Stitt Cabinet Member David Ostrowe Indicted!

Congratulations to our readers that had David Ostrowe in their “Which Member of Kevin Stitt’s Cabinet Will Be The First One To Be Indicted” betting pool!

Yesterday afternoon, he beat out 14 other white people who look like they’re wearing someone else’s skin after a grand jury indicted him on bribery charges for allegedly threatening to withhold funding to the Oklahoma Tax Commission if it didn’t wave some tax penalties and debts for a former conservative lawmaker.

According to the indictment, former State Senator Jason Smalley complained to current State Senator Roger Thompson about a $10,000 tax bill he had to pay. Thompson reached out to Ostrowe – the Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration – to see what he could do about it. Ostrowe – who previously worked in the fast-food industry and has no government experience – then apparently called a couple of tax commissioners and threatened to withhold agency funding if they didn’t break the law and clear the debts.

In a statement to The Oklahoman, David Ostrowe denies the allegations:

Ostrowe told The Oklahoman he did not make any threats whatsoever and that he stands by his actions.

He said he routinely interfaces with the Tax Commission on tax-related citizen issues because of his role.

“It’s a commonplace responsibility that I have,” he said. “At no time did I do anything illegal, improper or immoral. And hopefully my reputation for the work I’ve done for the state will stand for itself.”

“Only in Oklahoma,” he added.

Yeah, only in Oklahoma. I said the same thing when I first heard that Kevin Stitt appointed the guy who oversaw our state’s Burger Kings and Taco Bells to lead our state’s digital transformation!

In all fairness, he probably thought threatening to withhold money from the tax commission was on the same level as threatening to withhold red sauce from someone’s bean burrito. If only he had some knowledge or experience working in or around the government before accepting the job, maybe he wouldn’t have made that mistake. As they say, only in Oklahoma.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and keep you updated. If you have any guesses or picks on who will be the next Stitt cabinet member to be indicted, leave a comment.

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18 Responses

  1. Smalley and Thompson are a little suspect too.

  2. Happy to learn there is a member of the governor’s cabinet who will go to bat for me against the mean ol’ tax commission! I’ve lived in other states where we never had such personal service. A top 10 state move, for sure! I suggest we all reach out to his office before year’s end for help getting our individual tax issues resolved. Because surely this isn’t just a service for the very rich, right?

    1. Better do it quick before he pleads guilty & rolls on the other guys!!!

  3. I wonder if this guy could call the Unemployment office to see if there’s an actual person somewhere? Oh, and regarding “only in this State?” He shouldn’t forget that when a great Republican such as say, a Scott Pruitt goes to Washington, we as Oklahomans can spread our abilities far and wide.

  4. Elect a clown expect a circus.

  5. Five will get you ten (years in a federal penitentiary) that Gov. Kevin “Jethro Bull” Stitt is trying to win the David Hall Award.

    1. Hell, what did Hall do compared to these guys? The Oklahoman went after Walters too, for what? There are two standards. One for the overlords and one for the old time Dems and perhaps new progressives.

      But of course, David Boren swept out all the corruption with his broom. How’s that worked out for him?

  6. Picking the guy from Taco Bell is about the same thinking as bringing in a trainer from Chick Fil-A to improve the DPS was handling licensing and driver certifications. No, really! They did that a few years back.

  7. Bribes? Well sure, this is Okla. Same ol’ same ol’.

    But there is a what? A Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration. WTF is that?

    And the this guy is outta fast food, actually where he might be of use during a pandemic now that folks shouldn’t go to restaurants; perhaps the pressure was too much for him? Hopefully he’ll be serving meals in the prison cafeteria.

  8. The Oklahoma shitshow continues………

  9. What’s funny to me is that if he HAD had government experience he would have known how to get it done without getting caught. We might have to start being careful what we wish for.

    Only in Oklahoma (and Washington, dumbass!) indeed.

  10. If he went to federal pen, he could share a cell with Joe Exotic. Assuming that is that trump doesn’t pardon him first. Along with himself, his family, his driver, the guy who cleans his golf shoes, and whoever else pops into his little pea brain before now and the day of deliverance.

  11. But wait, there’ll be more!


  13. Maybe he can also be held accountable for the crap show agency OMES. Whoever thought those morons could run the state government’s information technology needs clearly is living in a 2020 version of Commodore 64. This same shit is happening in your state agencies. The idiots Stitt has selected as agency directors would make your ass pucker.

    1. The information technology is a big piece of donkey shit. The crap the state employees have to work with just plain sucks. Then they outsource the IT work and you can’t get any response when you have any IT issues. I am sick of the way this administration has fucked everything up and the arrogance of the leaders of the agencies that were appointed by Shit Stitt. Fuck!

      1. No kidding Geez. Constant outages, and lag time is horrible. Plus, the selfish arrogant leaders in state agencies is a joke. Look at how they’re spending Covid funds, and you’ll see the flow of funds to their buddies’ new companies.


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