Jerk ordered to pay $500 for mowing down Canadian geese family with truck

Last May, a video made the rounds on social media showing a person plow a white pickup truck plow through a family of Canadian geese in an OKC neighborhood, ruthlessly killing a little gosling in the process.

KFOR’s Peyton Yegar filed a follow-up on the story yesterday. She reported the crime was committed by an asshole named Scott Hannay. He pled no contest to charges of “Hunting With the Aid of a Motor Vehicle” and was hit with a $500 fine.

You can watch the original video below, but you may want to avoid it if you have a soul or compassion for migratory birds. Sure, geese can be assholes, but these little guys were just trying to make it south for winter. Leave it up to someone in a giant white fleet truck to decide to plow through a family of animals for no other reason than trying to get a Frappuccino and then argue with the barista about how they’re not wearing a mask because they “can’t breathe.”

Dude just rolled over a flock of cute geese and is getting off with a shallow $500 slap on the wrist. That’s probably how much he pays to fill up his gas tank every month.

It reminds me of the time I was driving down 23rd street and saw this massive Suburban crush over a stray chihuahua. The dog was lost, had a collar, scared. It was in the middle of the street, didn’t know where to go. And this dumbass in an SUV destroyed it.

We stopped in the middle of the road, traffic piling up behind us. I tried to pick up the dog and it bit the shit out of my hand. Frightened, dying, endorphins flaring. A stranger stopped behind us and got a blanket from the trunk of his car and we swaddled the dog and moved him to the side of the road.

As soon as we set the dog down, his last gasp of air left his broken body. Picking him up killed him faster, but maybe that was for the best because he was obviously in so much pain, the blood flowing free throughout his organs, outside his skin, his ribs and spine crushed into a mishmash of bones.

We sat there and watched the small dog rapidly die while calling the phone number on his collar. Afterwards, I washed and wrapped bandages around my punctured hand and cried about this senseless death, deep red blood swirling down the white porcelain sink. Some child’s beloved animal companion, gone forever. A trauma they’ll remember their whole life.

Okay, so a wild goose getting plugged isn’t the same as a pet, but still – be kind and respectful to animals. If you’ve got a problem with Canada gooses you got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.