Do’s and Don’ts for Going Back Into the OKC Covid Wild!

Now that more and more Oklahoman’s are being vaccinated and emerging from pandemic hibernation, Patrick and I thought it would be fun and convenient to publish a list of Do’s and Don’ts for Going Back Into the OKC Covid Wild! DO: Realize That Not Everyone Sheltered-In-Place Like Robin Williams emerging from the Jumanji box after […]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Support The Lost Ogle…

According to the Internet, today is apparently World Press Freedom Day – an annual day where large western media conglomerates that are controlled by powerful corporations, governments, institutions, and the global advertising and PR industry, do their ironic and hypocritical best to raise awareness for a “free and independent press.” Always looking for an excuse […]

El Retorno: Cinco de Mayo is Finally Back in OKC!

Sometime before one in the afternoon, many of Oklahoma City’s proud Mexican citizens showed up at Scissortail Park this Sunday to find a good spot in the anemic sun to watch the constant stream of bands that were continually playing every subgenre of música, all the celebrate, finally, the return of Cinco de Mayo. There […]