Stitt resorts to fear tactics in war against McGirt ruling…

Since coming to America, white people have been murdering Indigenous people with little to no problem—with actual government help, natch!—for hundreds of years.

However, now that the pro-Indigenous McGirt ruling in Oklahoma has given much of Eastern Oklahoma back to the tribes, Gov. Kevin Stitt proclaims that “murderers” will soon be walking down the streets of your neighborhood.

In an interview to, of course, Fox News, Stitt described the living Hell that the state has recently become since the landmark ruling, one where apparently criminals have been given retrials or even freedom as their cases are no longer under jurisdiction of state law, raising concerns for, as he claims, “public safety.”

From Fox News:

Stitt – a fourth-generation Oklahoman and Native American by heritage – compared the ruling as “coming into Manhattan, New York City, and people claiming that is now Indian reservation” in a Wednesday interview with Fox News.

“So, literally, we have two million people living in eastern Oklahoma – a million people in the MSA of Tulsa have grown up – and now it’s called an Indian reservation,” said Stitt. “So, nowhere else is it like this in the United States.”

Really, dude?

While many Indigenous people have celebrated the rightful return of this land, Stitt has gone on the proverbial warpath to damnify them, even going as far as to scare the typical Fox viewer with not only visions of a statewide hellhole of murder, but one where their money is no good either, with issues around “taxation and regulation” becoming the norm with him.

Additionally, during the interview, Stitt did the thing where he threw out one or two cases of criminals being set free because of “sovereign immunity.” I guess Stitt—and Fox aficionados, for that matter—would have had an easier time with it if it was an oil magnate or some other white-collar type that bilked a whole state out of their not only their rightful funds, but absolute right to life.

And while Stitt may get his jollies from selling out the Indigenous people that he questionably proclaims to be a part of, as he hatefully proclaims that there is still a “legal path” to get Oklahoma back in white hands and “overturn McGirt entirely,” it almost seems as though he’s trying to rile the citizens up against the Indigenous in Oklahoma much like Trump and his followers have recently with Asian-Americans.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that if it’s true.


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18 Responses

  1. Criminal cases are tip of the iceberg. How far McGirt goes is still being worked out. As a tribal member, I am looking forward to possibly not paying property taxes, state sales taxes and state income taxes on the east side of the state. Unlike the feds, cities and states can’t just print money from thin air. There could be a significant decrease in revenues. The money will need to be made up from increases in those taxes from the rest of y’all. Cool for me, not so cool for rest of Oklahoma. We will see how far this shakes out, stay tuned! Thanks for giving this story some press, surprising how few Oklahomans I talk to even know this is going on

  2. Doesn’t Stitt fancy himself something of a Trump Wannabe? He applies the Trump playbook on a smaller scale. But he is actually getting quite good at it. Using fear to divide Oklahomans and turn them against the Tribes would be a classic Trump move. How that helps him in the courts, I don’t see. Also, the utter hypocrisy of claiming some tribe affiliation and then fighting the tribes sounds like Trump and a lot of other Republicans.

    1. I’m a native American of a recognized tribe in Oklahoma and I say it’s about time that Oklahomans see what they created with their greed and took from the native people moved from homelands to here cause No one wanted oklahoma at that time until the oil was discovered then they wanted it all it called greed and it is a bad thing using scare tactics really just shows how desperate he is .

  3. As usual Stitt finds a way to make semi-sensible points look totally stupid, and come off as an asshole in the process. He can’t hide his animus for Native Americans (“his” people), can he?

    Given how many times Stitt has been slapped down by courts and shown disregard for ordinary folks in favor of the OCPA crowd, he has astonishingly high approval ratings. It looks like Drew Edmondson will run against Stitt again in 2022. I voted for Drew last time and would again, but since Stitt is a Republican the only way he can lose in Oklahoma is in a primary to someone even worse.

    1. Although I like Drew, his political career is deader than disco.

  4. This is a true “APPLE” , greed drives his passion for power , being at the top of the political heap is where he wants to be. The mcgirt ruling has so many tentacles into so many lives and houses of Government it shall interesting for all.

