Metro dad snaps video of 2-year-old daughter drinking Smirnoff Ice…

There’s a popular party game that is still rampant in the service industry called “Icing.”

You take a bottle of the sickly sweet substance called Smirnoff Ice, hide it somewhere, and trick an unwitting friend into finding it. They are then obligated into taking a knee and chugging the entire bottle. It is a cruel practice, but always hilarious. The person who was Iced will say ‘Goddamnit!’ because nobody wants to drink that swill, but after the chug they are a respectable champion.

An Oklahoma City man named James Watts – pictured above – took things a little too far, though. From KTUL:

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — A man was arrested Monday after sharing a Smirnoff Ice with his two-year-old daughter and posting a video of it on Snapchat.

The Oklahoma City Police Department responded to an Oklahoma City home where the mother of the girl said she had a video of her father sharing a Smirnoff Ice with her.

Police looked at the video and saw James Watts, 27, handing a yellow Smirnoff Ice to his daughter who took a sip and then passed it back to him.

In the video posted on Snapchat, Watts wrote, “My baby gone be drunk. She liking it a little too much.”

YIKES. Icing your friends at a frat party is one thing, but tricking your baby into is definitely taking things too far. He could have at least started his kid on something a little nicer. The first time I tried booze was my German grandfather giving me a sip of his St Pauli Girl. I thought it was disgusting, but there was still an international flair.

Also, we’re not advocating giving ANY child alcohol, but if you must, start them off with a bone-dry Riesling from Oregon and teach them how to swirl the glass to smell the gentle aromas of pear, then taste and describe the bouquet of flavors.

Hopefully, this awful experience keeps this kid away from the Ice. It’s a bad road to go down, and the only bottle a baby needs is a warm one full of milk.