James Lankford reminds us Oklahoma still has two dumb Senators…

For a guy who looks like a skeleton, James Lankford sure could use a spine.

Over the weekend, Senator Gingertor – the guy who’s supposed to be the more sane and reasonable of our two US senators – announced that he’s still aboard the latest obstructionist effort from the alt-right to stick it to the Libs… and attempt to usurp our country’s flawed, fake, money-driven democracy.

Here are some details via The Tulsa World:

U.S. Sen. James Lankford on Saturday joined a group of Republican senators who say they’ll oppose final approval of Electoral College results on Wednesday until a special commission “audits” election results in several states before the Jan. 20 inauguration date.

Speaking by telephone Saturday afternoon, Lankford said his objective is to clear up as many questions about the election as possible.

“We’re trying to get the facts out,” Lankford said. “We want to be able to say those questions were answered to the best of our ability.”

Yeah, this is about as surprising as a 15-year-old getting to second base at the Falls Creek Church Camp.

Sure, those of us who haven’t been brainwashed by decades of right-wing propaganda, fearmongering and misinformation, accept the election results and know it wasn’t rigged (outside of its typical money, corporate and party influences), but then again, we don’t have to count on the brainwashed folks to give us money and vote for us to keep our job every six years. James Lankford does. You know there are legions of narcissistic Trump folks biting at the chomp to go full He-Man on him in the primary if he doesn’t bend the knee to their cult, so his hands are a bit tied on all this.

Here’s James Lankford’s tweet about the news:

Oops. Wrong tweet. That’s the one where he prayers for God to deliver us lawmakers who are the opposite of James Lankford. Here’s the correct one:

If you click the link, it will take you to a lengthy Facebook where he does a mental gymnastics floor routine attempting to justify his actions, while also trying not to alienate the few remaining establishment GOP-types who still have a shred of integrity. Check it out on your own if you want to see if he sticks the landing.

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44 Responses

  1. Isn’t this the fool idiot that used to quote scriptures to President Obama?

    1. He’s a very Godly and Christian man, except when supporting obvious lies (it’s okay because it was Trump and he:
      didn’t say it,
      didn’t mean it,
      it was a joke,
      fake news,
      everyone else may have said it,

      Lankford is such a Christian he has blatantly supported Neo Nazi tactics, racism, criminal activities, a confirmed liar (by the liar’s own voice), but none of that should count because it’s only because he want’s to continue to be elected to continue to serve and protect those too dumb to protect themselves. He is a perfect example of being a complete fucking moronic hypocrite.

      1. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

        – Matthew 7:21

        1. Well then, Lanford is screwed.

      2. You are so correct! As an Oklahoman, I am embarrassed to have a senator who doesn’t mind trashing the Constitution!
        It may be because he hasn’t read it, or he is too dumb to understand it!
        If he claims to be a Christian, why did he sell his soul to the devil?

  2. He’s another embarrassment to our state’s image. People in other states still think we are a Cowboy and Indian dueling state full of red necks.

  3. He’s up for re-election in 2022, was a featured speaker at the December fundraiser for Georgia. He is in campaign mode so he can collect additional millions to get re-elected. Just following the Oklahoma Standard Playbook to stay in business.

    Shouldn’t come as a surprise, he knows his owners, and without them he wouldn’t be able to make a living. When Inhofe leaves he will be the Senior Oklahoma US Senator to his protege Kevin Stitt being the Junior Senator. Or that is how “Porkchop” Bond Payne explained it all to them in the clubhouse.

  4. When our senator joins forces with the likes of Ted Cruz, Ken Paxton, and Louie Gohmert, you know that he’s trying to dig below the bottom of the barrel. Is that how one gets to spend a long lifetime in Washington? Apparently It is if you’re from Oklahoma. Trump first, America… somewhere back there.

    Notable GOP weirdos who have NOT joined this seditious battle: Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, and… Jim Inhofe.

    Another embarrassment for Oklahoma. As if we needed one.

    1. And Mitt Romney. Surprised ol’ Lindsey isn’t front and center in this farce. He so wants to be president he’s catering to the Trump base of loonies.

  5. Why do you think I call him “Banjo Boy”?

  6. Move along folks nothing to see here except a ??”child counselor”?? ginger slab of stupid!! When did this state and it’s elected morons go so far down that rabbit hole…I’m thinking that corrupt ass keating started this abortion rolling and got the fuck outa town so he didn’t have to live in this shit stained toilet that he left!!

  7. Lankford is the kinda guy who would probably support OJ Simpson for Governor if OJ was running for Governor as a Republican….

    1. I think you made a mistake, I corrected it for you:

      “Lankford is the kinda guy who would 100% support OJ Simpson for Governor if OJ was running as Governor as a Republican, IF TRUMP and HIS BASE supported OJ.”

    2. And he would support the Republican candidate if Jesus was running as a Democrat. Party first, America and Jesus somewhere well behind.

  8. I don’t want to wish my life away, but I can’t wait for 2-3 years from now (hopefully sooner), when all these people who have basically sold their soul to support the lunacy of Trump and the complete facade of anything resembling normal, have to defend their actions. They won’t be able to, and shouldn’t be, many if not all will most likely not only regret their actions but hopefully face true consequences.

