Another Right Wing Oklahoma Senator Is Trying To Criminalize Abortion…

The legislative deadline is looming, so guess what? Unemployment stimulus? Nah. COVID laws to make sure people wear masks and protect society? Hahahaha! No way.

This is Oklahoma! That means our lawmakers are, once again, wasting time and money pushing unconstitutional legislation in a futile attempt to ban abortion, which at last check, is still a legal medical procedure.

From FOX25:

State Sen. Warren Hamilton announced his intent to file the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act/Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act, which would criminalize and end all abortions in Oklahoma.

The measure would ensure equal justice and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization and establish that an unborn child has the same God-given inalienable rights as any other human.

I feel like I’ve heard this bit before somewhere. It’s like going to an open mic night and somebody’s playing ‘Wagon Wheel.’ You’ve heard it a million times, nobody likes it, and before the end, the sound guy cuts them off.

That being said, you cant’ blame Senator Hamilton for introducing the law. It’s basically the only thing he campaigned on:

There’s one very baffling piece of this legislation, outside of the redundancy of a state senator bashing his head into a wall over and over again:

The bill will also state that the Constitution does not prohibit any state from using its reserved police powers to outlaw homicide and provide equal protection to all persons within its jurisdiction.

I had to read that out loud to myself several times to figure out what that meant, and I’m still a little confused. Homicide is already outlawed, but police kill people, especially in Oklahoma. Also, based on what I witnessed over the summer and in my lifetime, I think a lot people would agree that police already don’t provide equal protection. Either wat, I’m not onboard for the ‘make abortion a homicide’ part of this bill, so if we could trim that part off and focus on the ‘cops should get locked up for murdering people’ side of it, I think we’ve got something we can work with.