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This Friday, we’re introducing a new segment where you can get caught up on the news of the week. We always try to keep you advised, but some stories slip through the cracks. This is our way of giving your a rapid-fire catch-up of the going-ons in our weird and wild state.

We’ll give you the good news, the bad news, and the in-between. It’s usually bad news around these parts, but hey, you work with what you’ve got. Let’s get started!

President Biden Visited Tulsa

(Tulsa World🙂

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — An emotional President Joe Biden marked the 100th anniversary of the massacre that destroyed a thriving Black community in Tulsa, declaring Tuesday that he had “come to fill the silence” about one of the nation’s darkest — and long suppressed — moments of racial violence.

“Some injustices are so heinous, so horrific, so grievous, they cannot be buried, no matter how hard people try,” Biden said. “Only with truth can come healing.”

Biden’s commemoration of the deaths of hundreds of Black people killed by a white mob a century ago came amid the current national reckoning on racial justice.

It’s about time that a sitting president actually burned the jet fuel to take Air Force One down here to acknowledge one of the largest atrocities that has taken place in this country in the last century. But I’m still a Biden skeptic and don’t think he’s actually going to do shit to change anything. There won’t be any reoperations. This is the liberal version of ‘thoughts & prayers.” Fly in, do a speech, and by tomorrow he’ll have forgotten all about it and the media will be posting cute pictures of his dogs.

Stitt loses in court… again

(The Oklahoman_)

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the Oklahoma Health Care Authority does not have the authority to implement a managed care plan for the state’s Medicaid system.

In a victory for state medical groups, the court said the health care authority created a new managed care program without legislative authority.

“We find the actions of the OHCA are invalid under Oklahoma law,” the court said in a 6-3 decision striking down an initiative pushed hard by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

I think this makes Kevin Stitt’s record in Oklahoma courts 0 – 5,912. All the smart people in our state (a.k.a. people who don’t have names that rhyme with “Shit”) celebrated the court’s decisions because managed care is terrible. It will be interesting to see how Oklahoma politicians find a way to screw this up.

Mosquito Season Is BACK, BABY!


STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – With all the rainfall Oklahoma has seen in the last month, mosquitoes are out and about even more than normal.

Big mosquitoes are causing big problems.

“The type of mosquitoes everyone is seeing right now are the large Gallinipper mosquitoes because those are floodwater mosquitoes,” said Justin Talley, Extension Livestock Entomologist at OSU.


As the weather warms up, smaller mosquitoes emerge and it’s even more important to take preventative measures

“The main thing is whenever you use DEET, it’s one of our best repellants, you just have to be careful when you use DEET,” said Talley.

Well, this is a thrilling movement. Of course, we didn’t get a good freeze* during the winter, so all them buggers stuck around. And with a wet spring, it’s ripe for those bloodsuckers to spawn. It’s only fair that after a year stuck indoors that we’re treated with the delight of itchy bumps and the possibility of malaria.

Editor’s Note: Outside of the record-breaking freeze in February that was so bad the Governor had to flee to another state.

OU reaches on a deal on stolen artwork they won’t return to the rightful owner…

(The Oklahoman_)

A Nazi-looted painting will rotate back to a Norman museum after months of legal conflict between the University of Oklahoma and a Holocaust survivor whose family’s art collection was stolen during World War II.

Leone Meyer, 81, has agreed to cede her title, interests and all standing in connection to the 1886 Camille Pissarro painting “Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep” to the university and the OU Foundation.

In turn, OU and its foundation have agreed to give up ownership of the artwork in the future to a French public institution or the U.S. Art in Embassies program. The university has not decided yet where it will transfer the painting’s title.

Well, that seems like an overly complicated solution to the problem. You’d think OU would just give what was stolen as part of a genocide campaign back to the original owner. Then again, being the University of Oklahoma and everything, that would probably set an odd precedent.



TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – Fireworks permits are now available in Broken Arrow.

Residents who want to shoot off fireworks in city limits are required to buy a permit for $22.

The permits are valid for the hours of 3-11 p.m. on July 3 and July 4.

Why are fireworks already on sale? It’s only March- wait, what? I just checked my calendar and oh my god it is June already. I didn’t even realize you had to buy a fireworks permit, I’ve always just walked up to a roadside stand and an old man chewing on a piece of straw sells you a pack of Kitty Whistlers, no questions asked.

