5 Reasons Why the Metropolitan Library System Rules

Despite Oklahoma being known for a place with dismal public schools and a ramshackle host of legislators whose skulls seem to be full of rocks, we do have great libraries. In particular, the Metropolitan Library System has served me well my entire life.

As a kid, my family would go every Saturday and browse, sit at the reading tables, and we’d all check out a tote bag each of books and magazines that we’d spend the whole week pouring through. In retrospect, I now realize another reason why I got made fun of a lot in grade school.

As an adult, I still cherish the library and will pop in, sometimes not even check out a book, just wander and explore and sit in the quiet reading room. Here are 5 other things I love about them:


Kevin Stitt forgets how to use stairs…

Governor Meathead is at it again.

Early this week, Kevin Stitt visited McAlester to score some meth to tour the city's high school with his Education Secretary, Ryan Walters.

During the visit, Walters decided to show everyone how cool, relatable and unqualified he is by sliding down the center railing of the stairwell. Not to be outdone by one of his sunshiny subordinates, Stitt eagerly followed, sliding down the rail handsfree like he was snowboarding the slopes of Santa Fe while Oklahoma was under a state of emergency.

The scene was captured by McAlester News on Tik Tok:

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