Kevin Stitt once again fails at “Personal Responsibility”

With Oklahoma COVID-19 cases on average rising by the thousands daily over the last month or so, our esteemed Governor Kevin Stitt dubbed last Thursday the “Oklahoma Day of Prayer and Fasting” to call on the collective effort of Oklahomans to combat the virus. But unless you were praying for the governor to get the hell out of the state, I’m not sure of the effectiveness of the initiative. I guess Stitt was hoping we’d all close our eyes and bow our heads as to not see what kinds of shenanigans he was up to.

The only half-way rational explanation I could think of for someone improperly wearing their mask on a flight would be if they were poking honey-roasted airplane peanuts in their piehole. But being that the mask is under Stitt’s nose and he was apparently taking this flight on his own day of “fasting,” it seems like the fully rational explanation for this situation is that Stitt is incompetent in more areas than just his governorship.

Journalists like Chris Polansky with KWGS News in Tulsa, have apparently been reaching out to the governor’s office since last Thursday, but it seems like no one has been able to confirm where Stitt was going and why. But I wouldn’t be too worried about his whereabouts, my friends. Based on his response to COVID-19 so far, the question of if Stitt’s presence (or lack thereof) in the state would even make a difference in Oklahoma’s fight against the virus is up in the air.

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30 Responses

  1. And now, a basic lesson on human physiology for Jethro Stitt.

    Jethro, you may have noticed a process called “breathing.” This involves the intake of oxygen, and the exhalation of carbon dioxide. Air goes in, carbon dioxide goes out.

    You may also have noticed this in-and-out process can occur either with the mouth, or with the nose. Or, for fun, you can switch between them! Though I figure you to be a mouth-breather, more or less. But: the important part is, stuff can come out of your mouth OR your nose.

    Now, the purpose of the mask is to try to help catch as many bad droplets from your insides as possible. Catch them where? In the mask! But this doesn’t work if your mask only covers ONE of your exit-portals, the one you know as your “pie hole.” If your nose-holes aren’t masked off, you have FAILED!

    Lemme shortify it for you: mask GOOD, no mask BAD. Also, cover BOTH your exit portals. If you do this like a good boy, maybe somebody will give you a cookie, Jethro!

    Also I hope a friend reads this to you, because I get the feeling you probably wouldn’t know how to read it yourself.

    1. Jethro, good one. I was thinking Lurch.

      1. isn’t Lankford Lurch

        1. Lankford is Howdy-Doody. But yeah for those a little younger I can see Lurch. Perhaps we need a chart of the Lost Ogle nicknames for politicians, only available behind the paywall of course.

          It’s where all the really really good stuff is, best to make a contribution today!

        2. I thought Lankford was Ginger Skeletor

        3. lankford is pencil neck

    2. But Lord you’ve left out one basic fact. Many “mouth breathers” exist in many states. But since you brought up the issue we’ve developed a special mask that is to go in front of Shark Tank specifically for folks like Kevin. It’s red and exactly half the size of a regular mask. I’ve already spoken for a winter home in the Bahamas. IPO coming soon.

  2. Pie hole – you got that right!

  3. With Stitt and his ilk it’s always a question of arrogance or ignorance? Either way the coin flip turns out, the rest of us lose.

  4. “If I can see your nose, I reserve the right to punch it and kick you in the balls.”

  5. “Prayer and fasting” is what our governor calls for when actual leadership is a concept he can’t grasp. It’s the fake appearance of action without taking action.

    He’s like our one-time contractor who promised an end to the problems we were having with him because he had “Turned everything over to the Lord.” But no one has seen Jesus swinging a hammer for abut 2,000 years.

    In addition to his incompetence, Stitt is an entitled asshole who’s too special to wear a mask like the peons.

  6. I wear a coughy filter for a mask.

  7. Why not take the state plane? Then he travels with just a few fellow non-maskers on a cozy stuffy little plane.

  8. He doesn’t care. Until he suffers some form of consequences (most notably some form of financial loss) he doesn’t care, won’t do anything except what he wants to do. As said before, people like him think because he found some way to make money, inherited it, of some other method that doesn’t matter, he believes because he has money, HE’S SMARTER/WISER THAN EVERYONE ELSE AND WE SHOULD COVET HIS INSTRUCTIONS/DECREES. Hopefully at some point he has to account for his gross negligence of inaction, and for the gross errors he has made once he was prodded into doing something.

    I hope the media/tv show these pics, but of course they won’t. He’s so over the Covid (the worst that happened is he got it and it was “no big deal”) he doesn’t have time for it while he works on whatever it is when’s he not governing Oklahoma which appears to 100% of the time.

    1. “It tires me to talk to rich men. You expect a man of millions, the head of a great industry, to be a man worth hearing; but as a rule they don’t know anything outside their own business.”

      – Theodore Roosevelt

      1. Thanks for that.

    2. Exactly. Until it badly affects him, it’s not real. And it’s not just him, either, but so many people like him.

  9. Stitt is disappointing.

    1. I dunno. He’s about what I expected him to be — and my expectations were mighty low.

    2. Basically, he’s the village idiot.

      And in the village called Oklahoma, that’s really saying something.

  10. Stitt is an idiot.

  11. Idiocy-the Oklahoma Standard!

  12. stittt need not worry. God resides on his eyebrows.

  13. The only concession to being stuck on a plane with this dork would be to sit behind him and kick the seat all the way to Dallas.

  14. This guy is such s clueless putz. Hopefully, somebody will step up and make a run at him.
    AG Hunter?

  15. for being such a successful businessman, he sure does allow a lot of folks on that private jet.

  16. This is the best news you can report someone not wearing a ridiculous mask and all the trolls chiming in what a bunch of maskholes.

  17. The guy has had Covid already what’s the point in wearing a mask for chrissakes? He’s not going to get it and he’s not going to give it to anyone else. My God you people are ridiculous.

  18. Looks like Oklahoma got the governor it deserves.

  19. And I thought Mary Failing, uh, Fallin was bad! Looks as though Stitt has outplayed her right down the line. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get any bright ideas about moving onto DC when he’s done here…

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