Barry Switzer only okay with coaches paying college athletes

Considering he was a ground-breaking visionary when it came to paying college football players in the 1970s and 1980s, you’d think Barry Switzer – the disgraced former OU football coach turned wealthy Norman drunk who brought shame and embarrassment to his program – would have a soft spot for allowing college athletes to profit from […]

Bánh Mì, Bánh You: Dinner at Rivière Modern Bánh Mì

A good friend of mine called me up last week and, after having a particularly hard day, asked if we could go get one of her absolute favorites for dinner, bánh mì sandwiches. Of course, I said. That night, however, I learned one of the harshest lessons about living in Oklahoma City: that most of […]

We finally tried the Sonic Hard Seltzers…

Like most wind-swept Oklahomans, my tradition back in the high school days was to go to Sonic for a Route 44, have my friend’s older sister buy us the cheapest bottle of vodka possible, mix them all up, and then go drink in a field somewhere out near Anderson Road. Basically, it was the quintessential […]