OBN desperately looking for new ways to drum up media-induced fear about marijuana…

Although medical marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma for over two years now, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and their fearmonger in chief, Mark Woodward, are still doing their best to use the media as a tool to scare people about the dangers of the devil's lettuce.

For example, check out this report about (gasp!) marijuana products that are packaged to look like the (gasp!) packages of candy that you'd find at one of your three or four (gasp!) neighborhood On-Cues. You can't buy them in any of our state's medical marijuana dispensaries or anything like that, but according to the OBN, they're available on the <insert scary ghost voice> “dark web” and will soon make their way onto the Oklahoma streets and then into teenagers' backpacks, possibly next to their vape pen, Adderall and the oxy they swiped from mom's medicine cabinet while she was passed out on the floor…

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