Stitt Chief Operating Officer quietly steps down

(Public Radio Tulsa)

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Wednesday that his chief operating officer, John Budd, will step down effective July 2.

Budd was the state’s first COO and a member of Stitt’s cabinet since he took office.

With the legislative session having just wrapped up, Budd said it was a “good time for me to move on to my next journey.”

Before joining the Stitt administration, Budd was chief strategy and business development officer for Oklahoma City-based Sonic Corp.

We had a rare semi-normal, scandal-free (so far) resignation this week when Stitt cabinet member John Budd announced he was stepping down. Budd came from the Sonic Corp., which means Stitt had two people in his cabinet who came directly from the fast-food industry. Rumored replacements for the job are Hal Smith, Drew Braum and that weird Hideaway mascot thing.

Edmond NIMBY’s Are Mad About Flooding


Some Edmond residents think the city should be doing more to protect them from flooding that fills their yards.

After last week’s severe storms, grassy front yards looking like ponds on Covell Road, and they say it has been getting worse over the past couple of years.

“We never experienced excessive water until they started building neighborhoods around us,” said Jessica Hernandez, who experienced the flooding for the first time a couple of years ago.

So, the problem isn’t the heavy storms we’ve experienced this spring, like every spring in Oklahoma, that have dumped inches of water across the state. The problem is that other people now live by you? Edmonites demand every convenience of a city but do not, in fact, want to live in a city.

Logan County Cop Sold His Dead Co-Worker Cop’s Guns


PAYNE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A former Oklahoma deputy has pleaded guilty to 12 charges related to the sale of weapons of a fallen sheriff’s deputy.

Jason Tauer, a former Logan County Sheriff’s deputy, was arrested on February 20, 2021.

Tauer was the roommate and colleague of fallen Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy, David Wade. Wade was killed in the line of duty in April of 2017.

We’re ending this on somewhat of a dark note, but this just goes to show the weird and immoral lengths some cops will go to for personal gain. He just took his dead roommate and co-worker’s stuff and pawned it all off. The weird part, however, is the story mentions “he definitely did not have permission from Deputy Wade’s mother to do that.” Do you need your mother’s permission to go to the pawnshop?

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12 Responses

  1. “Of course, we didn’t get a good freeze during the winter, so all them buggers stuck around.”

    What are you talking about? Don’t you remember all the whining and complaining this site did when OG&E didn’t turn the power back on fast enough to suit your needs? You rode that horse for a couple of weeks.

    First, we had to hear that the power went off in the first place. Then, we had to hear how a neighborhood in Nichols Hills got their power turned on before you. Then, we had to hear about your grand plan of putting all the cables underground, of which, we, the consumer, shouldn’t have to pay for.

    Now, you’re telling us that we didn’t get a good freeze. Do you really not remember, or do you just need something to complain about, so, hey….mosquitos!

    1. Possibly “they” just thought that for a year or two some of OG&Es baked in profits could be directed toward the average consumer instead of Granny’s dividend check? Maybe?

  2. The Edmond area NIMBYs probably have a point. They wouldn’t be the first people with older homes to be flooded because of runoff from newer development. More progressive places (like Tulsa?) require stormwater retention to be built into new development.

    Lucas, if you can’t remember our February Big Freeze, you might look into what could be affecting you memory. Wacky tabaccy?

    Our Oklahoma Supreme Court sure does save us from a lot of grief perpetrated by our Republican governors and legislature. It’s ironic, because our Supreme Court justices are appointed by our Republican governors and legislatures! “Rule of Law” requires that judges follow the law and constitution as written, ignoring politicians. We in Oklahoma are fortunate to have such judges. Bless them, and fight against any moves to “reform” our Supreme Court.

    It is SO SATISFYING to see the courts stuff “managed care” back into Stitt’s face, like LeBron aggressively blocking a layup. There was even a sizeable contingent of Republican legislators who thought “managed care” was a bad idea. It was a sad plan to save money to the detriment of of patients on Medicaid. Many, dare I say most, government privatization schemes are stupid or corrupt – or both.

    Biden is right: hate never is defeated. It’s like poison ivy. You spray round-up on all that you see, and it pops up anew every spring. But if you DON’T suppress it when you see it, it soon turns into an ugly problem.

