Leapin’ Lizards: A Night at the OKC Zoo’s Sip & Stroll

Because I’m the world’s greatest aunt, every January I send my niece Layken a family pass to the Oklahoma City Zoo for her birthday.

Although it’s nice to join her with my sister on a Saturday afternoon to meander with marsupials, see the snakes and engage with elephants, I have to admit it would be nice to frolic with the flamingos without worrying about kid-stuff, like changing diapers, applying sunscreen or threatening to feed them to lions.

That’s why I was hashtag #stoked when my husband, Delton, and I were invited by Patrick to be real-life social media influencers and take part in the OKC Zoo’s weekly Sip & Stroll.*

Taking place every Thursday evening through June 24th, Sip & Stroll is a 21+ event that takes zoogoers on an outdoor path through the OKC Zoo and the natural world of their animals! Guests experience wildlife from around the world, as well as enjoy six watering holes featuring signature cocktails inspired by Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Belize and many other places.

Being a couple of lushes, the first thing Delton and I went for was a drink passport pass. This allowed us to pre-pay for drinks, and also cut in line when it was time to quench our thirst.

Our first stop at Sip & Stroll was the Belize section. It featured tasty “Tropic Turtle” cocktails. While sipping on the drink, we gazed at a Southern Screamer – otherwise known as the Oklahoma mother-in-law. Ay-oh!

After our visit to Belize, we strolled over to the exotic, uhm, Oklahoma section. We had a “Leapin’ Lizard” cocktail and relaxed by the waterside while Patrick snapped some candid shots that, honestly, looked better than our engagement photos.

It was a good thing we had a couple of 5 oz pours of liquid courage, because what followed struck fear and wonder into the hearts of all passersby – Dino Safari!

In case you haven’t heard, the Zoo has one of those animatronic robot exhibits this summer. Featuring 1-1 scale replicas of all of our Permian period pals, Dino Safari provides a fun, educational look at what zoos would have been like 75-million years ago.

We even found the boss and Armothy checking out a classic T-Rex / Triceratops battle:

After waving bye-bye to the extinct robots, we sauntered over to Stingray Bay. We washed our hands for a solid 20 seconds like good boys and girls, walked over to the wading pool to pet the rays, and got splashed with water by their majestic flapping fins.

From there, we ventured to the Rwanda stop. The boss got another cocktail, which he described as gorilla-fueled nectar of the gods.

After that photo, perhaps worn out by being the third wheel, Patrick disappeared into the bamboo forest and was never seen again. Delton and I, on the other hand, continued our adventure.

For example, we walked over to the Asia exhibit to watch an elephant bull rip leaves off of a branch for an evening snack…

And then stopped by to see a red panda…

Even though we were disappointed that A) we did not have a Zoo Key to hear News Channel 9’s own Lacie Lowry give sweet-ass red panda facts, and B) the red panda didn’t balance plates on its head while riding a unicycle, we did get to see one cute little fellow at the fence line:

After a couple more drinks and photo ops, we decided to retire for the evening in the picnic area. I got one last beverage from Guatemala – the “Guata Try it” mojito-like cocktail – and outwalked a surprisingly assertive goose to one of the benches by the pavilion.

We spent a few moments sipping our drinks, holding hands, and reciting limericks while recalling our favorite moments of the evening. The sun set on us as we talked, but the fun didn’t end there. The Zoo’s Sip and Stroll was a refreshing end to the week and a delightful adventure to kick off our summer.

Visit the OKC Zoo’s Sip & Stroll Thursdays at 6:00pm through June 24th! Then follow Hayley on Twitter @squirrellygeek.

*The Oklahoma City Zoo is a Lost Ogle advertiser and we love them for it. If you want to see your business or company featured on this website, contact us today. 

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  1. Nice article. Sounds like fun.

    I hope you had a designated driver for the trip home.

  2. how much was the drink pass, sounds like an enjoyable eve. do you have to walk some of us old farts can’t drink and walk.

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