Oklahoma lawmakers prepping for Jim Inhofe’s departure to netherworld…

With the US Senate split at a perilous 50/50 balance, Oklahoma GOP-centric lawmakers are now trying to figure out what to do if old Senator Senile Jim Inhofe suddenly departs the mortal realm – and the US Senate – for his waterfront vacation home at Grand Lake O’ The Hades in the Netherworld.

Via the AP:

The Oklahoma House approved a bill on Tuesday to let the governor fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate.

The bill, approved on a 54-42 vote, now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Under current Oklahoma law, the governor calls for a special election if there is a vacancy in the U.S. Senate, but House author Rep. Kyle Hilbert says that process takes too long.

Under his proposal, the governor would pick the U.S. senator from a list of three names submitted by the speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The person selected would have to be from the same political party as his or her predecessor and be confirmed by the state Senate.

I don’t have a big problem with this. Under current rules, the seat basically sits vacant until a new person is elected via a special election. That’s not a good look. Even if the Senate seat will be occupied by someone equally as right-wing and spineless as Senator Senile or Skeletor, we only have two seats and might as well use them. We don’t want to be the state that has season tickets but doesn’t show up to the game!

Well, unless we can scalp the seats to a richer state.

Either way, couldn’t we come up with a more entertaining way to pick a replacement? You know, something that engages the public and doesn’t lead to a typical game of wheel and deal insider politics. For example, I’d suggest maybe adopting an Oklahoma version of Alone. Take 10 people, drop them off in the middle of Southeastern Oklahoma, and the person who lasts the longest on their own without being eaten by alligators, bears or cannibalistic castrators wins the seat!

Then again, the people who crave power would probably rather wait things out as opposed to being appointed. TLO fanboy Keith Gaddie provided this history lesson on Twitter:

Hmmn. Maybe the best plan is to just let Jim Inhofe continue to serve in the Senate remotely from his lake house in the Netherworld until we elect an equally bad replacement? I doubt anyone would notice a difference.

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28 Responses

  1. I don’t think it’s right to just hand someone the power of incumbency, there should be an interim replacement until a special election can be held, and the interim senator shouldn’t be allowed to compete in that primary. Just my two cents, I know it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. I like xam’s idea.

    This bill would put a lot of the appointment power into the hands of the Speaker in place of the Governor. That’s an unusual wrinkle. And it’s odd that it applies only to Senate vacancies and not to House vacancies. So I guess it really does contemplate replacing our superannuated Sen. Inhofe… with someone from Inhofe’s party, of course.

    The most significant thing that the bill would do is to take the choice of an interim Senator away from the voters. Because the darn voters keep doing things that our Legislature doesn’t like.

    While they’re at it, watch for our legislature to think up ways to make voting more difficult. That’s a thing right now in states where legislators don’t like the result of the recent presidential election.

  3. While this is a horrible idea in so many ways there is one bright spot. Should the Legislature not put Stitt as one of the three names, Stitt could not appoint himself. Stitt could of course still appoint himself pretending his name is on the list, or be the 4th name written in later. Also would be interesting to see if the names would be made public, or if it would be just one of those things that Stitt would announce the one he selected.

    It would be interesting to see Stitt’s name not be on the list of three he could pick, as you know he would retaliate like he always does when someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to do, or at least supposed to do in the eyes of Stitt. I’m sure there are some former Cabinet members, and even some elected officials that would agree on the retribution of Stitt.

    Horrible idea to appoint a US Senator, but goes along with the “Oklahoma Standard.” Interim appointment until an election, maybe, but think how much damage Kevin Stitt, or one of the candidates for the recent 5th Congressional District who lost to Stephanie Bice could do while in the Senate.

    How about election 30 days after the Senator leaves office, Governor picks the interim Senator from the magic list of 3, and Interim pick can’t run in the special election to finish the term. I see the only qualification is the candidate must be of the same political party as the senator they are replacing. I guess that is more important than if that person actually resides in the state they claim to represent. The Oklahoma Senate really needs to amend Rep. Kyle Hilbert’s (26 year old future career politician) dumpster fire of a Bill.

