Questions surround car accident involving First Lady Sarah Stitt…

Last Thursday, reports quietly hit the Oklahoma media wire that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's prayer warrior – First Lady Sarah Stitt – was involved in a two-vehicle injury car accident at NE 36th and Lincoln.

According to media reports, Ms. Stitt was uninjured in the accident, but the other motorist was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released. Here are the 82 words the Tulsa World dedicated to the story:

First lady Sarah Stitt is uninjured following a Thursday two-vehicle collision in Oklahoma City, said Sarah Stewart, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
Sarah Stitt was driving north on Lincoln Boulevard when her vehicle collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Northeast 36th Street at 1:54 p.m., Stewart said. “It is still under investigation,” Stewart said of the crash. “One individual was transported out of the other vehicle with minor injuries, and the first lady was not injured.”

Yep, that's it. We just had a little car accident where, fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. Things like that happen all the time. Move along. There's nothing else to see here.

Or is there???

On Friday night, we received some dispatches via the Ogle Mole Network with more details about the accident. Update: We also acquired some photos from the scene.

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