Lost Ogle declares Dec. 3rd as “Day Of Prayer And Gluttony To Get Kevin Stitt to Resign.”

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt fulfilled the great Unitarian prophecy we first reported one week ago and announced December 3rd will be a day of prayer and fasting for all Oklahomans affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are details from his press release:

Naturally, the news made the rounds on social media. For some reason, people seem to appreciate, in an outraged sense, the irony that a Governor who has gone out of his way to help spread the Coronavirus by refusing to implement mask mandates and public health measures – or even follow his own “personal responsibility” guidelines – is now encouraging everyone to pray for all the people who have been infected, sickened and even killed by the Coronavirus under his watch. I’m sure God will appreciate that.

Although we’re a bunch of heathens here at TLO, I have no problem with prayer. In fact, I encourage people to do it, especially if such wishful, dreamy thinking helps them maintain a positive attitude. That being said, fasting has never really been my thing. Why would any diety – much less a loving and forgiving one that wants 10% of your earnings – want their creations to go without food and nutrients for 24 hours? That seems excessive, especially when you consider how bad a day of fasting would hurt the local restaurant industry.

As a result, I thought I would do everyone affected by the Coronavirus a favor and declare that Dec. 3rd be a day of prayer and gluttony for Kevin Stitt to resign from office.

“But Patrick, will Kevin Stitt resigning accomplish anything?”

Probably not. Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell was in charge of the Oklahoma GOP during its tea party hit payday of the early teens, which brought our state such visionaries as Sally Kern, Mary Fallin, Ralph Shortey, Randy Terrill, Dan Kirby, Josh Breechen, etc, so I imagine we’re screwed either way.

That being said, if we really want to help the people who have been affected by the Coronavirus in this state, it seems like praying for the guy who bungled our state’s response to leave office would be a good place to start, especially if we can chow down on some good food in the process. It’s at least worth a prayer, right?

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31 Responses

  1. In the fourth paragraph you use the word “diety” presumably a typo intending “deity”. However, it is very confusing in the context of discussing a fast. That being said FUCK STITT!

  2. I love it that you used “diety” in place of “deity” when writing about religious encouragement of fasting. Most appropriate.

  3. I seriously doubt that prayer will have any effect whatsoever on the virus. However, fasting might, just might, put a tiny dent in our obesity rate.

  4. If God didn’t want Stitt to be Oklahoma’s Governor, God would not have gotten Stitt elected. It’s all part of God’s plan for us, you see..

    Why is God so angry with Oklahoma in particular that this Stitt is happening to us? I have no idea. We do our best to elect people who shout their Christian faith from the rooftops. What are we doing wrong?

    Since we are told that everything is all part of God’s plan, what’s the point of praying? Is God going to change the master plan every time someone begs for something?

  5. Democrats in this state have been praying gov alfalfa would fall off the face of the earth since he started running for office, hasn’t done us a damn bit of good so why would praying for those affected by the virus help anybody?? Fuck Stitt…if he’d pray for God to give him some brains it would do everybody some good!!

  6. Normally when things are bad you stay with a known devil. However with the Stittuation that you have in Oklahoma, having him step aside and bring in the new devil, Matt Pinnell is worth a trial, at least for two years before the election.

    I didn’t think anyone could have been worse than Mary Fallin, but Stitt is Fallin 2.0, and many times the second revision is usually an improvement over version 1.0, and indeed he is a worse leader.

    He knows by law he can’t be recalled by a petition of the people, and he is pretty confident his political party isn’t going to remove him, as they could and are more powerful than the Governor.

    Despite the fact there is no honor among thieves, the corrupt do tend to embrace the incompetent and corrupt as long as it keeps their power. It might even be a sub-section in the Oklahoma Standard should you ever find that Oklahoma playbook.

    But sadly, as long as they can carry a gun without a permit while not wear a mask in a pandemic you have a huge group that will again vote for Stitt.

    State workers are mandated to wear masks while working. State offices are mostly closed to the public, many state workers are working from home none of these restrictions will be placed on the Oklahoma public as long as Stitt is in charge. Keep saying the “State is Open” and it will all be true. We learned in the Wizard of Oz if you can keep saying “There’s No Place Like Home” and all will be well too.

  7. I prefer instead a day of Performance Art.

    I’ve already got mine planned out. I’m going to find a Wal-Mart and ask everyone who’s not wearing a mask in the parking lot to sneeze on me. After that, I’m going to get a MAGA hat and a shirt that says THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS VIRUSES! OR SCIENCE! and walk around pointing at both my hat and my shirt, while holding up a donation can and begging for money to fund a “hit” on Fauci.

    Then when the virus kicks in (from the sneezes) and I go to the ICU, I want to put photos of Trump and Stitt up over the bed with little cardboard word balloons that say “What you are seeing in this hospital room is an illusion!” and “Vote for me in 2024: I haven’t finished fucking shit up yet!”

    And then just before they shove the tube down my throat, I’ll say “That’s all, folks!”

    This performance will be just as nonsensical as trying to pray a pandemic away, but a lot more fun to watch.

  8. Interesting indeed that Stitt would ask us to fast for a day. Bitch I’ve been fasting since that first (and only) stimulus checks ran out!
    Oh and besides that December 3rd is the Catholic holiday Feast of St. Francis Xavier.
    Why Stitt hates Catholics I don’t know but I’d rather celebrate by finally going to sleep sober and with a full belly.
    When will this madness end?

