Markwayne Mullin is still an anti-masker

It is absolutely exhausting covering Oklahoma Republicans, but also a boon. There’s always some dumb shit they’re up to every single week that provides ‘content.’

So with the recent turmoil and uprising at the United States Capitol, of course you can expect that our lawmakers would be getting into some asinine shenanigans. Check out a TLO favorite Markwayne Mullin, who made national headlines after refusing to wear a mask while hiding from the mob he helped ignite.

Via NewsOn6:

Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin was among other lawmakers caught on video turning down a mask during the lockdown at the Capitol. At least one representative has tested positive for COVID-19 in the days following the attack.

In a video, a person is seen offering masks to lawmakers, including Rep. Mullin.

“I’m not trying to get political, in fact, I just want to get along but I appreciate you,” said Rep. Mullin.

The attending physician for members of Congress urges lawmakers to continue wearing masks and watch for COVID-19 symptoms in the days ahead. CBS News reported several lawmakers were taken into an area of the Capitol that holds hundreds of people when the attack was taking place.

There are very many reasons he should have been wearing a mask, mostly because there’s a harmful disease that has already killed more Americans than World War II and he was in a situation that put several other elected lawmakers in danger.

But have you seen this dude’s face? He cosplays as a bootleg Chuck Norris. That beard looks like somebody glued a patch of Velcro on his face. The only good thing that’s come out of the pandemic is ugly dudes having an excuse to cover their faces. Speaking personally as an ugly dude, I relish the opportunity to be able to hide behind a piece of fabric when I have to go out in public. But at least I know I can grow a better beard than Mullin.

It’s astonishing how we are about a year into this pandemic and there are still so many dipshits who laugh it off while the morgues are overloaded, but I guess this is who we are, Oklahoma, USA.

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26 Responses

  1. MARKWAYNE MULLET BS (Belief System):

    1) Nothing like COVID exists unless I think it does, or unless His Highness King Trump tells me it exists.
    2) If it exists, it is not spread via droplets exhaled through the mouth or nose. Instead, tiny demons transport the virus in little sacks, like Santa dropping toys off at the orphanage. These demons are of the Devil. Or the libtard Dems.
    3) But even if the virus is spread via droplets, no such droplets come out of my mouth or nose. And if they did, it couldn’t possibly infect you. I be special!
    4) And even if droplets came out of my mouth and could infect you, so what? Who gives a fuck about YOU? I’m tryin’ to be a MAN all up in here!
    5) Vote Markwayne Mullet for President in 2024! I intend to run for office the same way I ran for safety from the “Antifa” when they invaded the Capitol.

  2. Kevlar vest?

    1. Good point. He’s the sort who would wear a vest for his own safety, but refuse to be screened for weapons (or to wear a mask) for the safety of others.

  3. He also was in the news for refusing to pass through a metal detector and screaming at the staff operating it. He’s a treasure. Always screaming non-stop about personal freedom and being a hardliner to prevent food stamp/unemployment/welfare abuse. Because it’s way more important to punish/restrict those poor people and not worry about the Billion of abuse by the 1%. Again he’s a confirmed liar, a blatant trump/alt-right subservient, a CINO (Christian in name only) and just a horrible person.

  4. This pisses me the f$ck off. If you refuse the mask in close quarters then leave those close quarters! Someone should have booted his ass out the door and into the hallways with his people. Him and that smug little soon-to-be-a-FOX-News-correspondent blonde next to him. GTF out of here, trash! That beard ain’t gonna absorb all the germs and sh!t that comes out of your mouth and nose. Obviously.

  5. This guy is the asshole who you always got stuck in front of in the classroom seating chart.

  6. This is my congressman. I have no words.

    The adage says if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. I have overtaxed my brain this morning, and all I can think of to say about Markwayne Mullin is that maybe he’s a good plumber. Maybe.

    I wouldn’t actually know, because I’ve never used his company and intend not to use it in the future.

    1. His plumbing company got $1.5 million in Cares Act Money

  7. The smirks on their faces says it all.

    And now Nancy is going to fine them for their poor behavior. I’d bet some of them never had to take their licks at the principal’s office ’cause daddy had a lot of money. Speaker Nancy will have to teach them manners that their upbringing failed to do.

    1. President-elect just called these clowns out and said, “It’s time to grow up. What in the hell is wrong with you?”

  8. The Jokelahoma Sub-Standard
    I love the now iconic photo of him crouching under his chair…
    I thought he was some sort of Martial Arts badass
    He looked more like “Crouching Pussy, Hidden Sphincter”
    The only thing worse than MWM are the hillbillies that voted for him
    Vote Rich Live Poor Okies

    1. “crouching pussy, hidden sphincter”

      That deserves a hell yeah!

      He’s only a tough guy toward concerned women bearing masks.

      1. Beth is still fine tuning borrowed material….

  9. And he’ll win his next election by 65% of the vote, Imagine That. Is this a great state or what… I’m leaning towards ‘what’.

    1. well that’s your “two cents”.

      1. guys, I meant it ironically….since it was a reference to the local news slogans…..

        oh, nevermind

    2. Rumor is Pruitt might challenge him. Speaking of Pruitt, anyone seen him?

  10. Who won the Markwayne caption contest? Asking for a friend…

    1. Still waiting for my Lynyrd Skynyrd mail-ins to get counted.

    2. Your friend actually wanted a $25 gift certificate for… Mullin Plumbing?

      I know times are tough, but TLO needs to come up with better prizes. Like maybe TLO-branded swag – a pen and a coozie.

      1. Actually in the caption post I mentioned I would settle for a mole membership and TLO swag but maybe calling it a contest was some occasional humor when it was really an exhibition.

  11. His company “The Red Rooter” plumbing service got $1.5 millon in
    Cares Act Money. I thought when your home you clog your plumbing more than when your at work.

    1. Wait, this guy uses the word “red” in his company name?


  12. Although most everyone hears something about Covid
    day after day, several times a day probably, I suspect that
    they still haven’t developed good mask wearing practices
    because it hasn’t struck home with them in a personal way
    quite enough, like losing a close one.

    In my own case, I’ll often reflect back on the day and think of
    incidents where I should have been more careful in hindsight.
    One of the worst is not having developed the habit of using hand
    sanitizer after handling objects that others have handled.
    Plus no one hardly ever wears a mask when among friends, at
    least around my crowd, although they could be a carrier every
    bit as much as some stranger.
    Probably the worst here lately was going through a buffet with the
    food exposed to a constant stream of maskless patrons.

    I haven’t lost a loved one or a friend from it yet and I don’t know
    anyone else personally that has either.
    But I’m sure that for those who have, it has enough impact for them
    to be extra careful compared to the average person.

  13. Super Stupid Lawmakers.
    You are forced to wear a seat belt that only harms you in a accident but not forced to wear a mask so you can spread the virus and cause harm and possibly death to others. Something is backwards here.

  14. Could you imagine being educated, standing there listening to a plumber named markwayne and some gal that thinks babies are being sold out of a pizza parlor telling you you don’t know what you’re talking about? Is it possible no one will find out he’s from Oklahoma?

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