TLO issues rare “Thank You” to members, advertisers and cheap losers who gave us nothing

The Frontier’s publisher Bobby Lorton recently wrote a nice little letter thanking the non-profit’s individual donors – and their backers in the more socially liberal wing of the Oklahoma ruling class – for all the support during a tumultuous 2020.

It got me thinking – “Maybe I, Patrick Riley, publisher of The Lost Ogle (not the artist), should also write a historic “Thank You!” to all of our readers who generously joined our Membership Club that we launched earlier this year when the pandemic nearly shut us down. It would be a nice gesture, and even more importantly, get more sign-ups!”

That’s probably a good idea, but before I do that. Here’s one last chance to be a part of this historic “Thank You” event:

(Looking to make a one time contribution, click here.)

Anyway, all set up now? Let’s get on to this rare Thank You.

“If you’re one of the couple hundred people who generously gave to our little website in 2020 and – outside of a koozie or archive access or the joy of helping us pay our contributors and other important bills – didn’t get too much out of it, we are incredibly thankful for your support. It means a ton, will help us grow and expand, and (hopefully) motivates us to do better work. In the next couple of months, we plan on including member’s only ad-free browsing and moving more of our premium content behind the paywall. Thanks so much for being you!!! See you next year!”

That was fun! It’s always nice to thank the people who let us do what we do. That being said, and in the spirit of equal time, we should probably shame and scold the people who read our articles, but didn’t give us a dime. Here’s something for you:

“If you’re one of the cheapskates who didn’t support us in 2020, but still regularly stopped by to read and enjoy our work for free, thanks for nothing! You suck! I hope you go and boil your bottoms, you sons of silly persons!”

“But Patrick. Your website has advertisements. You’re still making money off me!”

Okay, I don’t think you truly understand the current state of local advertising, and how most businesses that encourage you to shop local spend virtually all their online ad money with massive corporations like Facebook and Google, but you bring up a fair point. We should also thank our few and fine advertisers – like Grand Casino, Energy FC, Fire Leaf, Oklahoma Contemporary, Patricia’s and Stability – for sticking with us, and supporting weird local media that isn’t scared to speak truth to power! We literally couldn’t do this without them, too.

And, I guess, we should probably thank all of our readers… even the ones who didn’t give us money. Yeah, you may be cheap, but we still love those likes and clicks. Plus, there’s still a chance for you to change your mind! Have a Happy New Year and see you in 2021.

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12 Responses

  1. Go get ’em.

    And, hasn’t it been two weeks since Sarah Stitt plowed a state vehicle into another motorist?
    Without any police report surfacing? Or explanation why a non-employee was tooling around in a state car?

    1. I did some thinking about that. Back in early June the Governor and First Lady hosted a roundtable discussion on race relations. I suspect that ever since that event, both of them have been color blind. That probably explains Sarah running the red light.

    2. I’m glad that Eddie brought up the Sarah Stitt incident once more. The media silence about it everywhere but TLO is… remarkable. Some might even say suspicious.

      We get preached to all the time about “equal justice under law.” I’m pretty sure that if the spouse of any other state employee caused an injury accident by running a red light while driving a state vehicle, the OHP would NOT have swooped in and concealed the accident report (if they even filed one). The incident would have been handled “by the book” by the OKC police, and someone would be in deep doo-doo.

      Special rules for special people?

      Happy New Year, everyone! And don’t be an idiot – get vaccinated!

      1. I plan to get vaccinated 9 or 10 times to make up for the idiots that won’t do it.

      2. Please follow up.

      3. I was told years ago that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol always takes the lead in investigating accidents involving Highway Patrol vehicles. I was told that by a man who was hit by an OHP vehicle while on duty. He said that he was afraid of “home cooking”, but it was quickly and fairly investigated and paid by the state.

        I’m guessing the policy is still the same.

  2. Auntie is still waiting on her tlo stimulus check for keeping engagement high around here. Maybe better luck in 2021.

  3. If a cheap bastard like me can contribute (diverting precious Natty Light funds I might say!) then the rest of you tight fisted losers have no excuse. Snark aside the Lost Ogle is that rare media organ that truly does uncover the dirty little secrets the High and Mighty try to hide.

  4. Sarah Stitt is STILL HIDING

    1. She has finagled her way into a Health Dept. PSA where she suggests washing our hands and personal responsibility. Nothing about a mask, of course.

      And renowned among friends for my frugality (“cheap SOB”), I, too managed to contribute to the good work TLO does. It can be done.

  5. Please don’t censor me–just complete the investigation.

  6. I’m usually not a fan of paysites, but did engage with TLO for 2 specific reasons:
    1.) I no longer and have not for a long time paid anything to the Daily OK/joke.
    2.) I get great specific news coverage, I truly enjoy the content, the banter among those who comment, and find the site not only informative, forum-esque, but also extremely humorous/entertaining.

    For me it’s a small price to pay for the value I receive. Others may disagree.

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