  5. That’s true, Graychin. 1,000,000 registered Repug voters vs 750,000 Dems. Not a bright future for progressive Oklahomans. Making matters even worse, our most recent, ahem, “Democratic” Governor of Oklahoma loved to publicly proclaim…”I’m building a state, not a party.” Talk about a goddamned DINO !

  6. So is Kevin Stitt’s plan to go to the US Supreme Court and ask that they overturn their decision because this would be more expedient for the state? He has been so successful when he goes to court to fight for things that he thinks are very clear. Things didn’t go so well for him when he thought the Indian Gaming Compacts didn’t renew, even though they clearly said they did, and the courts affirmed that fact.

    They really need to take the lawyers off of speed dial on Stitt’s phone. Can’t really blame the lawyers he hires with state funds, I’m sure the money is good, am am guessing there is a lot of billable hours when they have to talk to him.

    Kevin Stitt is not a king, not the owner of a private business that can hire yes men (and woman) to agree with every Jethroesque idea he comes up with. Where are the other branches of government. Shouldn’t they start to exercise some power to remove some of the power that he things he has?

    He truly is a top-ten moron, and best to not re-elect or fund his future campaigns. About the only thing he knows how to do is to manipulate a crisis for his political benefit. Unfortunately the only real winners in the state are lawyers who get paid even when the state loses a case, and MAACO or whomever has the contract to fix state vehicles that are assigned to him, or his wife.

    Congratulations Kevin, you did the impossible, you made Mary Fallin look like a good Governor.


  8. “and visit Oklahoma! Imagine That!

    1. Stitt said it’s like going into new york and ppl telling you it’s now a reservation. BUH!
      No it’s like being a native american and being promised all kinds of stuff for this land or that land and then getting murdered because the government decides they are not going to follow through with their promisses….
      So you white ppl the government told yall hey just go and take whatever land you want. It’s just land we promised the native Americans for the land of theirs we already took. And oklahoma glorifies “SOONERS” Sooners are the cheaters of the the land run of more stolen property….
      I’m a comanche native. My ppl was here before the rest of the tribe were brought here..

  9. I am currently offering an OU course on this topic for senior folks only. It is amazing how much remains to be settled after the McGirt ruling and part of the problem is the tribes don’t know who to negotiate with. The governor has his man, Ryan Leonard by name, and then there is AG Mike Hunter.

  10. This will go nice with Fox’s stories of white farmers in South Africa being revenge slaughtered. Whoa is the life of white people, they must share the air with people of color. Whoa are the aryans indeed.

  11. Nuhallo!

  12. Why doesn’t Kevin sue the Tribes!

  13. He’s trying to get an uproar going so that congress will step in and address the issue. If we had a gop controlled house/senate it would have already happened.

  14. Honor the treaties and not just parts but in it’s entirety! Chahta Yakni Treaty Of Dancing Rabbit Creek states we will have this land as long as the grass grows and the river flows. No whites permitted to settle on our land and any found here illegally will be immedietly removed by federal marshals, it would never become a State and if statehood was formed it wouldn’t encompass our lands, and we would NEVER be subject to it’s laws. It’s time to go BOOMERS AND SOONERS RENTS OVERDUE!!!!

  15. This is lengthy but it puts in perspective Native sovereignty, self determination, and why Kevin Stitt, without a huge change in his understanding, will continue to lose things like the Gaming Compact fight and a lot of Eastern Oklahoma.

    Governor Kevin Stitt, enrolled citizen of Cherokee Nation, wants to know how much Native makes a Native.

    “You’re either a native, or a non native, or do you need to be a quarter native, or a half or what’s the blood quorum?”

    There are so many things wrong with this question I am having trouble figuring out where to start. Oh I know. Let’s start with the fact there is no such thing as “blood quorum”.

    Blood QUANTUM is what the government uses to decide how much Native you’re allowed to be. They literally certify our blood, like horses and show ponies. It’s a government approved pedigree that is, in actuality, a construct put into place to dwindle our numbers by limiting citizenship. It’s a continuation of our genocide and we get to carry a card called a Certification of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) around with us to remind us how much or how little they let us be. (It really is up to them. My BQ is wrong.)

