Oklahoma Lawmakers make it a crime to send a “Hello Honk” to bicyclists…

When I took Drivers Ed in high school in the 1990s, my teacher told our class that whenever you're about to pass a bicyclist on the road, you should always give them a friendly and courteous "Hello Honk" just to let them know you're there.

It's a lesson that's always stuck with me.

As a result, whenever I pass someone on a bicycle, I – like most OKC motorists – rev the engine, honk the horn and give a "big friendly" wave. It doesn't matter if they're pedaling around Lake Hefner, coasting through the rural'esque backroads of Eastern Oklahoma County, or simply taking up the entire right lane during rush hour on N. May Ave., it's something I do every time. You know, because it's nice!

Cyclists – being the cold, sad and deeply disturbing people they are – rarely respond kindly to this friendly gesture. Instead of smiling and waving back or giving a big thumbs up, they'll shake their fist, flip me off or sometimes even rudely leap off their bicycle and roll into a drainage ditch. They're such primadonnas.

Anyway, thanks to our draconian legislature that's always pandering to cyclists, it looks like "Hello Honks" are about to become a thing of the past. They recently sent HB 1770 to the Governor that will prohibit the practice.

Here's the summary of it:

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