  9. Governor should encourage the faithful to congregate together and commune from a common cup. Resulting herd immunity will showcase Oklahoma as a beacon of light for the nation and the world.

  10. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr., joined the gov’s call for the day of prayer. Copying him from Facebook, we read:

    “I’ll be joining Governor Stitt in this day of prayer in response to #COVID. I’ll be praying that state leaders find the wisdom and courage to listen to public health offices and the solid science on the subject and adopt a statewide #MaskMandate, an act of that would spare much death and misery. At Cherokee Nation we believe in using the minds the Good Lord gave us to protect each other as brothers and sisters, all facing the same peril.”

  11. Let’s hope that the evangelicals that’ll be participating in this fiasco hug and kiss on each other.

  12. Wait a minute. First I hear that god loves us and gives us Stitt. Then I hear God is mad at us and gives us the covid. God sure is one weird dude.

  13. Man i thought when the messiah biden won if would magicaly lift the hearts of the left and they would unify and showcase how the other side was the dirty smelly sub-humans and things would start be civil….i think you guys are more grumpy than before lol 🤣

    1. Pray for Johnny–ills worse than COVID.

      Fear beyond recovery–braindead.

    2. Johnny Football – Doing his part to perpetuate the stereotype of a brain – damaged football player.

    3. Johnny must be tired of winning. So much winning…..

    4. Who is going to be their boogeyman for the next four years? Trump was the only subject they had. The hangover will be nasty.

      1. You and that slimebag Mitch McConnell.

      2. Trump wasn’t the “boogeyman”, we all know the boogeyman is fictional, Trump was a real (and still) threat. His refusal to stop lying on a continuous basis regarding election fraud is creating a real problem that shouldn’t exist. His exstortion of loyalty over other Republican Elected officials has shamed them into silence creating even more divide than ever. I find it so unique that every time he loses a court case (many in front of judges he appointed), is involved in any type of investigative situation (Pardons), caught lying, it always “fake news”, but everyone should always take whatever he says/does as the gospel.

        Can’t wait until he’s out of office and the State of New York puts him in prison for all of the tax/real estate/foundation crimes he committed-he can’t be pardoned for state crimes and he will be convicted, then he can spout fake news with his orange spray tan while wearing an orange jumpsuit. You can bash Democrats/anyone you want and you may be correct, BUT it doesn’t change the fact Donald is mentally ill, only concerned about Donald, a liar, a criminal, a rapist, draft dodger, and a really bad business man. He’s your kind of man Aunt Ifa.

        1. You need to learn some brevity. Do you have any kind of proof that Trump is mentally ill, a criminal and a rapist? Surprised you didn’t call him a racist to boot…

          1. “You will know them by their fruits.” – Jesus of Nazareth

          2. Hey, Auntie, I love that you left out “liar” when asking about proof in CAP1015’s post. And that is because even you know he’s a pathological liar, on a scale that the American people have not seen before.
            Do you agree with General Flynn’s call on Trump to declare martial law?
            Do you?

            1. Lol being a liar isn’t always a crime (all Billy C). They tried throwing everything at him and nothing stuck. Pathetic. Do you believe Biden did not know of his son’s wheelings and dealings? C’mon, man! What’s your obsession with Flynn, btw?
              Cap, I’m still waiting for your “facts” on the things I’ve questioned. So far you’re the one who’s dodging things.

            2. No, I do not believe Biden didn’t know of his son’s dealings.
              I’m currently “obsessed” with Flynn because he’s calling for treason.
              Are you going to answer the question? Do you think Trump should declare martial law?

            3. Why do you feel so entitled to an answer? I neither follow retired general’s orders, nor some random person’s on the internets.

            4. Good cowardly response.

            5. Nice day for some belly laughs. I’ll put you down as tlo’s barometer of bravery.

          3. You left out “liar” and “Draft Dodger”-so you’re okay with that?
            On being a criminal, as soon as his immunity for being a sitting president ends, the state of NYC will provide that for you. He’s been accused of assaulting 16 different women and has said on tape he “grabbed them by the pussy” so again once his immunity has expired, the one case currently in process will provide further evidence for you. He also paid “hush” money from campaign funds, that is coming as well. (I also didn’t even bring up his plea agreement regarding Trump university scam).

            As for brevity, it’s easy to be brief when you lie, and you don’t want the facts to be discussed, way easier to say “fake news” or “a lot of people said bad things about me, not true”.
            You’re the kind of person who can defend anyone as long as it suits what you want, regardless of facts or truth. You’re a special piece of work, you could have a future working for Stitt’s Covid task force.

          4. Do you consider being convicted of defrauding Veterans criminal activity? Apparently the jury who convicted the crew felt so. 25 million worth.
            Mentally ill? If trump’s normal to you then you’ve got real issues yourself that are far more serious than just being a prick.

      3. Trump isn’t disappearing. He’s busy right now trying to overturn a lawful election. He will continue to try to provoke an insurrection when he gets forced out of office. This is totally without precedent. A president wants to scrap an election that his own attorney general says was fair.
        You, Aunt, need to try and find what little scraps of integrity you might have once had and stitch them together. Your brown shirt is wearing thin.

        1. +1 Billion

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