Another Right Wing Oklahoma Senator Is Trying To Criminalize Abortion…

The legislative deadline is looming, so guess what? Unemployment stimulus? Nah. COVID laws to make sure people wear masks and protect society? Hahahaha! No way.

This is Oklahoma! That means our lawmakers are, once again, wasting time and money pushing unconstitutional legislation in a futile attempt to ban abortion, which at last check, is still a legal medical procedure.

From FOX25:

State Sen. Warren Hamilton announced his intent to file the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act/Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act, which would criminalize and end all abortions in Oklahoma.

The measure would ensure equal justice and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization and establish that an unborn child has the same God-given inalienable rights as any other human.

I feel like I’ve heard this bit before somewhere. It’s like going to an open mic night and somebody’s playing ‘Wagon Wheel.’ You’ve heard it a million times, nobody likes it, and before the end, the sound guy cuts them off.

That being said, you cant’ blame Senator Hamilton for introducing the law. It’s basically the only thing he campaigned on:

There’s one very baffling piece of this legislation, outside of the redundancy of a state senator bashing his head into a wall over and over again:

The bill will also state that the Constitution does not prohibit any state from using its reserved police powers to outlaw homicide and provide equal protection to all persons within its jurisdiction.

I had to read that out loud to myself several times to figure out what that meant, and I’m still a little confused. Homicide is already outlawed, but police kill people, especially in Oklahoma. Also, based on what I witnessed over the summer and in my lifetime, I think a lot people would agree that police already don’t provide equal protection. Either wat, I’m not onboard for the ‘make abortion a homicide’ part of this bill, so if we could trim that part off and focus on the ‘cops should get locked up for murdering people’ side of it, I think we’ve got something we can work with.

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50 Responses

  1. In the spirit of compromise, what if the cops just starting shooting women in the uterus in lieu of an abortion?

    1. This is pretty funny. I guess it depends where the baby would fall on the Family Guy color scale though.

  2. Posturing POS. Nobody in their right mind would want to run for a Democrat seat of anything in this state, so this is what we get. I know I sure wouldn’t want to stick my neck out there, so I have no room to gripe. But I will anyway.

  3. If I thought I’d have life everlasting, courtesy of Jeebus, why would I need to arm myself?

    By their logic, the sooner you die, the sooner you get to Heavin’ where you can visit your dead relatives, and what not. Oh, and also, not have to wear a mask when you play poker with Gawd.

    I have guns, too, and I like shooting them. So what? I should get elected to public office because of my hobby? “Here’s Lord Skiffington III, with his shootin’ iron, at the range. VOTE FOR HIM! YEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!”

    Is that really all it takes in Oklahoma?

    1. Pretty much.

  4. Well…it’s really not the fault of all these rural legislators. We let chemicals leach into the water tables and the wells are poisoned.

    1. What’s the excuse for the boys in the Cities?

      1. Lead and other old problems with city water.

        See: Flint, Michigan

  5. Hearing this certified nut job makes Dahm and Silk almost look normal.

    1. This bozo is picking up where Joe Silk left off, basically. It seems like when he was in the State Senate, the only legislation he’d write was about outlawing abortion (if memory serves, he didn’t run again because he decided to run for Markwayne Mullin’s Congressional seat, and didn’t make it out of the primary).

      A few things: 1. It isn’t about the sanctity of life, these things are always about controlling women. Because women are inferior to men (in their view) and aren’t allowed to make their own decisions or think for themselves lest their delicate lady-brains explode or something.

      Also 2. This is pandering to extremists, usually of the Evangelical variety, who are inflexible and unwilling to factor in that there are many Oklahomans who don’t worship as they do (or even worship at all), but they always do their dead level best to enshrine their extremism into law.

      And, finally, 3: “Outlawing abortion” won’t actually outlaw abortion. It will mean the return of the pre-Roe back alley butcher, and doesn’t change the fact that privileged women (i.e. women with Carol Hefner money) would still be able to access abortion services elsewhere. Not so for the majority of other women.

