Get Ready, Oklahoma. Ranch-themed Crocs are about to drop.

Oklahoma’s streetwear scene is lacking.

Sure, we’ve got basketball players showing up for pre-game with their stylish fits. You also have the hypebeasts skateboarding in front of The Laboratory in Midtown, a shop that sells extremely expensive and sought-after Nike and Supreme gear.

But a bomb has been dropped that could change Oklahoma fashion forever.

From The Takeout:

Cherokee Nation proposes giving citizens $2000 in Covid Relief!

As a member of the Choctaw Nation, I’ve done moderately alright over the past sickly year, receiving $200 a month in much-needed grocery money from my tribe, in addition to, of course, all the other medical benefits that I feel I would have lost due to a lack of certain services due to unwieldy hospital strains, and, of course, Gov. Kevin Stitt throwing a tantrum.

But as America slowly recovers from this pandemic, this weekend it hit the wire that Cherokee members might be getting $2000 in Covid relief, thanks to President Biden’s America Rescue Plan Act. That’s gotta hurt a little bit, right Stitt?

From KFOR:

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