Breea Clark is your Ogle Madness XIII Champion!!!

I guess we know why Emily Virgin didn’t like her Ogle Madness draw!

Capping one of the most unexpected runs in tournament history, Norman mayor Breea Clark – a 12-seed in the West Region – took down Oklahoma severe weather princess Emily Sutton in the Ogle Madness XIII Championship Match by an 865 (52%) – 794 (48%) margin.

Clark celebrated the victory by announcing she’s running for reelection in 2022.

The championship battle against Sutton – a two-time Ogle Madness champion who stoically refused to even acknowledge she was even in the tournament, much less ask for votes – was an all-timer.

Clark rushed out to an early lead, but Sutton quickly caught up like a storm chaser tracking down a derelict tornado on Oklahoma backroads. Sutton then surged to a lead by employing her vaunted squall line offense, but an investigation by the Ogle Madness parliamentarian discovered 247 fraudulent votes that were illegally cast for Sutton that originated from the IP address 2607:fb90:4454:cb85:0:3:cd6:5701.

After those votes were removed like invalid signatures on a recall petition, the contest was a dead heat. Clark took a slim lead into the final seconds, all while Sutton – petered out after encountering a surprise downdraft – slowly dissipated like a dying thunderstorm on the distant horizon. When the final buzzer sounded, Clark stood alone.

I’d like to congratulate the Mayor for a well-earned victory, and actually having fun with Ogle Madness and encouraging people to vote. I’d also like to thank all our loyal readers who cast over 30,000 votes in Ogle Madness XIII. You guys and gals and other pronouns make Ogle Madness what it is, and we appreciate you for it. I’d also like to give props to Lucas for being the guy that did most of the writing and copying and pasting for Ogle Madness XIII.

Anyway, this year’s tournament was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to do it again next year if this website is still in existence. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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8 Responses

  1. Whoever cast those fraudulent votes is probably throwing bricks in anger by now.

  2. 247 fraudulent votes! Someone must have a lot of time on his hands and really, really love Emily Sutton… or really, really hate Breea Clark. I’m guessing that it was the latter, and apparently so is Tweedledee.

    Lovable as Emily is, she isn’t THAT lovable. And some people definitely do hate Breea Clark – a lot. One of them even made a nasty post about her right here at TLO.

    I was surprised to see this post today because the last time I looked, late in the game, Emily had surged ahead. I’m glad that TLO investigated (held a recount? an audit?) and identified the fraud – based on SOLID EVIDENCE of ballot box stuffing by some miscreant at that single IP address. That person isn’t nearly as smart and slick as Democratic Party vote manipulators, who managed somehow to steal a presidential election in multiple states while leaving behind ZERO evidence of their crimes.

    (That’s sarcasm, y’all.)

    What is NOT sarcasm is that the miscreant, the T-Mobile customer who tried to steal the Championship from Breea, probably believes that the presidential election was definitely stolen from the noisy guy… what was his name? The miscreant may even have been in DC on 1-6-21, throwing bricks.

  3. blah

  4. Congratulations Mayor Clark. I look forward to your reelection next year.

  5. Someone should hire a voter fraud lawyer who specializes in voter fraud to look into this travesty! Was the vote tabulated on Dominion machines?
    What a farce!

  6. Pretty sure that IP address is in Russia.

  7. Emily should have called around. You know, ask someone to find 70 votes.

    Seriously, congrats to both and other deserving candidates. Fun contest as usual.

    Here’s hoping for Mayor Clark to repeat (as Mayor, not Ogle Madness Champ).

  8. I was on Mayor Clark’s internet birthday party event Wednesday night. Singing, band playing, trivia games, videos, family introducing, re-elect announcement. Based on my examination of the Ogle Madness returns just before joining the party it looked like to me Her Honor had fallen victim to the Weather Wizard. But then Ogle Magic put voter integrity ahead of The Machine. The only question now is: Will TLO hire ace investigative reporter for The Oklahoman, Nolan Clay, to do a deep dive into runner-up Emily Sutton’s two previous wins to determine if they were rigged? Will you? Will you? And if the answer is yes will The Ogle ask for the return of the valuable and unique gifts showered on Ms Sutton? And if not, why not? And regardless of that, just exactly what does the winner get regardless of their interest in or cooperation with the whole damn thing? And finally my guess is the internet site you chased down is most likely that of The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. No way was that group of old, mossback white guys, who still think Right to Work ranks up there with creating a county jail trust authority to oversee the largest mental health facility this side of the Mississippi, is going to allow an alleged Marxist from Norman kick to the side of the potholed I-35 a private sector weather babe best for watching over bloody Marys and Memories of better days. What’s going on here? Democrat and power producer David Walters is current President of the Oklahoma City Rotary Club, 3rd largest in he world whose members’ average age is 89 years, 264 days, 9 hours and 42 minutes. Oops. 38 minutes. One just died. And as I already said the Mayor of Norman is suspect for the friends she keeps…me for example.

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