7 Reasons Why Oklahoma Doesn’t Need A Mask Mandate!

Oklahoma might be rolling in hot with the second largest daily increase of COVID-19 yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we need a state-wide mask mandate. Just ask our esteemed Governor Stitt, who last week reminded us that he has no plans to aid in protecting Oklahomans from likely preventable deaths to implement one. After doing a bit of reflecting and doom-scrolling this weekend, I think I am starting to see where Stitt is coming from on the issue! In fact, here are 7 reasons why Oklahoma doesn’t need a state-wide mask mandate!

We’ve done a great job containing the virus so far

If Stitt’s “personal responsibility” initiative hasn’t worked so far, then why is he refusing to implement a mask mandate, allowing COVID-19 safeguards to expire for state board meetings, and ignoring the Oklahoma State Medical Association’s pleas to enhance safety guidelines across the state?

It saves on bills

Even though Oklahoma is one of the cheapest states to live in, it doesn’t mean that it’s free. Plus, it is a state where someone working for minimum wage at a 40-hour work week can’t even afford a 2-bedroom apartment. Being that research suggests the average person who has passed away from COVID-19 would have lived 10-12 years longer if they had not contracted the illness, I guess that’s 10-12 years of bills people don’t have to pay.


Sephora has some hella sales on lipstick going on now. Everyone knows you can’t wear a mask with lipstick unless you want to look like a 3-year-old after a cherry popsicle bender.

It keeps Oklahoma a “Top Ten State”

At least a “Top Ten State” for fewest COVID-19 restrictions and highest COVID-19 positivity rate.

It’s the only attention Stitt still gets from the White House

Since Oklahoma relaxed it’s COVID-19 restrictions enough to host a presidential campaign rally, Trump hasn’t paid our esteemed Governor Stitt a visit. Nowadays, the only attention Kevin Stitt gets from the White House comes in the form of dire warnings from the Coronavirus Task Force because Trump hasn’t come back since June. Like a George Costanza doing a “leave behind” after a failed date, Kevin Stitt seems to be pulling out all the stops to secure any attention from the White House that he can.

It’s No-Shave November

If you are constantly wearing a mask, how can you prove to your coworkers that you’re kicking ass in the No-Shave November competition?

The people can govern themselves

The research is clear: Oklahoma cities that have implemented mask mandates have a slower growth of COVID-19 cases than cities without mandates. The bad news is, not all Oklahoma cities have implemented mandates and not all citizens are taking Stitt up on his “personal responsibility” initiative. The good news is, the more “responsibility” Stitt puts on the Oklahomans he governs, the less responsibility he has to take when his stupid plans don’t work.

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23 Responses

  1. That last one is the zinger.

    1. “… the more “responsibility” Stitt puts on the Oklahomans he governs, the less responsibility he has to take when his stupid plans don’t work.”

      Mark, that’s what I was going say. A zinger indeed. “Do whatever you want” is not leadership.

  2. All I can conclude is that he wants to destroy our economy and a good number of Oklahomans’ lives. If masks were mandatory, we’d have a low infection rate and conduct business as usual – just with masks on, social distancing, etc.

  3. The high number of COVID-19 case proves that people are to selfish to wear a mask which is why a state wide mandate is needed

  4. Still will never be able to understand how this assclown got elected over Mick Cornett AND Drew Edmondson…..in SEPARATE ELECTIONS!

    1. Same voters who elected Mary Fallin. Twice.

      1. “I’m not a politician; I’m a businessman.” Didn’t work for David Walters or Donald Trump or Kevin Stitt.

        1. But, isn’t he doing/not doing just what the majority want?

          1. A leader leads public opinion. A wind sock follows it.

            1. That actually should be “majority wants.” Leaders do what need to be done, public opinion notwithstanding.

          2. I still have to believe the majority of citizens in our state do not “want” our Governor to do stupid shit. When that turns out not to be the case then, well, it would become a Republican dominated state!

    2. One (R) beside another (R) is a coin toss but any (R) next to any (D)? Not in Oklahoma.

    3. Agreed! And “assclown” is far more polite than what i want to call him. S I G H….. And i thought Mary was bad…..

  5. Reminds me of the great Abraham Lincoln quote to his General who was slow to fight. “My Dear McClellan, if you don’t want to use the army I should like to borrow it for a while. Yours respectfully.” We should send a similar note to Governor Bullstitt. “My Dear Governor Stitt, if you don’t want to use the state government we should like to borrow it for a while. Yours respectfully.”

  6. Just now caught the asshole end of Shitt’s latest “COVID LIAR / FUCK YOU” TV show. Shitt signed off declaring, “Oklahoma’s task force will continue working with President Trump and, uh….(long pause)….you know…uh…President elect…Biden”.

    Guv ugly eyebrows could barely bring himself to utter these words of truth…President elect Biden.

    Ain’t no denying, Shitt stinks !

    1. I just watched the reason. trump just announced yesterday that he would seek a primary contender for the Ohio (R) Governor position when it came up because the current (R) Governor dared to call Joe Biden “President Elect” and no I didn’t just make that up. Stitt’s lower lip was almost quivering, he was so stressed at saying the words. Pathetic.

    2. So true, AND Democrats, Republicans & Independents All voted for Joe Biden, our New President Elect, by All of The American Peoole!!!! Surely, our OKLAHOMA governor has to face the real reason why Trump did not even deserve a second term..
      Who ever wanted to listen to this vain, disgraceful bully with no empathy & All of his Iying…TRUMP??!!!
      Save your life and other precious souls here in Oklahoma!! Our Death’s from this Deadly Covid 19 Virus are awful and embarrassing, that we are stupid to the Facts Folk’s!!!

  7. I acquired COVID-19 on the job (as a nurse) partly because of a patient’s family members refusing to wear them during a visit (management didn’t feel like enforcing the rules), and my employer didn’t have N95 masks on hand (only the surgical ones) as the shit hit the fan. I really want to punt this asshole for refusing to do anything useful, because he takes his cues from a malignant narcissist. I would also cuss out the dimwits who voted for him too, but I barely have enough energy to keep my eyes open today as it is. Thanks, COVID-19.

  8. If this idiot had done this six months ago, we’d be in a much better situation now. Ineptitude-it’s the Oklahoma Standard!

  9. Incomprehensible that the governor will not issue a state-wide mask mandate. Trump did not get re-elected; there’s no reason to curry favor with the Donald.

    1. Oh, yes there is. Trump is going to be looming over the party until he strokes out. He’s going to keep doing rallies. He’s probably going to start a media company. He will be able to crush any republican who dares to say anything out of line.

  10. This is ignorance. Not everyone is a sheep. We have forced mask mandate in Stillwater and have one of the “hottest” covid rates. So do the same thing more? Yeah right. It obviously doesn’t work or we would not have this issue.

    Try researching it. Here’s a start.


  11. We have a lot of selfish and mindless people here, they are insufferable.

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