Tulsa weatherman calls out OKC weathermen for scary snowpocalyptic weather forecast

As I'm sure you know by now, the OKC TV weather hypers have been hard at work over the last 24 hours irresponsibly ramping up fear – and social media shares and TV ratings – with an apocalyptic winter weather forecast that predicts anywhere from 10 - 20 inches of snow will fall across the state Sunday through Monday, leading to an early run on milk, bread, snow shovels, kitty litter and Tauntauns at retailers from Williburton to Slapout and everywhere in between.

I guess they could be right. From inland hurricanes to epic floods to prolonged droughts to maxi-wedge mega grinders dancing across the prairie, extreme weather is always a possibility in Oklahoma, but as the surprise ice rink that descended on the metro this past Monday morning reminded us, winter weather is incredibly unpredictable in these parts. It's a challenge for a meteorologist to forecast what's going to happen in a couple of hours, much less four or five days in advance.

It's something we've documented plenty of times over the years on this site, and something I brought up in a Twitter thread last night:


I'm not the only one sounding the "Hey, let's not freak out yet" alarm. Dan Threlkeld – a former KFOR weatherman who now prances in front of the greenscreen at KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa – provided this bit of commentary during a newscast, calling out some of the Oklahoma City weathermen who "like to scare people."

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