      This crap needs to be nipped in the bud. Now. I can say that ’til I’m blue in the face but it never works … because this is the kind of crap we get in a state with a suffocating one-party legislative supermajority.

      I love Oklahoma but we suck a lot and this is embarrassing.

  6. My limited research suggests that opposition to abortion is the ONLY principled reason that anyone has for supporting the likes of Donald Trump and his minions. Everything else is attitude and resentment.

    So anti-abortion posturing and stupid, unconstitutional legislation like this is a winning political strategy in a deep red state like ours. It worked for dim-bulb Warren Hamilton.

    But don’t the folks who support Trump and Republicans ONLY because of the abortion issue know that they have already won as much as they can possibly win? I’m thinking of the Catholic parishes who were instructed to pray rosaries for the defeat of Joe Biden. Not even a 9-0 anti-abortion Supreme Court vote overturning Roe v. Wade can do any more for them than the 6-3 vote on which they already have a lock.

    If and when SCOTUS returns things to the way they were before Roe v. Wade, abortion will remain fully legal in many states, from Massachusetts to California. Women who have the time and money to travel to other states will continue to have full access to abortion “on demand.”

    There will continue to be skirmishes in state legislatures over attempts to restrict abortion where it remains legal, but the genie will NEVER be put back fully into the bottle. It’s been out for almost fifty years, a majority of Americans favor the right to legal abortion, and the federal government has no further role to play after SCOTUS rules except for denying funding to the likes of Planned Parenthood from time to time.

    Geez, folks. When you’ve won, why keep arguing?

  7. I wonder what would happen to the social opinion on abortion if the number of abortions/day were tracked with the same vigor as deaths from covid?

    1. Probably not tracked because it’s a false equivalency and nobody cares.

      But by all means, go for it. You can get your own show with Rush or on Newsmax or on those Christian “family” stations on the end of the dial. There have been dumber ideas that have made money and you could get a suitcase bonus from the Heritage Foundation.

      1. Dumb is leaving your aol email address where a website address should go.

        1. Your just the PERFECT example of what is created when your daddy tried to abort you with a coat hangar instead of going to a medical clinic for the TOTALLY NEEDED procedure.

          Now the rest of TLO has to read your ignorance and stupidity!!

        2. yeah. well would rather see the Yahoo page or Google page? But thanks for the heads-up. I guess.

      2. John, if you think you are going to be able to discuss/debate about facts, relevant information then don’t engage with the Aunt, her main retorts will be similar to the one you got-a basic “i know you are, but what am I”.

        It’s a little (and by little I mean enormously) ironic that the “freedom fighters-(anti maskers-anti vaxers-no government intervention into my guns, etc.,) all want to make such restrictive laws that affect the choices a woman and/or a couple. Again they want freedom-if it’s what they want, but they want hard laws if it’s something you want and they don’t agree with it.

        1. Are you mainsplaining now, cap?

        2. Good point, Cap. Feeding trolls only encourages them.

        3. Obviously the aunti like to troll. When called on substance, the aunti goes for the insult.

          1. Cut him some slack John – his mommy was late in changing his diaper.

    2. Wonder what would happen if we let a small group of the religiously insane determine how the rest of us lead our lives? Oh, we have the answer already! Anybody have the number for the Ayatollah?
      In Oklahoma it would be Ayatollifa or another freak like it.

    3. Abortion rates have been steadily decreasing over time after peaking in the early 80’s. They tend to decrease more during democratic administrations than republican administrations.

      If Republicans were really, truly interested in decreasing abortion rates, they’d institute more social programs that would attack the need for abortions instead of just trying to pass failed law after failed law banning abortions. But they aren’t really interested because their own members like to force secret abortion from their mistresses and they don’t want more infidelity scandals to rock their “family values” candidates.

      1. l will never understand the mindset of people who want to defund Planned Parenthood because… abortion.

