Dumb OU Fans Beat Up OSU Equipment Manager

Saturday night’s Bedlam beatdown touched all levels of the OSU football program.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced on social media that an OSU equipment manager was jumped in the stands on Saturday night while trying to stop OU fans from following their cool-yet-assholish tradition of throwing the opponents’ football out of the stadium following a made field goal.

Here’s a first-hand report from the equipment manager’s aunt:

Before we continue, I agree with his aunt 100%. There’s no excuse for that type of behavior, and the people who beat up the guy should be arrested and charged with assault. That being said, couldn’t the equipment manager just have waited outside the stadium and caught the ball when fans threw it out? I know I don’t have an OSU education or anything, but that seems like an easy and simple solution to the problem!

Wait. It’s 2020 now and blaming the victim is wrong, even if it is an OSU fan!

Instead, I’m going to blame the institution that put the victim in the situation in the first place! Seriously, why’s OSU sending a kid into hostile, drunken enemy territory to track down footballs. OSU scored 13 points. That’s like three footballs! It’s not a big deal. Just consider the lost balls the cost of doing business and move on. Then again, Gundy did punt while down 14 in the 4th on the OU side of the field, so maybe balls are in short supply in Stillwater.

Channel 25 shared some apparent Zapruder coverage of the incident. It doesn’t provide the best footage, but does serve as a gentle reminder that Boy Scouts don’t make the best security guards.

That was brutal. I’m worried that the stupid behavior exhibited by those OU fans may put an end to the tradition of throwing the other team’s ball out of the stadium. Expect the University to put even more Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the end zones to beef up security.

Also, is that the best video of the incident? Can someone send us something better? You know, something like this:

Just as we do for the entire OSU football team, we wish OSU’s equipment manager the best of luck recovering from his Bedlam injuries. Bones will heal and bruises will go away, and he’ll have one hell of a story to tell his buddies in the trailer park someday.

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20 Responses

  1. Re: Dumb OU fans – assholes gonna be assholes.

    That closing remark about the OSU equipment manager’s future “buddies in the trailer park” was pretty dumb too. For all you know, he’s at OSU on a full-ride scholarship in engineering or finance, and his future buddies might be the other people in the executive suite of a Fortune 500 company where he’s the CEO.

    1. I’m glad somebody said it. I know Patrick’s an OU fan, but if anyone is going to be the one telling the story to their buddies in the trailer park, it will be the rednecks that decided it was OK to assault a staff member at a damned athletic event.

      It’s also an ignorant ass tradition to throw the other team’s football out of the stadium. Whatever happened to returning property that doesn’t belong to you? This isn’t baseball, where you can take the balls and keep them as souveniers.

      Imagine if LeBron James was dribbing the ball at Chesapeake Arena, and the ball accidentally got tossed out of bounds. Then, some dumb ass Thunder fanatic (let’s say the fat dude that get half naked and paints his belly underneath the basket stanchion) refused to return the basketball to a Lakers ball boy and crushed it with his own two hands. That’s about as stupid as the toss the football tradition is, whether it’s in Norman, or any other Power Five local in college football.

  2. I’m getting really tired of this ‘bad apples’ shit.
    Question: When you’re buying a dozen eggs at the store and open the carton and find one broken what do you do?
    You put the damn thing back and keep checking until you find a good one!

  3. I’ll agree with the Lost Ogle, Seems like the most educated and leaders of this state are rather ignorant!

  4. There are a lot of asshole sports fans in Oklahoma. When you get a group of them drinking overpriced beer at what was marketed as “the game of the year” you know what is going to happen.

    Totally a guess, but bet the person who assaulted the “equipment manager” was either an entitled mid or upper level executive with a high income, or a student whose parent or step parent fits that description. If someone “assaulted” their Lexus by allowing the wind to have their vehicle bump their precious Lexus they would want the book thrown at the perp, after they paid for the damages.

    They or their lawyer would defend the assault on the poor kid in the stands as “poor judgement” or “collegiate tradition hi-jinks that should be forgiven.” They would then point to all the good that they have done “for the community.”

    This behavior isn’t tolerated at professional sports venues, the league doesn’t allow it. But since OU and many other schools rely on their athletic program for donations to keep them financially afloat, this not only is tolerated it is often encouraged to keep the fans in their seats engaged. Also a good way to sell seats in less desirable spots.

    Sadly this is a reflection of our society, and our institutions often promoting this type of behavior. Better to be passionate about sports than things that actually matter.

