Kevin Stitt Continues to Bungle State’s Coronavirus Response

Whether you’re pro-mask or anti-mask, pro-lockdown or anti-lockdown, or pro-infect-your-parents-at-Thanksgiving or anti-infect you-parents-at-Thanksgiving, one of the few things both sides of the Oklahoma Coronamania echo chambers can agree on is that Gov. Kevin Stitt has done a terrible and puzzling job handling the pandemic. Earlier this week, Stitt Blade took the bold step to mandate […]

5 Practical Uses For Your Ice Storm Debris

Good news, my fellow metro dwellers! This week, Oklahoma City and surrounding cities have started collecting storm debris from the Great Ice Storm of 2020. According to KFOR, the storm debris pickup started last week and is expected to last until March, which will give Patrick plenty of time for another ranking of the dead […]