Lawmakers Try Sneaky Tactic To Block Sexual Diversity Training

A few weeks ago, the Lost Ogle published a piece about Oklahoma State Representative (and probable part-time Hell House ghoul) Danny Williams, who authored HB 1888 which would prohibit any public body from conducting gender or sexual diversity training or counseling in Oklahoma. Because he’s a conservative, of course.

Like many of these idiotic laws that never get passed, it was easy to assume that this was another attention-seeking bill that fell by the wayside in favor of something twice as dumb—this is Oklahoma, after all—but, instead, it looks like it’s making a broad reappearance as right-leaning lawmakers try, once again, to get it passed, this time as a Senate Bill hidden in legislation regarding the Red River.

From KFOR:

“Those things should be discussed and looked at outside of government because we are not qualified to deal with it,” said Williams on the House Floor.

HB1888 was effectively shot down on the House floor earlier this month. Currently Senate Bill 267 is up for House Committee review. That piece of legislation initially was a bill that would set up a Red River Boundary Commission, but it has been amended and completely changed by William. The language from HB1888 put in its place going against traditional procedure.

Meant to stop the mandating of sexual or gender identity diversity training by public institutions, let’s be very honest and very clear here: this bill is very much part of this state’s proud anti-gay agenda and, deftly, Williams is doing a great job in carrying on this Okie tradition!

But, much like what’s currently going down in Georgia, a new generation of young Oklahoma politicians—like Rep. Mauree Turner, for example—are taking over and, thankfully, not taking guff from these old white men any longer.

“This bill is quite honestly a way to legislate people back into the closet,” said Rep. Mauree Turner.

Turner says multiple calls and emails by Oklahomans across the state helped to get the initial bill laid over.

“We defeated 1888 once and we can do it again by another name,” said Turner.

What’s sad about this bill—and really just about everything that seems to come out of Oklahoma government these days—is that all the elected officials behind them truly want to do is hurt their intended targets, savagely and severely. They want to send you back to the closet, send you back to the cotton fields, send you back to the reservation or send you back across the border.

It’s time to speak up or be complicit, jack.

And, besides, unless you’re just a truly horrible human being, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a few hours of diversity training and, typically, someone brings donuts so, really, it’s a win-win—I mean, what kind of asshole doesn’t like free donuts?


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6 Responses

  1. I wish I understood why so many “conservatives” are obsessed with matters of gender, sex, and reproduction. They fret over abortion, access to birth control, gays, lesbians, transgender issues, etc. I have no idea what is supposed to be “conservative” about the State sticking its nose into other people’s private business when no one else is affected by what they do. (For some reason, we don’t hear much from them any more about divorce or extramarital sex. The last politician I remember trying to resurrect that issue was Gov. Frank Keating, with his “marriage initiative” and a proposal to create a new form of “covenant” marriage that was virtually indissoluble.)

    Were these “conservatives” brought up to believe that sexual matters are shameful and must be tightly controlled, lest… something bad happens? Did they experience a twisted religious upbringing? Is it their view of correctness of their own public religiosity, which sometimes seems less than sincere?

    Or are they just meddlesome, donut-hating assholes without compassion for people who struggle with such issues in their real lives, and not just on the floor of the Legislature?

    1. It stirs up their base. “Traditional values”, you know.

      1. Yes, some of the politicians are pandering to their base. But how did the folks in the base get that way? Is sexual repression and fear of all things sexual a “traditional value”?

    2. you said “Or are they just meddlesome, donut-hating assholes without compassion for people who struggle with such issues in their real lives, and not just on the floor of the Legislature?”
      -In my opinion-Yes, but also they pander to their base by knowing their base does not understand the true issues and because of their ignorance/distaste of the situation will not research or be open-minded enough to care. So the base is “afraid of the unknown” and have learned it’s safer to “hate’ those so different, which the elected officials use to their benefit by providing, at best a false narrative and at worst just pure hate propaganda.

      I once heard a person who I truly believe understands the average human psyche say ” hate and fear is one hell of a motivator”. Trump came from nowhere to get elected president partly on his hate and fear mongering.

  2. The Red River Boundary Commission is against diversity?

  3. It’s always about judging someone else. Never about them. Until it’s about them.

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