OKC Residents Outraged Over Development of Bricktown Parking Lot!

The desires of Oklahomans are multi-faceted. It’s a rich tapestry of cultures who love the outdoors, collegiate and professional sports, and queso, amongst other things. But what is the numero uno bond shared by everyone across the state?

The obsession over the automobile. Every month is National Truck Month, and God granted us the right to be able to drive wherever and however we want. And if I’m gonna zoom around in a giant vehicle meant to seat many people but by myself, I deserve to park wherever I want for free.

But now we’re about to lose some prime real-estate of flat and free pavement downtown:

If you want to have a fun time, read through the comments of people furiously and depressingly lamenting the extinction of… a parking lot. There are already so many places to park downtown for free or cheap. Hell, I don’t even own a car and I can find you a spot for $5 or free on a Thunder game day.

The entitlement Oklahoma City has built to make the metro car-centric has made people who have never been to any other big city lose their minds when anything happens to inconvenience their ability to drive or park their cars.

I’m not saying we’re on the same scale, but good luck going to a city like Chicago and finding a giant free parking lot. Granted, they have better public transit, but you can get a $4 daily EMBARK pass and pretty much get wherever you need to go in the urban core.

Maybe I’m generalizing here, but it seems like most of the people who complain about downtown parking are people who live in the suburbs and only come down twice a year to get a fishbowl margarita at Fuzzy’s and see a Keith Urban concert at the ‘Peake. If you’re outraged about paying ten dollars to park your massive Tahoe, stay in Edmond.

From practicality standpoint, this seems like a good idea. Urban infill is important. It brings in more to the city economy, and also it doesn’t leave these areas with huge, flat plots of land that are literally nothing other than pavement for F-150s to rest.

That being said, does downtown need another hotel and residential tower? I question how many of either of those operations are ever close to being full, but that’s a conversation for another day. This lagoon that’s being proposed however, hell yeah. All I know about lagoons is that there’s one with a creature in it, and baby I’m on board for that.

Anyways, have fun yelling at me in the comments about how downtown actually needs more parking. I will 100% not read them!

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11 Responses

  1. for real, good God another downtown hotel?

    1. For use by nobody!

    2. Maybe I’m off base but I don’t get the outrage over replacing a slab of asphalt with a hotel and/or housing? And who says they don’t get used? Have you been downtown in the non-pandemic era and recently? One of the reasons OKC lost some key NCAA events and other conventions was lack of centralized hotel room availability. I know these rooms get used because I’ve tried to book weekend stays and at times there is a very limited amount of rooms unless you pay the premium or pay for the upper priced suites, etc.,

      Also it may not seem like it, but not even counting the Skirvin, some of the hotels are way older than 50 years and are due a remodel or rebuild. I think of it as a continuation to becoming a bigger city and player in some of the smaller conventions we’ve missed out in the recent past. I could be wrong but I don’t see the down side.

  2. I’m no fan of parking lots, but I’m even LESS a fan of hotels in a city that has more than enough of them, and 300 foot tall residential towers/monstrosities.

    Unless of course that residential tower is mixed-residency, with at least half the units offering rents/mortgages an average working person could afford AS WELL as the inevitable $2-10 million penthouses.

    Wait, what? A building that houses not only millionaires, but also working people and artists and fixed-income retirees? NEVER!!!!

    Well, OK then. Fuck the millionaires, and build the entire tower for people who earn less than $60,000 a year, and you’ve got a deal. I’d give it the Lord Skiffington IV seal of approval. The millionaires can fuck right off to Edmond or Gaillairdia or Nichols Hills where they wouldn’t have to look at, or smell, the likes of me and those like me.


  3. Edmond already has a Fuzzy’s, and can stop at Chisholm Creek if we need a Fuzzy’s appetizer on our way to the Bricktown location. Wish I had a Tahoe, or a big ole’ pickmeup truck. Guarantee I’d know how to park it between the lines 🙂 Wonder if Keith Urban is touring again?!?

  4. Developer? Rezoning? Upscale? OKC? Sounds like a done deal.

    There was talk of rezoning the defunct and vacant hotel across the road from Oral Roberts University to be used for mixed-residency. Poor and not-so-poor people living together, in the same building! That got shot down real fast by ORU and by the megachurch next door. And so it goes.

    1. They’ll slap a “TRUMP” sign on it. QAloons will be beating a path to it.

    2. Both of which should have to pay taxes if they’re going to have any say or political influence in the matter.

  5. They’re just upset because now they’ll have to find another place to piss as they stagger back to the Dodge Ram doolie.

  6. Heh, you think Chicago is hard to find a parking space in? The difference between OKC’s 52% of built up space dedicated to cars to Chicago’s 48% of space is literally negligible. Both cities devote approximately half of all space to the movement and storage of people’s private cars instead of, you know, people.

    Granted yet another hotel/office building is probably not necessary. But also definitely not needed is a simmering sheet of asphalt.

  7. I’m going to miss it. I think I once slept in a car in that lot.

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