  5. University: a place where some people come to learn interesting things, and where other people come to scream YEEEEEEEEEE-HAW! at the top of their COVID-infected lungs while watching semi-grown men chasing a ball around a field, and where there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth if “we” don’t “win.” (Whoever “we” “are” and whatever “winning” “is.”)

    A place where the valedictorian gets less respect than the third-string center.

    A place where, if you say the “wrong” thing, you’ll get “cancelled.”

    A place where half the people are there to get some fancy book-learnin’ and the other half are there to party on their parents’ dime while REJECTING the very idea of book-learnin’.

    A place where there’s a lot of drunkenness and….and….

    …hey, wait a minute. How do I sign up for this ” university” place?

    $50K a year to get drunker than hell every night? It’s worth every penny!

  6. When did the tradition of tossing the ball out of the stadium start? Is that relatively new?
    I haven’t been to a game in person in years. Not worth the hassle and cost and being treated like an inmate.

    1. Guessing the tradition started recently when the Fan Engagement intern in the OU Marketing Department came up with it. Probably an attempt to look better than the other intern in Marketing who came up with calling the stadium “the palace on the prairie” a moniker that never really drew any real traction outside of the marketing department.

      Did you see the little kid in the video cheering and shaking his fist while watching the assault? Glad to see they are encouraging the mob mentality at sporting events. Guessing the “security” didn’t want to break up the melee, as you might grab the wrong donor and then be in all sorts of trouble from their boss. Besides, that is part of the excitement that is the Fan Experience at the Palace On The Prairie. Imagine That!

  7. Seems like this “tradition” could be ended by putting up better nets behind the goal posts?

    1. GREAT idea! Why has no one thought of that before?

      Is your PhD from OU or OSU?

    2. I used to have seats in the south end zone. When a field goal was kicked the goal was to demonstrate your ability to throw the ball down to the field in a near-perfect spiral. Not many could do it and my seats were too far up to ever get the ball (thankfully).
      It was always kind of a fun thing to cheer/jeer the fan who tried to make the pass back to the field.
      It was all in fun and nobody got their feelings hurt or beat up.
      Simpler, kinder times.

  8. “Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.”
    – Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite

    1. Funny.
      I was only commenting on how attitudes and civility have changed over the years but …. funny
      I like that movie.

  9. I never condone violence but at the same time, what the hell was the equipment manager thinking? Just let them throw the damn ball over and go about your business. No one at OSU expected him to get into a physical altercation in order to retrieve a football. Poor choices made by both sides which could have easily been avoided.

    1. When one side broke bones over… what, exactly, I don’t now, then the whole ‘both sides’ thing falls apart. Hopefully OU can identify the fans and ban/prosecute them.

    2. Says the guy that lists his online avatar as “O Sucks.” This is legitimately the worst use of the both sides argument that I’ve heard since the outgoing POTUS defended Charlottesville.

  10. Agreed with the tone of the article—let them throw the damn football over. It’s a “K” ball, the older ones that they use for kicking plays so as to save the good, gripper and more sound footballs for passing plays.

    Hopefully this tradition is allowed to continue, and ban the people involved in the battery.

  11. Meh. Looks like another drunken Okie covid party – possible super spreader event – that just so happens to have occurred at Owen field. Next.

  12. I didn’t see anybody in the video assault anyone. No punches were thrown, only people wrestling around for a ball. It sucks that someone got a broken rib but you are all acting like there was some big brawl or group beating. This tradition has existed for as long as I can remember. Why would the OSU equipment manager even be in the stands trying to get the ball? Seems like a really poor choice on his part and an even poorer choice to decide to try to wrestle the ball away from Sooner fans. And I changed by name to OSUcks for this post which was clearly the right move since it seemed to get people all worked up.

  13. This is one of the dumbest “traditions” I’ve ever seen at a sporting event in person. The first time I ever witnessed it I think was the 2003 UCLA game. The managers who’s job it is to retrieve and keep track of the footballs, have no clue of this “tradition” in most instances because they’re the “visiting” team and they probably cycle in and out of the program within a couple of years anyway so there’s always a new batch the next time they’re in town to play OU. No other program does this in the country and during a pandemic no less. It’s stupid and widely viewed as poor sportsmanship despite whatever OU moron tries to spin it to the contrary. Joe C. needs to see to it that it ends. Concocted no doubt by the idiot, redneck fan base that inhabits the north end zone. If I were the OSU kid who was assaulted by these ingrates I’d be suing OU for every dime possible and then donating some of that money back to OSU just to rub their nose in it.

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