    1. As a clarification, a sitting governor can’t actually “appoint himself” to a vacant position. But he can accomplish the same thing by resigning and getting himself appointed by the newly-ascended lieutenant governor.

      This is exactly what happened in 1963. Sen. Robert Kerr died in while in office on New Year’s day. Gov. Howard Edmondson resigned on Jan. 6 with about two weeks left in his term. Then Lt. Gov. George Nigh, having ascended to Governor, appointed Edmondson to the vacant senate seat.

      Edmondson was defeated for re-election in 1964. As Keith Gaddie mentioned, that is frequently the fate of appointed US Senators.

      1. Fred Harris defeated Bud Wilkinson.

  4. I strongly suspect that were something to happen to Inhofe (whom I don’t expect to finish this term due either to sudden health-related resignation or his own death), the first name that will pop out of the magic hat is Scott Pruitt–arrogant, corrupt, and heavily moisturised. Almost doesn’t matter about the #okleg bill … I fear that Pruitt is it. If not Pruitt, some other wacko like Joe Silk (currently not in office and lost the OK02 GOP Primary in 2020, if memory serves) with DC aspirations.

    Can’t stand Inhofe … we all know they suck and I don’t need to remind anyone. Not wholly sure this bill makes a difference.

    1. Heavily moisturized! LoL. Lurch Lankystein needs some lotion on the skin….or some meat on the bones under the skin? How did InSane and Lurch get re-elected? Oh ya – those dastardly party pickers. Ugh!

    2. Scott Pruitt? I would think that his brief, paranoid, and self-serving adventure at the EPA would disqualify him forever from public office. Too corrupt and zany even for the Trump Administration!

      Then again, this IS Oklahoma….

  5. That’s way too big a mugshot to greet us on your home page.

    1. It made me throw in my mouth

  6. What a horrible thing to say and whether I agree with your political aspiration or inspiration, your remark about him dying and going to the lake of Hades was way wrong. I find your article really offensive and I know you don’t care but you need to learn how to keep your rude comments to yourself and not for reading material for bored people.

    1. I thought Patrick was quite generous, myself. Where we usually go when we die is 6 feet under. Patrick’s suggestion of Hades gives me something to look forward to when I die. When electing to run for senator, yet again, this last time, Jim was telling us that term limits need to be a thing, or he’s just not going to know when to quit running for the spot. Here’s to hoping Hades doesn’t have senatorial elections. I’d hate to get there and find out that he’s still my senator.

      1. If he’s going to the lake of Hades, he’s pretty lucky. Everybody knows it’s cooler by the lake.

        1. But the humidity is much worse near the lake. It’s very hot in Phoenix too, but it’s dry heat.

    2. If there is any justice at all in the universe, there has to be some kind of reckoning for wanton murder of all those captive doves by Inhofe and his buddies, not to mention Inhofe’s willful and consequential denial of the science behind climate change.


  7. How about looking for someone who is interested in the position and responsibilities not for political sake , but for the state and ultimately the country’s. Someone who was a military oath taker for over 20 years and is 100% committed to the Constitution. Someone who has no desire at all to retire and suck up the peoples resources for doing what he perceives as nothing more than his civic duty. A person who knows the laws and obeys them and is practical, understands budgeting and believes if a conversation does not facilitate to being moral, ethical or legal it is not worth discussing. A person who understands authority and leaves power to God above. And a person who knows what it means to represent his constituents as well as remain wholly committed to the greatest document ever written next to the Bible, the Constitution. A former civil servant who believes government should be run like a business seeking to ease the burden on taxpayers vice waste. If this highly educated, skilled, servant of the people sounds like a choice you’d prefer to assume such a position, I humbly submit my name to the state. My name is David A Glass from Ardmore and I would be happy to champion the real needs of this country and state. Thank You!

