TLO Show: Ice Storms and the OG&E monopoly with Jim Roth

As thousands and thousands of Oklahomans are now going two weeks without power thanks to OG&E’s slow response to yet another ice storm, we thought it would be a good idea to have former Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth – the Dean of Oklahoma City University’s School of Law – on the podcast to see what, if anything, can be done to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

It resulted in an educational and informative talk about the role of corporation commission, OG&E’s monopoly, the cost to bury lines, and all that stuff. We also talked to Jim – a former Oklahoma County Commissioner – about the current controversies in that line of government, and what can be done to make county government more efficient.

Give it a listen!

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3 Responses

  1. Marissa is rude & insulting. The fact she stated anyone who doesn’t share her opinion of Nancy Pelosi is uneducated shows that she is the one who should educate herself.
    I tuned in to hear about OG&E and had to wade through hateful liberal rhetoric. Trump being on the ballot had nothing to do with why people voted no on 805. A history of felonies even non-violent should be considered in sentencing because it shows a pattern of lawlessness. That has nothing to do with Trump.

  2. Corporation Commissioner turned law school dean. I’m too lazy to google, but has this guy ever held a job in the private sector that wasn’t directly related to government?

  3. Not related. Just got a letter yesterday fromOG&E. I thought it would be an apology for our 12 days of black misery, but, to my surprise and irritation , it was an “invitation” to join a new homeowners insurance to protect us against electrical parts not covered by our omnipotent master OG&E! Pay now for future times when we may have equipment that MAY be damaged in ice storms! Gee, what poor timing to suck more from tax-payers! And I was eagerly awaiting for my electric bill, so as to pay not one penny more than I figure They are owed! Oh, my neighborhood app said it was a Canadian that eventualy restored power to our area. Thank you all oG& E and all out of state workers!

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