10 movies that should’ve been filmed in Oklahoma

Good news, local film buffs, aspiring actors, and Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend-wannabes! Last month, Governor Stitt signed into law the Filmed in Oklahoma Act of 2021, which provides corporate welfare to out-of-state corporations in return for them filming their movies in our starstruck state. We think this is a great idea because… 1. Bragging rights 2. […]

The Free (To Me) Sandwiches of Sandoitchi

I very rarely, if ever, get invited to the opening of a restaurant, let alone a pop-up food experience. Yet, somehow, I was sent an invitation to come out and try Sandoitchi, a semi-new sandwich concept that, apparently, is only available on Sundays. Normally I’d say no, but, seriously, how can you screw up a […]