    1. Hey! No fair! I want to champion the real needs of this country and state! I’ve got almost the same qualifications as you! Except for the believing in God thing. Oh, and I wasn’t in the military, but I have friends who were! And I’m already retired but wouldn’t mind sucking up a few resources. And I don’t buy the bullshit that government should be run like a business. (I mean, we’ve been hearing this and watching fools say they’re putting it into action for years and it’s been a total shit show.)
      Vote for me! I haven’t eaten any babies for several months now! I’m taking shots and hormone therapy to tamp down that pesky inner lizard! I tattooed a big “Q” on my dick! (Well, not all that big,…) I drink oil sludge for breakfast and smoke methane flavored blunts!
      USA! USA! MAGA me, baby! I’d make Lankford look good!
      Thank you!

      1. Finally, a man of the people, Nice play fort.

    2. David A. Glass, if you come here talking sense, the Constitution or the Bible, you will be down-voted, vilified. Because 95% of these people know a thing or two about Hades.

    3. This sounds eerily similar to the resumés of many of the people being charged with insurrection etc. in the recent invasion of the Capitol.

      No thank you, Mr. Glass.

  8. If you check infofe’s voting record, it speaks loud and clear. At times he leans more heavy to the I’m “not voting” it shows up as a “NO VOTE” on a bill. Instead of an out right yes or no vote. His voting records are open to the public you can see how he votes on every bill or how he don’t vote. It’s possible he could be a diabetic and needs to eat instead of voting..Depending what is being voted on.. voting session may not end until 3am. On a personal basis, I do not like him. Im pretty sure he does not like me at all. Personally, ar times. I think he is a Rino in sheep’s clothing..least I try to give him a chance, even if it goes against my better judgement.. I try to give him a chance.. You are corret.. there are politicians who are elected or pointed to districts or states they don’t live in.. Because if his age and they are so worried he may die in his sleep. within the next six years.. NO PROBLEM if they regain control of the Senate in the mid-term election. They need to step up their game. Never thought to look online to see if he is married.. Some states allow surviving spouses to finish out the term. I’m not sure Oklahoma’s laws allow that. . I’m not thrilled about spouses holding seats until an election. I sure do not want Mitch Mcconnell’s wife holding his seat. They would never get rid of her. Her family has ccp connections with their china shipping business.II don’t want Mitch McConnell selecting our next senator . You don’t want the governor selecting someone to finish out the term. We are seriously running out of options.. That does bring up term limits.. maybe making their endless 6yr terms to 2 4year terms. You can’t discriminate against the elderly. You will still have older people in office.. Hopefully with turn limits it cuts down some of the risk of future, special effects.. What ever happens.. a lot of people will not be happy either way

  9. We in Oklahoma should be less concerned about a similar process used in most states, and more concerned about the 25th Amendment that’s about to be used on Joe Biden. Oh yes, Democrats will ABSOLUTELY eat their own in order to get a radical like Kamala Harris installed as president. The “Inhofe is senile” BS is a nice deflection away from an obviously senile and frail Biden…

    1. Titz, you’ve been hanging out at OAN again, haven’t you?

      Careful – that has been proven to cause serious personality disorders, as was on vivid display on 1-6-2021

      1. I don’t read OAN, Qanon or any of that nonsense. Unlike you, I use my God-given common sense. Heck, even your democrat friends are turning on Biden. I think it’s funny as can be.

        1. Turning on Biden? That’s nothing new. Don’t your remember the 2020 campaign for the Democratic nomination? Or did you ignore it?

          That’s one big difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats criticize each other freely. Sometimes it gets quite nasty – even towards a sitting President.

          But for a Republican, if you criticize a fellow Republican around whom the party seems to orbit (like Former President Trump), it’s likely to get you cancelled – even in a party that claims to despise “cancel culture.”

          1. Republicans do despise cancel culture, a Democratic creation. Pay attention.

            1. Why are republicans running about censuring each other?

        2. Damn near spit out my ice tea, Titzoff “common sense”. That was funny. I suppose we’ll hear from Sue next.

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