7 Reasons Why Oklahoma Doesn’t Need A Mask Mandate!

Oklahoma might be rolling in hot with the second largest daily increase of COVID-19 yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we need a state-wide mask mandate. Just ask our esteemed Governor Stitt, who last week reminded us that he has no plans to aid in protecting Oklahomans from likely preventable deaths to implement one. After doing […]

Aaron Brilbeck “let go” by News 9…

We’ve learned that Aaron Brilbeck – the beefcakey reporter for KWTV News 9 who achieved international fame due to a cameo in Tiger King – has announced that he’s been “let go” from the Oklahoma City news channel. As opposed to the standard OKC TV news departures – expired contract, budget cuts, appearing intoxicated during […]

Cold Shoulder: An Indigenous Road Trip to Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater

I have to admit I’ve never been to Stillwater’s somewhat famous Eskimo Joe’s, a college-town eatery best known for their burgers, their cheese-fries and, especially, their wholly damaging mascot, a caricature of a snowbound Indigenous man that has given many mindful Oklahomans second-thoughts about wearing that ever-popular shirt. Since my article about the Indigenous slur […]