Local senator wants to ban transgender atheletes

Sports! They’re fun and also very dumb. Basketball is my favorite sport and I love the way they dribble up and down the court. But gender roles have kept many leagues separated for years because of the idea that men and women can’t compete together.

An Oklahoma state senator filed a bill that would prevent people who identify as different genders from competing in sports leagues that they feel like they’d belong to. From Fox25:

State Sen. Micheal Bergstrom filed Senate Bill 331, which would protect female athletes from competing against males who identify as females in school-sponsored athletic events.

Also known as the Save Women’s Sports Act, the measure expressly designates that athletic teams sponsored by a public or private school would be based on biological sex and broken into three categories: Males, including “men” or “boys”; Females, including “women” or “girls”; or Co-ed or “mixed.”


Similarly, the bill would protect schools that enforce biological sex identification on their sports teams from any adverse action taken by the State Board of Education, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and any school athletic association or intercollegiate association in which the school is a member.

“It’s unfair to ask our female athletes to compete against biological males in any sporting event unless the team is categorized as co-ed,” Bergstrom said.

Why do these people give a fuck? If someone who identifies as a male, or non-binary for that matter, wants to play football and is talented enough, just let them. This is obviously a nasty strike against not just women, but people who are transgender.

I’ve known women who played football in high school and were bigger than most of the dudes. There’s so many WNBA players who would be stars in the NBA, or at least better than all the scrubs on the bench.

My partner is a roller derby all-star who played against men’s teams and they brutalized the guys. Many of the world’s best athletes are women, and there’s also plenty of room for people who have different identities to be involved in sports.

Maybe there’s room for men’s teams, women’s teams, and co-ed teams, but in high school, fuck it. If you wanna play football and you’re a girl or someone who identifies as such and you’re good enough, you should be allowed to try out.

With all the shit going on in the world right now, this is such a waste of legislative measure. Put me in coach, I wanna play.