Stillwater had a Fyre Festival balloon bust

After a year where all events were canceled, people are getting hungry for anything to do. That apparently includes standing around in an empty field complaining about being ripped off.

Over the past week, KFOR has filed three different reports about the Stillwater Balloon Fest. Scheduled to take place this past weekend, it was an event that went pop.

Here are details via KFOR:

An event called the Stillwater Balloon Festival was planned for the past weekend, but people who came expecting a lively event were greeted by a mostly empty field.

The event was put on by Redbud Entertainment, promising hot air balloons, music, and food trucks.

Some people paid up to $50 for tickets. Some also took their young kids.

“We saw nothing out there. There was no cars, there was no vendors, the field was just empty,” attendee Karyn Allacher said. “There was not a reason to really bring my daughter after we got there, and it was extremely disappointing.”

This hearkens back to the great pre-pandemic fiasco of Fyre Festival, which produced multiple documentaries and a lot of hilarious social media snark. Ja Rule and a bunch of tech bros conned a bevy of influencers into flying out to an island for a music festival that never actually happened. It nearly turned into a Lord of the Flies situation when there was little food, water, and other resources. The bands didn't show up, people were stranded, and it was a complete disaster.

Okay, Stillwater Balloon Fest may not have been that extreme. The promoter didn't seduce wealthy millennials with fancy commercials featuring pretty models lounging on a yacht. They used a traditional event poster instead:

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