    That CDIB does not guarantee tribal citizenship, though there are some tribes that use Blood Quantum for enrollment purposes. These measurements vary from tribe to tribe because we are all separate Sovereign Nations, each with our own governments and cultures. More on that in a moment.

    Oklahoma is home to 39 different tribes and in order to have a productive and respectful government to government relationship with them the Governor should be well versed in issues such as sovereignty and self determination. That quote shows that he clearly is not.

    The McGirt decision only directly impacts 5 of those 39 tribes: The Muscogee (Creek), Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole, better known by their colonized name The Five “Civilized” Tribes, though it will reverberate all through Indian Country.

    When your ancestors manifested their destiny all over my ancestors it ended in Indian Removal to Oklahoma, our ancestral lands ripped from us as we were forced to walk away from them in service to the colonizer hunger for land, land, and more land. In doing so we displaced the tribes that are Indigenous to this unceded land: Kiikaapoi, Nʉmʉnʉʉ, Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ, and Wichita Nations. All this was as a result of settler and colonial policies that were designed to assimilate Native people.

    Part of that assimilation was allotment. Historically the Nations had held land communally. Allotment divided up the land into individual plots with a certain amount of acreage assigned to any Native of the 5 Nations and Freedmen who appeared on The Dawes Rolls, the rolls that served as a count of who was Native to divvy up the land in order to further our “civilization”.

    The Dawes Rolls are also why Kevin #Stitt has zero understanding of the Nations, even as he’s an enrolled member of one. Unlike other tribes the 5 Nations don’t use Blood “Quorum” to determine citizenship. In order to enroll one must trace back to a direct ancestor listed on the rolls. He should know this because that’s what he had to do in order to be enrolled as a Cherokee citizen, though there is debate as to whether his family was able to do so at all.

    It also underscores his fundamental misunderstanding of who and what we are. Blood alone does not make one Native. We as Peoples are committed to the protection and furtherance of our vibrant, living cultures. As such we live those cultures every day. We honor our ancestors whose fight to carry them on came at the cost of integral pieces of those cultures and so many, many lives. Kinship. Connection. Culture. These are things that make you a member of your Nation.

    That concept is hard for society to understand as they view people through the colonized construct of race. That doesn’t apply because Natives are not a single race. We are not monolith. We are individual sovereign Nations. We’re just lumped in together as one “race” because that’s the closest explanation of us that people in general understand so that’s what society went with instead of taking the time to understand us as we really are.

    There are currently 574 federally recognized tribes, hundreds of state, and untold numbers of unrecognized. As separate sovereign Nations we have our own unique cultures and customs. We each have our own governments, infrastructure, and court systems. That’s why we have treaties with the US government, one of which was affirmed by the McGirt decision, handing back a portion of Eastern Oklahoma to The Muscogee (Creek) Nation, just as it should have been all this time.

    Now Stitt the alarmist/fabulist wants to hear if anyone has been directly impacted by McGirt. This is disingenuous as he doesn’t take into account the thousands of Muscogee (Creek), Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole citizens that have been favorably impacted by the decision, a fact he willfully chooses to ignore while finding ways to undermine our sovereignty by painting us as unable to handle our own court system when it’s Oklahoma that refuses to work with us (much like with The Gaming Compact).

    What he won’t tell you in all his bluster and distortions is that all of this jurisdictional mess is not a failure of the Nations. It’s the fallout of the governmental pattern of refusing to honor the over 500 treaties they agreed to. This could have all been avoided if, in the long history of the US, leadership had simply kept their word (or had not chosen genocide as a means to get land). That they didn’t does not lay at the feet of the Nations no matter how hard Stitt tries to place it there. It lies squarely at those of the government and now the shoulders of Oklahoma who must learn how to work with our hardwon sovereignty that they should have respected all along.

    Stitt, with his prevarication and questions of “blood quorum”, does not understand even the basics of his own Nation or what it is to be part of a living culture whose celebration is the most important thing of all. Worse, he doesn’t care to know.

    So it comes to this. I don’t know how much Native is Native enough for McGirt. I do know that learning, understanding, and respecting your culture makes you part of your People and that no CDIB or Enrollment Card can take the place of that.

    Not even for Cherokee citizen Kevin Stitt.

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