    How much more evidence do we need to be convinced that our standards for hiring cops are much too low? And that the way we choose our too-often-corrupt county sheriffs is stupid?

    1. Yes, new development do cause increased run-off. How does anybody not know that? Somewhere around 40% of a typically developed area gets paved or covered with roofs, and all the water that used to soak in there has to go somewhere. The way OKC has handled it is to channelize all the creeks, making them into concrete ditches, so that all that parking lot, street, driveway, and roof water gets funneled downstream to cause flooding for others to deal with.
      But it does make for such pretty concrete ditches.

    2. Not to mention the ice storm in October.

  3. ::::There won’t be any reoperations.::::

    I don’t know what that is. Is it like when you have back surgery, but it doesn’t work out right, so the doc slices you open again? And ends up making your aching back even worse the second time around?

    If you mean “reparations:” I’m not sure on this one. Of course the massacre in Tulsa was horrible. But reparations? Who do you pay? Isn’t everyone who lived through that horror dead by now? Seems like they delayed paying reparations long enough that there’s nobody left alive to pay. Which was probably the plan all along.

    Reparations should go to those wronged. And they’re all dead.

    But I’m willing to listen to alternative ideas.

  4. It’s no fun sitting without power for a week while all the food in the fridge and freezer spoils with no monetary compensation. There was ample cause for the griping.

  5. OU should be deeply ashamed of keeping that painting brought to them through war crimes. Surely they would rather condemn war crimes, yes?

  6. I got news for you – DEET doesn’t work on our legislators. I m-i-g-h-t be confusing two separate thoughts. Nah – blood sucking is blood sucking whether insect or semi-human.

    Maybe we should use DDT on our elected representatives.

  7. Stitt loses in court… again
    And we get stuck with paying for another stupid bill that passes and is signed. How many of these bullstitt cases do we have to pay for. Is there not anyone with any common sense on 23rd Street? Oh what am I thinking……..

  8. Or maybe the Oklahoma Supreme Court Members themselves had enough business acumen to realize that with the automatic 22% increase in overhead just to pay executives over the cost of Government run healthcare, that it was apparent stitt simply didn’t want to mess with it and had an old college buddy somewhere that needed a few more million dollars.
    A Republican that could care less about expenses? Imagine that.

  9. The Oklahoma legislature recently acted to name a highway after Trump. It doesn’t take much wisdom to realize that naming anything after someone who is still alive is risky. That
    person could do something terrible and the naming will seem foolish. In this case, it is theoretically possible that Trump will end his days in prison. But the legislature is not really praising Trump so much as spitting in the faces of all the Oklahomans who oppose him. After all, what did Trump stand for besides selfishness and racism? Trump causes a strong reaction, whether pro or con. Naming a highway after him is really just showing contempt for your neighbors. No other president spent his time lying about his opponents and impugning the motives of fellow Americans. He was a fountain of hate. That is exactly what Republicans like about him.

    So, in the spirit of the legislature I propose we add some features to this Trump highway. There has to be a Stormy Daniels toll booth. We can use the money to pay for Trump’s golf trips. How about a plaza where we can commemorate the half million dead Americans Trump ignored who suffered from COVID? Remember when he thought he could pretend it would all go away? Remember when he mocked the masculinity of people who wore masks? This guy, who grew up in the lap of luxury, can lecture real men about masculinity? Okay, draft dodger. His irresponsible behavior, like hyping hydroxychloroquine, or suggesting injecting bleach in our veins, caused literally hundreds of thousands of dead Americans. But the Oklahoma legislature sure owned the libs!

    We could have exits that go nowhere, like the Kim Jong Un peace exit. Or maybe a billboard about how Russia is really a better country than America and remind everyone that Trump never, not once, said a critical word about Russia. Of course, he used them to cheat and steal his one term and they tried to make it two. Why bite the hand that fed him?

    And who can forget that after he lost the election he tried to steal the office? He was never over 50% in popularity, but Republicans insist that he won anyway. They insist this because they believe that anyone who votes against a Republican doesn’t deserve to vote. The Oklahoma legislature also passed a bill to restrict voting, because if they can’t win, they will cheat.

    Donald Trump is a great big fat loser. If you still support him, you are a big fat loser. You wish he was a winner, just like you wish you were, but you are wrong. He is a conman grifter and most importantly a loser. Let that word spin around in your head for a minute. Loser. Loser. Loser. Loser highway.

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