Stitt appoints “Hot Wife Chloe” guy as new General Counsel

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has added to his crack legal team!

On New Year’s Eve – the best day of the year to dump news you’d rather people not see – Kevin Stitt announced he hired our old pal Jason Reese as his new general counsel.

In case you forgot, we made Jason internet famous back in 2017 when we discovered he included a porn video titled “HotWife Chloe Needs To Be Punished” on a campaign expense report back when he ran for a seat in the Oklahoma legislature. Remember that:

7 reasons Kevin Stitt wants to keep the COVID-19 Task Force report a secret…

Last week, our esteemed Governor, Kevin Stitt, announced that the state will no longer be publishing the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s weekly report, which usually includes individualized recommendations for states to best handle the goddang global pandemic that I’m still pissed didn’t magically disappear at midnight on the 31st. While Stitt alluded to reducing […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Railhead Bar-B-Q

It was after a few pure examples of absolute human error when we finally made it to the mixed-materials building that solidly holds, now and forever, Railhead Bar-B-Q, 13978 S. Douglas Blvd., somewhere in the aged backwoods of, according to the place’s printed materials, Guthrie. With the sun setting in the sky in that alarmingly […]