  9. I see the “whitebread moralist” is at again. (I also like the image of the skeleton with no spine.)

    I wrote my displeasure on Sen Lankford’s “contact form” on his website. I’ll invite you to do the same.
    I might’ve mentioned that his actions were a traitorous act that undermines the peaceful transition of power and he was placing his own and his party’s interest over the Constitution and interest of the American people. ….

    ….you know, the usual comments when writing to the Senator.

    (I didn’t mentioned that he confirms that our state is the laughing stock of America. Someone might send him that comment.)

    1. I tried that too. All I get back is bullshit. He just does what his owners tell him to do.

      1. I wrote a lengthy letter to Lankford once around the time the House was impeaching Trump. Lankford sent back a bunch of verbal vomit / talk around the problem without addressing any of my comments (and I didn’t cuss or anything and made sure my letter had proper grammar). He’s a Christofascist homophobe and a discredit to our state.

        I Love Oklahoma But We Suck A Lot And It’s Embarrassing.

        1. I did the same thing about the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation with the same results. The response was total boilerplate. I doubt anyone bothers to read our letters.

        2. You couldn’t have put that any better. +1

      2. Yes, his letters are all condescending bullshit. He always makes false comparison and strawman arguments and then pretends he’s on a moral high ground.

        It takes a lifetime church talk politics to refine lies to that level. It’s the kinda moral hypocrisy that makes every thoughtful 12 year old turn to atheism.

  10. Too bad he’ll still be elected well into his 80s just like Senator Imhoff.

    1. They’re both droids but at least Inhoff was smart enough to put his finger in the air before he committed sedition. Talk about bad timing. Lankford is a joke and now a seditionist.

  11. unfortunately, this is the devolution of christianity in the US.

  12. If the liberals won fairly how come they’re still angry?

    1. What kind of creature employs Jim Crow as an intro.

      Fucking nuts, Proud Boy.

      Proudly ignorant–of any sense of history.

    2. They don’t appear to be angry about winning, they appear to be angry at the continued lies/attacks/attempts at not recognizing the results. I find it so odd that the only states/methods in question are the ones where Trump lost-and that the Repub winners in those states don’t question their results (which they won), but just Trumps.

      Anyone who listened to the call he made to the GA SOS and can still defend him, really should just say “it doesn’t matter what he does or what he says-we support him because we don’t care about right or wrong, just what we want”

      Also, to again question Trump’s mental state and intelligence-how can you not know at this point EVERYTHING YOU DO/SAY IS MOST LIKELY RECORDED SOMEWHERE BY SOMEONE- his ignorance of this fact shows how much of a complete out of touch dumb-ass he is.

  13. “We’re trying to get the facts out,” Lankford said. “We want to be able to say those questions were answered to the best of our ability.”

    If this sycophant was interested in “facts” he would demand censure of Trump.

    1. Of course NONE OF THE FEDERAL JUDGES/SUPREME COURT have considered the FACTS in their overwhelming dismissal of the completely false/inaccurate claims made in the cases filed by Trump/Republicans.

      Also it’s so cute the people resisting Trump the hardest in GA are Republicans-WHO BEFORE THE ELECTION AND AFTER THE ELECTION HAD PLEDGED THEIR SUPPORT TO HIM.

  14. Well, once again, a son of Oklahoma steps out onto the national stage and..well you know. There is no bottom here in the Sooner state. Back to the corndogs.

    1. To be fair, Lankford is no son of Oklahoma. He was born in Texas.

      James Inhofe is no son of Oklahoma. He was born in Indiana (but moved to Oklahoma as a little boy, although it is difficult to imagine that Inhofe was a child once).

      The *only* person born on Oklahoma soil currently serving in the U.S. Senate is Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

  15. From my own observations, he’s certainly getting
    more polished with the BS as the years go by.

  16. Actually, I’m quite surprised dingleberry-face Inhock didn’t join his skeletal co-turd, for that shit show.

  17. Oklahoma’s first seditionist?

  18. I mean, we know he is choking on his ambition to run for POTUS one day, but who exactly is holding the strings on Senator Howdy Doody?

  19. It’s just bizarre that Sen. Inhofe is the more sensible of the two for once. My guess is that he did it to prevent someone making a primary challenge on the grounds that he didn’t support Trump.

    But does no one see how — to be blunt — Third World this challenging of the election results make you Americans look? This sort of thing did not use to happen in the stable democracies of the West.

  20. Does he believe Florida won the Cotton Bowl?

  21. Lankford should resign since he has egged on this disgrace in Washington. A truly terrible day for America. Trump should be arrested and tried for treason.

    1. SInce he tried to burn the down the Capitol from inside the building, he might’ve as well as gone outside the building and burn it down there.

      BTW- I see all these Congress folks are sequestered together. I just wondered if they decided to beat up Cruz while they ‘re there?

  22. Please please please sign and share this Petition for the ‘recall’ of Lankford and Mullin. Sign and share. Let’s make this go viral and a million US voters to validate that no one can disrupt the continuity of our Presidency and still be legitimate.

  23. This has turned ugly. We need to recall Lankford.

    Let’s get it going.

  24. Reap what you sow–you sorry, cynical bastard.

    Clearly lacked the foresight to see how this would play out.

    Cannot talk your way out of this conflagration.

  25. That mealy moth m-fr is on the tv taking right now trying to spray Chanel on his shit.

    We need to recall him. !!!

  26. Jimmy and the beard should just leave “public service” and become the televangelist duo they were destined to be. They’d make a shit-ton more money and it would serve their narcissism.

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