        Planned Parenthood prevents many times more abortions than all the efforts of all “pro-life” people combined. Why do women seek abortions in the first place? Unwanted pregnancies. Duh.

        Makes me wonder what the real “pro-life” agenda is.

        1. To have a mindset, you have to have a mind.

  8. So what’s the big deal? “Pro-deathers” will always have access to coat hangers, or Mexico.

    Okay, let the hate begin…

  9. I’m always astounded at those people with such limited mental resources that just can’t ‘git’ that the government which can prohibit can also mandate.

    1. Yeah, the same folks gave us 60 years of the “drug war”, how many lives did they ruin? Now they can move on to poor women needing family planning resources. Lives ruined, don’t forget that.

      Perhaps once they get what they’re after, they’ll see the errors of their ways? Such as the “drug war”. It was their salad days when “urban thugs” were smoking crack and hooked on smack and thrown in the joint. It’s a social problem for “rural victims” that are hooked on crank and smack that need treatment.

      Perhaps when their sister or girlfriend dies due to lack of gynecological care, they’ll have the same epiphany? It’s not just abortion, it’s family planning , cancer screening and childbirth that are all at risk for poor women here. Abortion isn’t a clear line they assume it is.

  10. So if a child has all the gawd given rights and is a person from conception, then who goes to jail for miscarriages? I mean who we gonna charge for unanswerable fetus death? Considering most fetuses aren’t viable(cannot live outside the womb) till at the very least 26 weeks. Exceptions to this not withstanding.

    We gonna try a greiving parent who has no idea what happened? Or the dr who didnt see it coming? Or gawd himself for taking them home?

    Sounds ridiculous right?

    1. You should know:

      1) Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is the loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week of gestation. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur so early in pregnancy that a woman doesn’t realize she’s pregnant.

      This is close to the same number of medically terminated pregnancies. God works in mysterious ways, but I have to wonder what point he has in implanting souls at conception in fetuses that will miscarry.

      2) About one in four American women will have an abortion during her lifetime.

      snopes dot com/fact-check/one-in-four-women-abortion/

  11. If men oppose abortion then they shouldn’t get one.

    1. What if it’s a trans man?

      1. Just ridiculous! Trans men cant create babies from the fruit of their loins. Therefore, Jesus Christ, person(wouldnt wanna step on pronouns) they fall under has no say in the matter.

        I am so sick of this stupid dont hurt my feelings crap. Suck it up cupcake a womans uterus is no man’s business. Weather hes cut his dick off or not.

        1. Trans man still has a vag from what the internet tells me.

          1. UTERUS, OVARIES, EGGS, these are the womans half of the reproductive cycle.. Or did you skip 5th grade health class?

            1. Educational moment time:,people%20(including%20transsexual%20people).

            2. Well I’ll be damned being a heterosexual person I had no idea what trans man meant.

              Course a woman surrendering her femaleness because she was actually born a man is still a man so my argument stands.

  12. Just another pathetic attempt to deny healthcare from poor women and demonize the less fortunate.

  13. All the maskless morans*, “My body, my choice!”

    Anti-abortion crusaders, “Your body, my choice.”

    *morans- it’s a meme, you can look it up.

    1. You know it’s not a good attempt at a joke when your have to explain it, right?

      1. On the contrary it was great. Look at the thumbs up. In contrast to yours…..

        1. I come here for thumbs down.

          1. why?

            1. It’s what trolls do.

    2. Now, in a debate, the Judges would be scrambling to load the checkmarks next to your name!
      Can’t wait for aunti moronic snapback.

  14. When asked by his country to serve in Iraq, he bravely quit and became a military contractor.

  15. Well yeah. The pay is a lot better. That’s what capitalism is all about.

    1. He managed to save money in other ways, I guess he doesn’t believe divorce is a sin.

  16. Why, don’t ya’ll realize? He’s plum ‘skeered that some future OSWHO runnin’ back is gonna’ get nipped in the bud!

  17. They just never seem to give it a rest. Who keeps electing these numbskulls?

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