supporters that died.

            The fact that governor’s aren’t on board is why this has been as bad as it has been. We’re so blinded by the short term economic damage that we let ourselves get crushed by a pandemic that we should have been able to handle if we were willing to take the early beating. Now we have the early beating and we’re far from being in the clear, precisely because of governor’s like Stitt.

            As far as Sweden goes, they don’t look better. They had the highest mortality rate in the world at one point (with absolutely no economic gain for it). They had a lull over the summer, and now they’re being hit really hard with a second wave. They haven’t changed their strategy at all, so it will be an interesting case study, but you shouldn’t look to them as proof that they’ve achieved herd immunity when they categorically have not when you look at the numbers.

            1. I’m sure there were and are Joe supporters that are dying (that’s why I pointed out the celebrations in the streets). We can play this tit for tat indefinitely. I’m just nowhere near sold that Joe would do any better. He did bash Trump for shutting Chinese routes down, that’s not debatable (no matter what “he” tells you now).

              I looked at the wrong chart on Sweden. Cases are up significantly, just like everywhere in the world, but their death rate is in single digits pet day vs triple digits in April. We are currently #10 on the death per 1m population list, Sweden is #18, ahead of many larger European countries that did have shutdowns.

            2. There are definitely democrats dying in places, but unless Biden held giant rallies in arenas and openly told his supporters that it wasn’t a big deal and they don’t have to take it seriously, it’s not a real comparison. We’re talking about how they’re treating the virus and fighting/proposing to fight it, not what independent adults do on their own.

              Trump shutting down travel was a good move. Him intentionally downplaying it and pushing us to re-open quickly was such an awful move that overshadows the good completely. We don’t know how Biden would have reacted, how much of his early actions were being contrarian for political purposes or so forth and how much were genuine. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have had the push for opening that Trump did.

              Sweden’s new death totals are low, but so are other countries in their region. Their death rate is still double that of many other countries in their region (Which is the best indicator to compare how effective they’ve been given how different populations can be throughout a continent). And despite them being fully open, they gained absolutely no economic benefits from it, so those deaths didn’t even benefit the country as a whole. Unless something huge changes in the coming months, we should never look to Sweden as a positive for how to handle the strategy, because their strategy likely cost them several thousand lives with nothing to show for it.

            3. “…and openly told his supporters that it wasn’t a big deal and they don’t have to take it seriously…”

              Could you point me to a source where I can read this? Preferably not cnn.

              The jury is out on Sweden, so we’ll wait and see, just like all this other speculation.

            4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNpr7_iRHa8&ab_channel=WashingtonPost



              And, lastly, here’s the audio where Trump himself says that he downplayed it to “avert panic.”


              The jury may be out in Sweden, just because we don’t have crystal balls, but as of right now, as the first year nears a close, there’s been absolutely no advantages whatsoever to their strategy. None.

            5. Krak-most likely you won’t get a response from Aunt Ifa regarding your proof of the POS POTUS saying those things, OR if you get a response it will be “yeah, but that’s fake news” or “your a Lost Ogle Cuck”. She’s only interested in facts that support her position.

  12. And when Stitt caught the Covid, he made the point of announcing that he felt great! I guess if you are a Millionaire and can get the finest health care available then you would feel great now wouldn’t you! Not everyone has that Luxury.

  13. No one cared enough to wear a mask at senator prune face’s spreader watch party in Tulsa. “Naw, wearin’ masks, that’s a Democrat thing”, the upside-down old shithead’s aide told a TV reporter.

    It’s goddamned maddening. Refucklican meanness is killing us !

  14. Memo to Don the Con=The only thing worse than a loser is a sore loser.

  15. BOTTOM TEN STATE! Unbelievable the idiotic responses by the deniers here and elsewhere. I shudder to think how bad it would have to get to get the attention of “Aunt Ifa” and other morons.

    1. Chill your nuts, Jim. Bottom 10 in what? Stay in Illinois and keep your trap shut.

  16. If we haven’t figured it out by now, then we’re all just plain dumb. The narcissist in-charge, along with the other narcs he’s put in charge of our state agencies dealing with the health and human service issues of our population likely isn’t going to admit that OURS and the other wastes of life and money are big FAILURES. Right now, as we speak, millions of Federal funds intended to help our population with the COVID pandemic are being wasted on favors to friends and ignorant and unnecessary websites that benefit no one but the folks that are getting paid. Four years of this crap is enough.

  17. IIRC, 9 months ago – Dr Fauci advised not wearing a mask because there weren’t enough masks for medical personnel caring for COVID patients.

    It is disingenuous to act as though this is confusing – pretty simple concept – save masks for care givers until more masks are available and everyone has access to PPE.

    I believe we still lack sufficient PPE in this country. Stitt has done nothing except think of more ways to spend the OK CARES money without using it for COVID.

  18. Auntie is so blinded by bile that she cannot distinguish between Okie Observer and Okie diaspora. Beyond uncouth in calling out posters by name and residence. The latter is to be expected by someone who lacks any powers of observation or discrimination.

    Lots of delusional folk spouting off these days.

  19. Bottom line is if the hospitals fill up from people with Covid, which is happening right now, there will be no beds/workers to tend to people with other issues. You can argue the severity of Covid all you want, but it is killing people, people are getting infected, and some of those are going to the hospital.

    Governor Stitt called a press conference today and reiterated Tuesday that he won’t issue a statewide mask mandate, but said everyone should wear one.

    OK, if everyone should wear one, why not mandate it?

    As is the case in so many issues with Stitt, he lives in his own reality, the same way he still believes the Indian Gaming compacts didn’t expire. Never mind it was in the Compact, and never mind the state Supreme Court told him, he still thinks he is right, and everyone else is wrong, sort of like the masks.

    He did offer to assist the hospitals in moving Covid patients to other hospitals. I guess had he been on the Titanic he would have re-arranged the deck chairs, with the logic being it would somehow steady the ship and fix the disaster.

    Hard to believe but he is worse than Mary Fallin, and has done so many things that in any other state might lead to possible removal from office. But hey, this is Oklahoma where every Stitt is a King.

    I’m guessing things are going to get a whole lot worse for Oklahoma. Imagine That!

  20. Does Stitt really care about COVID?

  21. I seriously doubt Shitt or tRump actually, really even had Covid.
    Fake News? These guys are masters of it.

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